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David Flynn | 7 comments "Battle of the Queens" is book number 3 in the "Search for the Alien God" series. And yes - by now, we know this is a little different - but we need some GoodReads reviews, so please dive in and enter!

It is the continuation of Raven's conquest of space, applying current science, technology, cosmology and christian themes. In this book, Raven must get her army into space and off to her first mission planet, only to find the demons have arrived there ahead of her. In which case, her army of transcendental robots do what they always do when they run into an army of demons. I'll let you read that part. But this time its a different game, because God decides to create another wave of angels higher than the first. Some will be decide to be good, and some will decide to be bad.

Pike and Lilith lead this highest angel group, and they run into Raven - the powerful robot queen. Her flag officers also encounter simpler domestic robots in the new world, who know about Raven and her army - "The robots who have souls," which they also seek. A third group of deep space robots, the GORDs have their own agenda, and even though they are less sophisticated, they number in the trillions. They are little more than a virus to all who encounter them.

The series is the merger of current science/cosmology and theology. The category is hard Science fiction/Eschatology. I wish there were some comparable books/authors I could point you to so you could see if this is something you'd like, but sadly, even my team of consultant theologians are stumped on that question. Good luck with this one. This will be a very different journey...but different can be good.

For those of you in DC- we'll be speaking at the CUA book store Sept 15.


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David Flynn | 7 comments Last day for the give away - !Battle of the Queens

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