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Share the changes you felt in your life after reading this book
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Hello everyone,

The Magic (The Secret, #3) by Rhonda Byrne

THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne
"A thankful person is thankful under all circumstances"

Every day I read one chapter of this book and try to sincerely follow and feel the changes in my life. The Magic talks about positive energy and how to remove the negativity from our lives.

This discussion to share what was the best practice you felt changed your life? What you loved the most about this book? And to whom all you would suggest this book?

To begin with-
When am reading, I love my lucky rock. I feel its my lucky charm and it gives me positive vibes that no negative energy can harm me.

Share your experience too...

I so much enjoyed 28 days of practicing gratitude! .. The practices recommended in the book are really simple, useful and magical .. In day 1, I never imaged that I will be able to complete 20 things I am grateful for, but in day 28 I felt really good to enjoy the feeling of being grateful to 280 things and even more! ... I have learned that we really have sooooooo much to be thankful and grateful for but the thing is that sometimes, we dont notice them because we focus on what we dont have, and sometimes we dont really count them because we have been taking them for granted! .. I have learned that the more thankful we are, the more happy & blessed we are and I have learned that it is really magical! .. I consider those 28 days a life changing experience by all means.

I felt better because I start my day in a completely different way. I don't check my phone first... I meditate a little, I am grateful for everything I have, I am and what I will become today.
I know now that gratefulness is the key to a better, happier life.

I read the trilogy, and loved it. I think the biggest change is that I feel better. Positive thinking really does help you to see the world in a better light, and I find that I'm getting along with the people around me better. But for a specific example: Rhonda suggested finding a "que" to remind you to get in a better frame of mind. I chose train whistles, because I live and work where I can hear them throughout the day. So every time I hear one, I remember how blessed I am and that everything is going to be alright. I love hearing them now, and it seems I hear them more!

I feel so much better. Happier. My head is clearer. I'm obviously a lot more thankful and mindful of the blessings in my life. I'm more careful of my thoughts and what I say. I really loved this book. It's my 4th time reading it. Whenever I feel in a bad place in my life, I always use it to turn things around, and it always works!

This is doubtlessly one of the greatest books ever written. It can change your life for good, no doubt!
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