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Cathyann Smith I found thiS book to be fascinating and loved how the past intertwined with the present of both the main characters. My biggest question is why is this the first I've really heard about these trains in our American History? These are the topics and events that should be explored more I feel regarding our country's history. Thoughts?

Dramapuppy Yes, they really do deserve more discussion. The only other book I can think of that talks about it is this kids' series: A Family Apart.

Sally Atwell Williams There are many topic and events that I never received in school, from grade school through college! This story is one of them. From the Puritans, through the stories of the First Nations, to the African Americans, and the many Europeans that came here, there are so many topics and events to be told. I just finished reading The Flight of the Sparrow, which was a novel, based on fact, about M. Rowlandson, a Puritan wife, who was taken by the Indians in the 1600's, and lived with them for three months. She then wrote her story, and the author took it from there. There is Joseph Boyden who writes about the Indians living in Canada, who were basically annihilated by the Mohawk and Iroquis. There is the author Luis Roberto Urrea and his novels and non-fiction book. Until I came to New Mexico, I had never heard of the Navajo Code Talkers in WWII. So many things to learn! Read on my friends, read on.

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Melissa Sullivan Thrre is another similar novel that is about The Orphan Train of Michigan. Very similar but I canot remember the Authers name. But your absoutly correct as to why we have not heard of this because it is a very important part of our history.

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