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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments Any theories for books 5 and/or 6?

Or questions still unanswered?

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments Okay so I'm still wondering, what is the king's name!!!!

Also, what does Chaol say to Mort at the end of HoF because that was never clarified... was it just his address or was it something more? That part never comes up.

I'm also now suspicious of Elena...

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Anna | 4 comments This isn't really a theory/question, but can I just say that I lowkey ship Elide and Manon? And that I was really disappointed when Aelin said that she's "not interested in women, even if they're paid for" because that ruins my headcanon of her being bi?

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments ooohhh! I didn't think of that but I could see that happening! The Elide Manon relationship I mean. But also, maybe not because I'm really shipping Manon with Dorian right now XD

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments I have a lot of theories brewing and here's a few of them:

1. We'll meet Yrene Towers from The Assassin and the Healer in the Southern Continent through Chaol and Nesryn's storyline in the next book.

2. (i saw this one on tumblr) Chaol and Nesryn might end up meeting Nehemia's brothers in Eyllwe while on their way South to the Southern Continent. I would love for this theory to be true because Chaol being the one to meet them first seems like a really big moment for him and a great way to show the massive amounts of character development he's gone through.

3. Elide is going to play a major role in the story over the next books. Perrington and Vernon wanted to use her to host a Valg King because they believed that she was very powerful because she is a hybrid (part magical part witch). I'm interested in seeing how Elide's hybrid powers will manifest.

4. We'll meet Nox in book 5. I think, maybe, through Elide's storyline, at least initially. Maybe Elide and Nox will make their way to Aelin eventually BUT Elide is Lady of Perranth and Nox is from Perranth... I feel like this isn't just coincidental.

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Laura M (mouzze) | 2 comments Do you remember the scene where Aelin shortly felt Rowan inside her (yes I know how wrong this sounds but I can't phrase it otherwise right now :P) .. I think the next book will explore this bond more. Maas said that Carranam translates into soulmate. They can already read each others thoughts through facial exprecions. I Think they might be able to read each others thoughts later on in the series or something ...

Also another theory. I fear for Rowans safety. It's just that there are two more books to go, and I fear that Maas will kill off Rowan. Maybe to solve the immortal-not immortal thing. I just feel that can't be it. Two books of a happy in love Aelin? I somehow fear that it will be too easy, but I hope Maas won't put a weird obstacle between them as so many other authors do. Maybe something like her having to marry some prince for money for her army or something. It always drives me mad as it is sooo unnecessary.

Although this probably/hopefully won't happen, I just have the feeling that there is something to come between those to. Too many YA/NA fantasy storys have taught me this caution :P

But if she would kill Rowan it has to be at the end of the series or something, like a not so happy ending, because I don't think Aelin would recover from it. We saw what happend after Sam, she just got herself together again and with Rowan being her actual soul mate? I don't know.

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Rianne | 3 comments I don't know if this is considered a theory or not but I was thinking that what if the people from a thousand years ago. Like Brannon, Elena, and Gavin etc. Come back from the dead somehow and helps the people in the present defeat Erawan. I know this is very far fetched but I think it would be so cool.

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Natalia (ravenandthehawk) | 12 comments Don't kill Rowan! No!

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Rianne | 3 comments Lorcan is like 500 years old yet he is demi fae. Demi fae have the same life spans of regular humans. So I'm guessing since he has a blood oath with Maeve and she is an immortal being does that mean since Aelin is demi fae and has a blood oath with Rowan who is also immortal, would that make Aelin also immortal

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Laura M (mouzze) | 2 comments Aedion though doesn't have any blood oath to some immortal and wonders if he will outlive Aelin and still look young? Has Maas actually ever explained how the aging works with Fae, Demi-Fae and people with Fae-blood in them? How long ago did Fae-Blood came into Aelins bloodline?

And about your theory Rianne: Elena already came back as a spirit. I don't think the old ones will appear as a corporal form, but maybe as spirits to help them.

What I also theorized about killing Erawan. He couldn't be killed a long time ago in his OWN form. But what about when he is in a human being?

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments Rianne wrote: "I don't know if this is considered a theory or not but I was thinking that what if the people from a thousand years ago. Like Brannon, Elena, and Gavin etc. Come back from the dead somehow and help..."

I don't think this theory is to far fetched to be honest, I can totally see this happening.

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments About the whole aging thing:

We know from QoS that Aedion is immortal because he is demi-fae. Aelin groups him with Rowan as an immortal fae warrior multiple times. But everyone seems to be under the impression that Aelin is not immortal, even though she is part fae. Maybe she doesn't have enough fae blood in her to make her immortal?

Lorcan calls Rowan a fool for swearing a blood oath to a mortal because a blood oath is for life and a mortal's life is extremely short compared to an immortals. Also, I'm not sure if this is true, but I think there might be some kind of consequence if the person who you've sworn a blood oath to dies. Even Rowan is under the impression that Aelin is a mortal.

People have asked Sarah about Aelin's mortality/immortality and she said that it's something that will be explored in later books (5 and/or 6). This topic was already hinted at in QoS and maybe there is more to it that we don't know yet?

I don't want anything bad to happen to any of the characters but I think if there's one thing we've learned in this series so far it's that nothing good ever lasts D:

I really think that at least one of the characters is going to die before the end of the series. I don't know who but I really think someone's going to die and I think we can all assume that it's going to be very painful to read.

If it is Rowan who dies, I don't know how Aelin is going to fare. She's already lost so many people who she's loved and cared about and for her to lose one more might be too much. Especially if that one more is Rowan who is her carranam. They're connected and we know now that being carranam means that they can sense when the other is in pain or injured so I can only imagine how terrible and heart-breaking it's going to be for Aelin if her carranam were to die.

I'm so scared for what's going to happen in the next two books! Excited! But also scared!

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Natasha | 5 comments I don't think Rowan will die, it would be too much of a Sam thing. I don't think SJM would make that happen again. I don't think it would be Lysandra either....

What does everyone think of Manon x Dorian?? Right now I really ship it. But even if they fell in love...Dorian needs human children to be his heir.

ALSO WHERE ARE HOLLIN AND GEORIGINA (I spelt his moms name wrong prob)

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Natasha | 5 comments Also I am such Rowan X Lysandra trash

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Anna | 4 comments I actually really dislike Dorian x Manon? Maybe it's because I'm queer, but considering everyone else is quite heterosexual at the moment, I would actually really like to have a queer character???? That's actually one of the main cast???? I ship her with Elide, or want her to be aro and/or ace.

Also, even without that, I don't think they have a good dynamic. I think it would be weird and would make Manon sacrifice that brutality I love her for. I'm all for Manon being the awkward kind-of friend that's technically good but is definitely not morally upstanding, if you know what I mean. But I definitely do not ship her with Dorian. Uh uh. Definitely not.

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments I ship Dorian/Manon too!!!

But I totally understand what you're saying Anastasia. Though, I think Manon has been somewhat established as bi? (even though we've never actually seen her in a romantic relationship)

And if Dorian/Manon were to ever actually be a thing, I don't expect it to be the typical romantic relationship just because I don't picture Manon being lovey-dovey (i.e. she comes off as aro) and I think Dorian also has to deal with the aftermath of being controlled by the Valg and his character is probably a bit darker than what it was in ToG because of all he's gone through at this point.

I read an interview where Sarah says there is a gay couple in ToG5 and I'm interested to see who it is and if the characters are ones that are already in the story.

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Erica (ilumbricus) | 3 comments I can't wait to see Dorian's mental state in the next one, i feel like we left him totally unstable! He has no network to help rebuild him, I'd say he's feeling a lot of guilt from the valg. He had come to a point where he enjoyed the sustenance that he got from when the valg was a part of him. That would totally mess Dorian up, especially since he started as an extremely compassionate person. He'll be dealing with that guilt, while Chaol is being healed in the southern continent. I'm definitely thinking he'll run into Yrene Towers.
I hope Ansel pops up somewhere soon, though. I feel like things between her and Aelin were left kinda unresolved. And what if the pirate king got involved in the situation, he'd be really shocked that Celaena was actually a queen.
I'm totally shipping Lysandra and Aedion,though, those two have been through a lot, and that could bring them closer together.

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments I'm excited about Yrene, Ansel and Nox returning! And Pirate King Rolfe!

And I agree about Dorian. He did seem a bit unstable and not totally recovered from the whole Valg situation and now everyone is basically leaving him alone in the castle and it's going to be interesting to see what the after effects of being possessed by a Valg are and how Dorian deals with it. I think this is where Manon will come into play with Dorian's situation. I think she's going to keep checking in on him and maybe she's the one who's going to be able to help him deal with the issues because no one else would really be able to understand something so dark but Manon herself is a pretty dark character.

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Becca (princesshavilliard) | 7 comments I can totally see Nox as one half of the gay couple??!

I am so worried about Dorian being left all alone in Rifthold. I'm scared that the guilt he is feeling will overwhelm him and everyone he can turn to is now kingdoms/oceans away :(

I am totally on board the Lysandra x Aedion ship!!

I can't really picture Manon in a relationship right now but I hope we see a lot more interaction between her and Dorian in the next book. I'm really intrigued to see what role they will play in each others story.

Chaol and Nesryn definitely have to meet Yrene on their travels I bet, and maybe Ansel will have a run in with the witches since she's now High Queen of the Wastes??

Also I feel like Sarah is gonna torture us with Elide's story since Elide doesn't know the importance of what Kaltain gave her and doesn't know that Celaena = Aelin. I just think that's a recipe for disaster...

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Anna | 4 comments Ohmigod I totally didn't see Nox as gay before but now I totally can and I am 2000% for that, especially considering he's my favorite minor character.

message 21: by Ifrah (last edited Sep 17, 2015 10:51PM) (new)

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments I miss Nox, guys! I really liked his character in ToG and I knew he was probably going to come back at some point and I'm now still waiting for it to happen.

I totally can see the possibility of frustration with Elide not knowing what she has and who Celaena is (as Becca pointed out). I'm thinking maybe she'll run into Nox at some point since Nox is from Perranth and Elide is Lady of Perranth. So maybe that's how Nox comes back into the story and then maybe he accompanies Elide to Orrynth to meet with Aelin and then once Nox realizes, he'll tell Elide that it's Celaena=Aelin OR if Nox doesn't know Elide is looking for Celaena then Elide will find out because Nox might call her Celaena at some point?

IDK, but I can definitely see Elide's storyline and her journey to Aelin being a good gateway to bring Nox back into the story.

I'm also excited to see how Ansel's interaction with the witches is going to go and how the Aelin-Ansel-Witches dynamic is going to work. The Witches obviously want their land back but they have to break the curse (I can't remember what the curse is or if it's already been explained) but Ansel is high witch of the western wastes and Ansel is also friends with Aelin but we also want Aelin to be friends with Manon?

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Stephanie  (sinmotion) | 5 comments THANK GODS! This is really the only thread i've been able to find that has been thinking about Dorian and the fact that he literally has NO ONE right now with Chaol on his way to the southern continent, Aelin and her court peacing out to Terrasen, and having killing a great deal of the previous court members. My babyboy is in a terrible place right now. Guilt ridden, lonely, tormented, PTSD, a world of magic he hasn't a clue how to use, and now has the responsibility of running a kingdom when there is a big bad evil thing that's likely coming for him. Who is going to teach him how to use his magic? WHO besides Manon will be there with him in Rifthold? There is not one character I can think of who will appear other than his mother and his ingrate sociopathic kid brother.

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Stephanie  (sinmotion) | 5 comments I also meant to add this regarding the whole Carranam stuff and it meaning "soul mate" which is not entirely true.

"A fan tweeted this to Sarah: "I'm wondering if 'carranam' is a play on the Gaelic 'mo anam cara' meaning soulmate? I'm Irish so I immediately recognized it!" Sarah replied "Omg, YES! You're the first person to catch that. :D" So this looks like it supports Rowaelin, but actually, I think it mostly (but not definitively) disproves it. At first glance, this made me quite sad, since I love the prospect of Doraelin, but I thought about something: 1.) why would she release this online if it were transparent? There's some deeper meaning to the carranam. And 2.) the soulmate theory states that soulmates are not inherently romantic, and I hadn't expected it to come up in books, since this is so little known, but I decided I might as well research the "mo anam cara" in specific. Here's what I found: soulmate is a mistranslation. There is no word in our language that correctly entails the meaning of mo anam cara. They are a type of soulmate, though: a soul friend and guide. I was wary at first, but I looked into it further, and it became quite clear that Maas did her research. Your mo anam cara is someone that you have a soul bond with, explaining the little details describing their closeness. It is often an older person and a younger person, the older person being a spiritual guide. And it is the person that you reveal all of your secrets to. This is exactly how Rowan and Aelin's bond worked. Since they match the description of mo anam cara so perfectly, it only seems logical that they would fit the next piece of criteria, which is that they remain platonic."

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Natalia (ravenandthehawk) | 12 comments @Stephani, WOW. That makes more sense now in the ToG series. Thank you for sharing this with us that is so cool information! :-D

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Stephanie  (sinmotion) | 5 comments So I just found a plot hole. How did Aelin not know that Arobynn had written about Lysandra in his will and for a message was to be given to the king about it upon his death? She changed his will before he died so that she'd get everything. How did that slip past her, exactly?

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments I haven't seen much talk about Dorian either which seems weird because Dorian is so likable and the whole part in the end when everyone was getting ready to leave, I was like "oh no! oh no! but what about Dorian! this seems like a terrible idea" and he wasn't exactly described as being back to normal. I'm excited and also so scared to read his chapters in the next book. Dorian's story has been heartbreaking and painful since the end if HoF and I have a feeling there's more heartbreak and pain left before he gets a happily ever after and I really hope he gets a happily ever after!

Thanks for sharing that info Stephanie! I've always loved and supported the idea that soulmates aren't necessarily romantically linked and I always assumed that to be true for Rowan and Aelin being carranam even though people seem to be under the impression that carranam means soul mate and thus that their ship is endgame. Though, I think the ship has sailed when it comes to their relationship being platonic. I'm not quite sure what to expect of their relationship now, tbh. I've said this is many times now but I really prefer their friendship to their romance. It seems like the obvious choice that they're going to be endgame now but Sarah pretty much never sticks with the obvious so I kind of feel like end game is still up in the air... at least to some extent.

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments about the plot hole, I also found this to be strange because Aelin was so thorough with her plan. maybe Arobynn suspected something? maybe Arobynn had a plan in place to let the King know about lysandra if and when he dies? or maybe there's more to this that we don't know yet?

also, I can't remember if lysandra says that Arobynn knows about her. I feel like Aelin, Rowan, and Aedion are the only ones who know? I don't know how else Arobynn would've found out about Lysandra being s shape shifter unless she told him about it, but why would she tell him about it? It would be dangerous for her to tell anyone, right?

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Katrina | 2 comments Stephanie wrote: "So I just found a plot hole. How did Aelin not know that Arobynn had written about Lysandra in his will and for a message was to be given to the king about it upon his death? She changed his will b..."

Its probably not a plot hole, Its probably going to lead into something big Xtinemay (Polandbananasbooks) Thinks ghosts possibly? But yeah Lysandra said Arobynn doesnt know about her, but I wouldnt put it past him to guess. Also I feel like maybe he could have known she was gonna kill him? I don't know, but I dont think we're done with him yet.

message 29: by Ifrah (new)

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments I just don't see how Arobynn would have guessed. There was nothing there to make him suspect it. Well, actually, if Lysandra has been around since or before Aelin (in Rifthold) then she still had her powers when she met Arobynn so maybe he saw her shift at some point and maybe that's how he knew.

The idea of ghosts in interesting. I don't totally buy it yet but I think it's definitely a possibility. Even though I'm dreading the idea of Arobynn as a ghost. But at the same time it might make sense for him to still be in the story even though he's dead because we still haven't completely cleared up what happened in the house the night Aelin's parent's were killed and how Arobynn happened to be the one to find her. And why Arobynn kept the amulet because Arobynn (as far as we know) is human so he shouldn't have been able to sense the magic in the amulet. As far as Arobynn was concerned, the amulet was just an heirloom of the Galathynius line.

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Katrina | 2 comments Its going to be so interesting where the story goes next. The way she tied up the ending!

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Stephanie  (sinmotion) | 5 comments So you know how I've been worried about Dorian being left all alone in Rifthold in his current state while all his friends are either on their way south and/or returned to Terrasen?

I'm rereading CoM and this scene struck a chord

“You have power in you, Prince. More power than you realize.” She touched his chest, tracing a symbol there, too, and some of the court ladies gasped. But Nehemia’s eyes were locked on his. “It sleeps,” she whispered, tapping his heart. “In here. When the time comes, when it awakens, do not be afraid.” She removed her hand and gave him a sad smile. “When it is time, I will help you.”

With that, she walked away, the courtiers parting, then swallowing up her wake. He stared after the princess, wondering what her last words had meant. And why, when she had said them, something ancient and slumbering deep inside of him had opened an eye.

I know she's technically dead, but do you think she'll come back in spirit sort of how Elena used to visit Aelin in order to help him with his magic? Could that line still be a foreshadowing of what was to come even though she'd been killed--on account of setting up her own death? Also, by the sound of it, it's like whatever symbol she traced on his chest really awakened his magic.

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ella_peach (aelinashryver) | 6 comments I just finished the book (i got it on the 2nd of september but it just took me so long to read it...i guess i was savoring it) and oh my goodness it was so good. Everything. About. It. Was. Amazing.

ALSO NESRYN AND CHAOL (what's their ship name?)

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments Stephanie wrote: "So you know how I've been worried about Dorian being left all alone in Rifthold in his current state while all his friends are either on their way south and/or returned to Terrasen?

I'm rereading ..."


I totally think Nehemia is coming back in some way. As a ghost, spirit, reincarnation. I have no idea. But I don't think Nehemia's part in the story is done. And that passage is one of the few passages that supports this theory. But I 100% believe Nehemia is coming back in some way.

I feel like Nehemia knows a lot more about what is going on than everyone else. She knew things before they happened. She knew that Dorian and Celaena were meant for something or fated for something. She mentions this long before we know about the epicness of the plot and how Dorian and Aelin might be involved. It's mentioned in that scene in CoM when Nehemia is talking to Elena and she says that it has to be Dorian because Celaena isn't yet ready, or something like that (I don't remember the scene exactly) But, yes!!! I totally think Nehemia is coming back.

Nehemia's part in the story is not done! I think Nehemia has some insight on things. And also the fact that she knew about wyrdkeys and the magic of wyrdkeys when pretty much everyone else had no clue what they even were or had even heard of them. I really think there's more to her story. And also the fact that she plans her death because she somehow knows she need to die in order to set certain things into motion. Nehemia knows stuff!!

Sorry, I got really excited because I've been thinking about this for a while but it's hard to really talk about because there isn't much proof for it but I really believe this theory is going to be true and this is the first time I've ever heard anyone else bring it up!

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Natalia (ravenandthehawk) | 12 comments Me too, I hope we see Nehemiah again and she did have a big role on ToG.

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Mia | 4 comments Okay, so regarding the whole Aelin and Rowan thing...
First off, I really REALLY hope Rowan doesn't die. I mean I think it's possible, but not very likely. Think about it. The relationship that has developed between Aelin and Rowan is huge. I don't think that Aelin could physically survive it if Rowan died. It would be far to much like Sam, as Natasha said. Then again, maybe that's why SJM would do it??? But either way I don't think that all of Aedion, Rowan, Dorian and Chaol will survive. I KNOW, I KNOW, I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN EITHER! But at the moment, I think the most plausible answer would probably be... Aedion. I know. I know. But he would literally lay down HIS LIFE for Aelin, so maybe that's how he goes? Or SJM could introduce us to an entirely new character and kill them? Anything could happen...

Back to Aelin and Rowan. I have this theory that he and her are mates. I know, seems crazy, but hear me out.
In HOF when Aelin was fighting the Valg princes with her fire, Rowan and his Cadre run forward. It says, and I quote:

The fire unfurled, filling the rainy night, vibrant as a red opal. Lorcan swore, and Gavriel threw up additional shields of his own magic. Rowan didn't bother. They did not fight him as he shrugged off their grip, surging to his feet. The flame didn't singe a hair on his head. It flowed above and past him, glorious and immortal and unbreakable. (Also, Aelin's fire is immortal, but not her??)

Earlier in the book, it says that you cannot hurt your mate, even if you wanted to... OMG! Idk, maybe that's not it, but to me that seems like the most reasonable explanation. And why would they mention it if not for this moment?

Another thing is that on twitter SJM confirmed it is possible to have more than one mate. She also seemed quite excited about it, so maybe that was a clue for later books. Also, the only fae we've met who has a mate as been Rowan, therefore it EXPLICITLY APPLIES TO HIM.

Something else. Rowan says specifically that sometimes mates don't realise their bond with someone until a while afterwards. Is it just me, or are they drawing a lot of attention to the exact reason why he and her might be mates?

Another thing. When Aelin is hiding the the amulet in the floor boards (I think Laura originally brought this up) she feels something, like her feeling from Rowan's perspective. Rowan sort of brushes it off. Idk, maybe it has something to do with them being mates? Or maybe it has something to do with them being mates AND carranam?

Final thing, I promise :)
When Aelin is talking to Chaol when Rowan is hurt (QOS), she says:
"They tried to shoot my...Rowan through the heart. And I saved her anyway."
This leaves the unavoidable question, what was she going to say?! Lets run through the options.
-Carranam/Friend, but why would she avoid saying that? It's not like it's weird or a secret.
-First member of court, lover etc.. (That would just be plain weird.)
That leaves the only other bond that we know of. MATE. And of course she wouldn't want to say that to Chaol, her ex-lover, who at the moment, she is mad at, and she thinks that he thinks that she is a monster (tongue-twister)!

Anyways. Maybe there's some other logical explanation for all this. That just seems to be what all the evidence is pointing at. :)

Also, Aelin's immortality/mortality? Idk what's going on. I had a theory that because her animal form is human, that makes her mortal? However, to me, everyone seems to just accept the fact that Aelin is mortal without any actual proof. I mean, I always kinda assumed fae stopped ageing at around 25 (considering Aedion's 24). She's only 19. Also, it's so inconsistent with demi-fae for ageing (ex. Malaki, Emrys, Aedion etc..) so how would we know for sure. I also think that if Rowan stays alive for the next two books (or at least for most of them) then she will find a way to become immortal or something will happen to make her become immortal. Also, SJM consistently refers to Aeiln's fae form as immortal and human form as mortal. Maybe when she's in a place with no magic she is mortal and a place with magic immortal? Maybe magic makes you immortal, seeing as SJM refers to Aelin's fire as immortal.

Idk guys, these books are so good, but I have no doubt that SJM will tie it all together for us, and we still have two more books to go!
(Also, really interesting theory about Nehemia. You made me dare to question if maybe she wasn't REALLY dead, and had drew wyrdmarks on her or something to protect against them killing her. Maybe Archer and Grave were secretly rebels, because we never got that much backstory about them. Something like that. :))

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Mia | 4 comments Also, just found this one on pg. 371 of QOS.
This was when she and Rowan had been up on the roof after the dinner with Arobynn.
“A clear line in the sand. A line-because he was three hundred years old, and immortal, and had lost his flawless mate, and she was… She was young and inexperienced and his carranam and queen and he wanted nothing more than that.”
The fact that she trails off the sentence RIGHT AFTER SHE MENTIONS HIS MATE then comes back in with several excuses makes me believe that she was going to say something else. Also, earlier on the page:
“Oh gods. He was over three hundred years old. Immortal. And she-she…”
That means she trailed off twice now, as if she can't quite bring herself to say it. And does the fact that she mention they are carranam seem like a sort of reason to not be mates to you?

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Mia | 4 comments Maybe it's just wishful thinking, idk.

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Mia | 4 comments I know I know I know. This is my 4th post, but I'm reading back through QOS, and I'm at the part of Arobynn's will. Well, Aelin offers to sell the house to Tern, Harding and Mullin. Tern said they couldn't pay for it, but then Harding seemed to all of a sudden come up with an idea.
"This is insane, Tern muttered to Harding. Harding shook his head. "Be quiet Tern. Just-be quiet."
The king knew about Lysandra, not from the ghost of Arobynn, but from Tern, Harding and Mullin!? It makes sense that they would have known, if they mentioned having spies on Aelin's apartment. And the king probably would have paid A LOT of money for that info.

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ella_peach (aelinashryver) | 6 comments Ifrah, I thought the exact same thing, that Nehemia will come back some way. How cool would spirit Nehemia be?

Anyway, i thought of a theory. I don't think the king is dead. No offense to SJM, but it wasn't a very big battle at the end of qos, not by high fantasy standards. No body was found. And remember how the king said that Erawen took over the duke's body? Why would Erawen, the most evil thing in the tog universe, choose duke perrington to be his host when the king was so much more powerful? I don't think SJM would build up such an evil king just to have him be killed off in such an anticlimactic way, tossed under the bus for duke perrington. I mean, duke perrington was just one of the kings cronies. I think that the king was probably telling the truth about everything, except the part where he said Erawen was controlling perrington. The king is probably trying to throw the crew off guard, in a very big way.

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ella_peach (aelinashryver) | 6 comments Ifrah, I thought the exact same thing, that Nehemia will come back some way. How cool would spirit Nehemia be?

Anyway, i thought of a theory. I don't think the king is dead. No offense to SJM, but it wasn't a very big battle at the end of qos, not by high fantasy standards. No body was found. And remember how the king said that Erawen took over the duke's body? Why would Erawen, the most evil thing in the tog universe, choose duke perrington to be his host when the king was so much more powerful? I don't think SJM would build up such an evil king just to have him be killed off in such an anticlimactic way, tossed under the bus for duke perrington. I mean, duke perrington was just one of the kings cronies. I think that the king was probably telling the truth about everything, except the part where he said Erawen was controlling perrington. The king is probably trying to throw the crew off guard, in a very big way.

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Natalia (ravenandthehawk) | 12 comments @Mia and @Ella, both of your theories are awesome!!! I like how you put so much though and evidence, good job!!!!! Also the theory of Aelin and Rowan that one is perfect, not to mention I seriously don't think Perrington is the big bad guy here. I bet all this is part if a bigger picture. Thank you SJM for the ToG series!!!!

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Stephanie  (sinmotion) | 5 comments The king is DEAD. Sarah says so. Basically that she felt bad and sad for the King who was not totally what everyone thought. Then she's sad,"I'm sorry but you're dead".

And the king wasn't trying to throw them off. He no longer had a valg prince in him when he was telling them the story of what happened to him and Erawan and the wyrdkeys. He was so clearly burdened by his pass and the pain he'd caused everyone, but especially, Dorian.

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