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Meghan Meghan Aug 16, 2015 07:08PM
So, how many out there assume that Saleem makes it to England and is reunited with his family? I believe that's what the author wants us to think but I know a lot of people seem to feel frustrated by the ending that leaves this open.

i think the ending just highlights the uncertainty of life of these refugees, even when they think they are home free

I am equally confused about the ending!
I guess it is just left to our imagination.

In times when we as a country are largely suspicious and in some cases hostile towards refugees coming into the UK why do we so badly want Saleem to make it here? I was initially quite annoyed and felt cheated by the abrupt ending but on reflection I wonder if the author's intention was to leave us questioning ourselves and our values? We're left willing a fictional character to enter our borders illegally but we're not so keen to let in actual human beings who have been through similar and probably worse things than Saleem had endured?

I agree the ending was too abrupt .

I agree with Dee, I think there's still a lot of uncertainty to come. You're left feeling hopeful that he'll make it through safely and be reunited with his family but there's still an unsettling feeling of uncertainty that it will work. So many times in the book I thought, "ok this time it's going to work" and something would come up and upend everything.

Any answers to why was Ajmal called an imaginary friend in the conclusion of the book? I am totally confused

Hated the ending. Felt totally cheated.

I think we're to decide for ourselves but I also believe the author wanted him to make it there. those of us who loved the character should believe he made it and is reunited.

I think the ending just highlights the uncertainty of life of these refugees, even when they think they are home free.

I really wanted to hear in the story that he arrived and reunited with his mother and family. I'm going to believe he did. Do you suppose the author wanted us to decide? I loved this book and have much compassion for those who trying to find a place to call home.

I agree!

Maybe the cliff-hanger end is calling for a sequel! His journey towards his Mother, and their life as refugees in a foreign Country. It would be interesting to see the interaction between Fereiba and her step-sister as grown women, and ofcourse the boy from the Orchards!

I was also not too impressed with the ending. I really enjoyed the book and was very excited to see how everything tied together at the end, but the reader is left uncertain as to what happens next. Does Saleem get reunited with his family? What happens with the friend he brings a long with him? The ending was quite honestly a disappointment for me.

It's interesting to read all the comments. While I understand that naturally everybody wants a happy ending story but I am afraid that's not always the case in life.

Therefore, while I was equally uncomfortable with the ending but then I quickly understood why it was made that way.

Nowadays some movies also opted to end the stories with unhappy endings ends :-)

I don't like the abrupt ending. And totally don't get the part where he talks to his invisible friend Ajmal. The book is good but considering how detailed everything has been from the start, the ending is too abrupt for me

I think the ending is left for us to decide. Of course, it depends on our beliefs. I myself, am hopeful. I like to think that Saleem made it to his family. This book is very timely and made me think (or rethink) long and hard about the worldwide refugee crisis.

I just finished this and am also confused by the ending.

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