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The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, #2)
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Jess | 55 comments Two down, one to go!

I'm continuing to be super into finally reading these. I love the sense of space and character, and it's interesting to get a sense of time that you do not really get from the films - both in the sense of the vast histories and in the sense of how *quickly* the events from the trilogy transpire. The Two Towers ends on like the ninth day! Nine. Days. Insanity. It's a sense of breakneck urgency in the face of vast and complicated history that the films don't really have.

Now I just have to stick with it and get through the third....

Peter Not only do some of the events take place quickly, with book two and book three both taking place over the period of about a month, there are also long periods of time in book one that aren't really portrayed well in the film.

This timeline is pretty good to get a grasp on the timeline:

Book two and three definitely ramp things up and are much faster paced than The Fellowship. I hope you enjoy The Return of the King!

Sophie (sawphie) What a great timeline Peter, thank you!

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Brittany (gamerkiti) I'm so happy to hear that things are fast paced in The Two Towers! I was bored to death with a good portion of The Fellowship of the Ring...mainly Tom Bombadil...I'm fairly certain that's what ruined the book for me because everything else that I've read by Tolkien I've loved (The Hobbit and a few of his short stories). I'll eventually get to this one and The Return of the King before the year is over.

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