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criticaster | 908 comments Hey there!

Did you have anything in mind?

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Hi! And no I didn't have anything specific at the moment. You said you prefer realistic though, yeah?

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criticaster | 908 comments Realistic would be nice, if that's alright with you. However I don't have any ideas. I could go fishing around on Tumblr for inspiration, worst case scenario. :p

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Yep I always like realistic so that works fine. We could come up with an idea together? Is it okay with you if we keep this singles?

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criticaster | 908 comments Singles work just fine for me. Is there a type of character you've been wanting to write? Maybe we could build an idea off of that. If not, what type of settings do you usually prefer?

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Mm not really. As for settings, I think it would be fun to do something in like a small beachside town that gets a lot of tourists during the warm seasons and then the locals have it to themselves in the off season.

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criticaster | 908 comments Oh, I like that. Maybe we could have something going on between a frequent tourist and a local? And so the tourist comes and goes and they always seem to find each other and they develop a friendship that keeps them connected while the tourist goes away. With time it could develop into something more?

Or we could do something with two locals? I don't have any ideas for this, but it has the potential to be interesting. (:

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Cute summer romance yes ~
How about between a poor-ish local girl and a rich boy who's parents own a summer home and visit every year? We could have it set in the summer after their junior year of high school? The local girl maybe has a bit of a reputation, like people say it's easy to get into her pants, and she dislikes the town because of it and wants to get away in a year. So during the summer before their junior year the guy comes to the beach town as usual with his family and he has friends there, and maybe one of his friends dares him to sleep with the girl. He refuses, but all the rumors and talk about her makes him curious because she doesn't seem the way his friends describe her, so he gets to know her a little and the two of them really connect and end up sleeping together at a party or something because they're both a little drunk. Then maybe right after or the next day or whatever the girl finds out about the dare so she's furious because she thinks he was putting on an act to get in bed with her. The guy never gets a chance to explain before the summer's up and he has to leave.
And then we pick up from the summer a year later. What do you think?

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criticaster | 908 comments I like that! Poor guy Dx

Who did you want to be?

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Haha ik poor dude

Umm the girl I think. I've been doing a lot of guys lately. Unless you want her cause I don't mind either way.

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criticaster | 908 comments Yeah that's fine! I know the feel. I currently have limited Internet, so I can't really mke any fancy templates, but I should have something up for him tomorrow.

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Okay cool! And that's fine. I'm going to do a simple one anyway, I hate making super detailed characters.

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[Name] Taylor Leda Larkspur
Nickname: Duchess; only her family and closest friends call her by her real name.
[Age] 17
eyes: sea green
height: 5'5"
weight: 121 lbs
[Family] Taylor's mother Leda Larkspur was sixteen years old when she had Taylor. When Taylor was four years old, Leda committed suicide by jumping off a cliff into the ocean. She didn't know how to swim. Taylor was taken in by her mother's older sister, Jess, whose son is only two days younger than Taylor. Taylor and her cousin, Raphael--or Raffe, as Taylor calls him--have grown up together, for all intents and purposes, as sister and brother. In fact, people often make the mistake of thinking they are twins, since they look so alike. Inseparable as children, the cousins are still each other's best friends.
Leda Larkspur: mother --deceased--
Gabriel Everson: uncle
Jessica Larkspur Everson: aunt
Raphael Everson: cousin, age 17
[Other] The only jewelry she ever wears is a heavy gold cross on a chain around her neck.

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Hope she's alright! Let me know if I need to change/add anything~

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criticaster | 908 comments
❋ lemme finish this tomorrow when i get back from class Dx

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oh hey, I didn't see this until just now. and yeah, take your time! joshua anthony brand o.o

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criticaster | 908 comments xD i haven't had time to finish him
but i'm off until monday so i'll definitely finish him tomorrow
i knooooowwwww <3

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lol no problem I know the feeling
cool I'm excited C:
yay for dark haired guys

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