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message 1: by AngelReads (new)

AngelReads | 52 comments The book is about this woman that works from home. I think she was a freelance writer or she was involved in advertising or something as similar. Anyway, she's in this coffee shop and when she turns she spills her drink on this guy. The guy turns out to be a CEO of a company and I think he inherited it from his dad. The guy takes an instant liking to her. She's in an relationship, but they've grown apart and then she meets the CEO again. He offers her a job as his personal assistant. She accepts after thinking about it for a while and then she gets this makeover from him and a car and they fall in love. Her boyfriend breaks up with her when she doesn't come home on their anniversary. I don't remember the name of any of the characters or the books name. I hope you can help me :)

message 2: by AngelReads (new)

AngelReads | 52 comments Oh and I read this book last year or the year before. I also don't remember what the cover looks like.

message 3: by Kris (new)

Kris | 33251 comments Mod
Zoey, what kind of romance is this - Harlequin-like, erotica, angsty/dark, chicklit/humorous, etc.?

Billionaires Prefer Curves by Carrie Kelly?

message 4: by AngelReads (new)

AngelReads | 52 comments I'm not sure, but I'd guess erotica with a mix of chicklit and romance if that's possible.

message 5: by AngelReads (new)

AngelReads | 52 comments Does anyone have any other suggestions?

message 6: by AngelReads (new)

AngelReads | 52 comments They worked in his office once but mostly they were at his place working from there.

message 7: by Shelia (new)

Shelia Williams | 747 comments I think i have this book in my kindle library but I'm not sure it kinda sounds familar let me check.

message 8: by AngelReads (new)

AngelReads | 52 comments I found the book. It's called Strapped and was written by Nina G. Jones

message 9: by Kym (new)

Kym | 1058 comments Thanks AngelReads. Here's the link - Strapped

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