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The Bridge of Deaths Revised Edition: A Love Story and A Mystery
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M.C.V. Egan (mcvegan) How do you MAXIMIZE free DOWNLOADS? I am open to ALL advise
Sharing everywhere?
Forms of advertising that work?

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Jim Vuksic | 210 comments M.C.V.,

Making a book available at no cost is perhaps one of the least effective forms of promotion. So many authors give their work away for free that some readers have adopted a personal philosophy of "Why ever pay anything for something that you can get for nothing?" Just because a free book is downloaded does not necessarily mean that it will be read. Unfortunately, many are not.

Consider the following promotional tools recommended by literary magazines and books on the subject:
Website - Professionally designed and consistently maintained. Featuring a specific work and the author. Include a blurb, author's bio., excerpts, event calendar and secure interactive communication page.
Personal Appearances - Literary festivals and conventions, book stores, public libraries and book clubs. Arrive prepared to deliver a well-rehearsed presentation with book-signing pen in-hand.
Push Cards/Business Cards/Thank-you Cards - Featuring a specific work, the author and contact information.
Literary Websites - Active participation, not only as an author, but as a fellow reader as well. Allow members to get to know you as a person.
Blog - An excellent showcase for the author's writing skills, narration talent, and wit.

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