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Discussion thread for Julia Durango's 'The Leveller'.

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The Leveller is a quick read aimed at the young adult and is quite relevant in theme of sorts - gaming. It deals with Nixy Bauer who's a bounty hunter of sorts in the virtual reality world. At the parents' requests, the girl drags kids out of the virtual world called MEEP and into the real world. The latest job, however, involves the MEEP developer's son who's stuck in the virtual reality world. Of course the plot thickens and Wyn Salvador is not hiding from the real world but is being held captive in the virtual reality world. Together he and Nixy must battle their way out of the game so both of them can wake up in the real world.

Good plot in theory, the execution is a bit underwhelming throughout, however. Every time 'MEEP' is mentioned, I couldn't help but picture the Muppets, so it's kind of hard to stay in the plot with that mental image. There's a few good battle scenes as Nixy makes her way to find Wyn and as they uncover the plot behind Wyn's kidnapping.

I enjoyed reading this one for things other than just the plot and characters though. It's interesting to see the possibilities of creating your own world in virtual reality. The ending specifically was a bit of a let down though, the book just ends and leaves a lot of threads open; perhaps they'll be explored in the sequel which I'm curious to read.

The Leveller isn't a bad book, it's a quick read and if you don't think about it too much, it's quite enjoyable. I'm curious if this has something to do with me not being the target audience, however I've read a number of books aimed at the young adult market and have enjoyed them a lot more. For a world featuring a gaming theme, I still find 'Ready Player One' to be better executed; granted RPO isn't quite aimed at the YA market as such.

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