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Duchess Natalia of the Northern Lights in the sky (duchessnataliaofnorthernlights) | 2586 comments I relize this isn't mine but nice

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther Maria Williams
Esther sighed as she packed her backpack, shoving all the crap she was required to bring into the black and grey striped backpack before she slung it onto the back of her wheelchair. Her chair was matte grey and very lightweight, with tiny push handles on the back. She rarely used the push handles now that she had most of her strength back, but they were worth having on there. Getting out of her house was always tough, the house didn't have a ramp of any sort, so she had to go down the stairs backwards and very carefully.


Rory Evans Walton
Today was the day, the day everyone was leaving for the senior ski trip. Rory was never really a fan of the whole group activity thing, but an excuse to leave town for a week or so was never a bad thing. He had packed mainly junk food and alcohol, but there were some clothes and gear too. The bus was supposed to come to the school at 6:15 am, and it was currently 6:30, so the bus was already behind schedule.

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther Maria Williams
Esther was on the bus, well not the bus, more so that bus. That bus she had always looked at an winced a little bit, that bus that got to school late and left first. The short bus. It was her first ride on the short bus, and she was not a fan thus far, but by the time she got out, it was the last thing on her mind. She already felt like turning around and going home, every object looked like a torturous obstetrical. Instead, she continued in to the school and tried to find her home room. When she did find it, her arms were incredibly sore and she just wanted to stop, but she still had to find a seat. The teacher spotted her and gasped, not a good sign. "No one told me I was having a- Well, why don't you sit in the back of the room? There will be plenty of room back there."


Rory Evans Walton
Rory arrived moments after the bus had pulled out, sighing. He then spotted Celena and shook his head, "No no no no, hell no." He pulled his bag back over his shoulder and looked around. They were the only two who had missed the bus on this lovely winter morning. Rory knew the girl and he knew that his family hated hers. He also knew that she wasn't a particularly friendly person, so he wasn't too happy to know she would be the person he was left here with.

(( Oh, it's all good!))

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Charlie | 118 comments (( just a quick little thing, Esther is in a wheelchair, so I might have to ignore a little bit of that, like her sitting down in a chair and stuff :) ))

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Charlie | 118 comments Ester Maria Williams
Esther cautiously made her way to the back of the class, it was a tight squeeze with her chair at some points, but she made it back none the less. She took a spot that was empty beside a boy that offered her the space, "Oh, Thanks." She wheeled herself into position and flipped the brakes on her chair to keep her from moving about. The teacher began to start speaking, and Esther started to grab her bag. She needed a pencil, and it was pretty hard for her to reach them, but she kept stretching for them until she got them, pulling two out and setting them in her lap.


Rory Evans Walton
Rory chuckled, "How on earth could this be my fault? And how on earth did little miss stick in the mud miss the bus anyways?" He scoffed and headed over to where he had parked the car in the teacher's lot. None of them minded, he always parked over there anyhow, "Don't you have some kind of committee to go to or a tennis outfit to buy?" He poked fun at her style, rolling his eyes as he unlocked his car. Just then he got a text from the lead teacher for the trip, saying that the two of them needed to drive up to the cabin on their own.

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Charlie | 118 comments ♥ZaynaH--- Cullen-♥-Eaton-♥-Barnes-♥-Bane-♥-Morgenstern-♥-Potter-♥-Landon Carter-♥- Ryan Guzman-♥-James Bond ---AhmeD♥ wrote: "(lool!! okie dokie...is the fact that his friends try bully her but Chris always saves her okay?)"

(( totally! ))

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther Maria Williams
Esther's cheeks turned bright red as they knocked her pencils to the ground. She stared at them for a second, trying to figure out how to get them, but then a guy got them and handed them to her. Smiling a little bit towards the boy, she half whispered a thank you, not really even looking all the way up at him. She hated the fact that she hadn't been able to do anything about it and felt utterly embarrassed.


Rory Evans Walton
Rory let out an angry sigh, "If we have to drive up there together, you have to hold my toenail jar then." He laughed and threw his bags in the back seat. "This is going to be a long trip."

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther Maria Williams
Esther did her best to ignore the kids that were messing with her as she looked over the text book. When the boy that had given her her pencils back started reading, she turned her head to watch him. She was surprised when he was looking back at her. Her cheeks turned an even darker shade of red when he started to read the passage.


Rory Evans Walton
Rory scoffed as he got in his car, "Isn't that like... I don't know sexist or something like that?" Turning over the engine, he pulled out of the school parking lot and started on the three hour journey to the mountains.

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther Maria Williams
Ester felt her stomach flutter as he finished speaking. They stared into eachother's eyes for a moment before he shook his head and she looked down to the ground, smiling to herself. She wasn't sure if she had imagined it or not, but she felt happy for the first time in a long time, even if it only lasted a second or two.


Rory Evans Walton
Rory chuckled, "Well, good news is we can stay on opposite ends of the resort as far as I'm concerned. Also, what makes you think it's clothes? " Granted, he did bring a fair amount of clothes, but he also brought a lot of booze and a lot of books.

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther leaned over as far as she could without falling out of her hair herself and picked up the books and things. She couldn't reach some things, but others she could. She felt a tear running down her face as she tried to reach for the pencil case, it hurt to reach like that, but wasn't crying because of that. She was so stupid for thinking she could do this, thinking she could go to school and everything.


Rory scoffed, "OH My God, please jump pretty please!" He turned his eyes to the road before he said, "And yes, I have some books in there, and some booze, so that's part of it, what did you pack? Like sweats and uggs?"

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther smiled back at him, wiping her tears off her cheeks, "Sorry, I didn't mean to cry I just... You know." She placed the backpack on the back of her chair and pushed past the area where it had happened, "Honestly, it's not that big of a deal, I'm used to that kind of stuff." She was rolling very slowly, as she didn't really want to go out into the hallways. Those kids might be there, or any kid, for that matter.


Rory shook his head, "So you are surprised by the fact that I read and not by the fact that I brought booze? Wow, that's a bit pretentious don't you think?" He adjusted his mirror a bit and continued to go just a bit over the speed limit, hoping to make their journey shorter.

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther looked up at Christopher and gave an unconvincing nervous smile, "You don't have to... It's not a big deal." Esther hated being the new kid, but she hated being the new kid in the wheelchair more. She winced as she wheeled forward, her back hurting immensely bad.


Rory chuckled rolling his eyes, "No, never." He actually spent a lot of his time reading. He mainly liked si-fi and fantasy, but he also liked non-fiction.

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Charlie | 118 comments Esther smiled nervously, hoping that the stares would stop soon. She knew he was being kind and she knew she would have to get over it, but she hated feeling like a freak in front of all of those kids.


Rory drove the rest of the way in silence, his music playing thru the speaker. When they got to the cabins, he checked the assignment list in his backpack. "Oh, that's just great... We are cabin mates and we are in that cabin." He pointed to the cabin completely out of the way and shook his head.

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