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So if you have a facebook then you’ve probably been tagged in the 25 Random things notes made by friends. 25 seems to be too long of a list so lets just stick with 10. I’ll go first.

1. I love watching Korean dramas.
2. I have an extremely hard time saying no 'in person'.
3. I am rare with a single fact that I have never been in a relationship.
4. I want to travel for a whole year.
5. I love heated conversations that start debates.
6. The sound of rushing water and the view of a waterfall center me.
7. I enjoy writing poetry but have had a poetry block for sometime now.
8. I daydream of adventures I would have living overseas.
9. I can beep. EAR piercing loud. Keeps the wild animals and myself going different directions.
10. I believe in true love.

message 2: by Amber (new)

Amber (rieslingandreviews) 1: In high school, I was a competitive backstroke swimmer.
2: My partner and I have been together for four years -- and long distance for 3 out of those 4 years.
3: Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time
4: I have a sizeable pile of books that I got from the library several weeks ago that I've yet to even touch.
5: Leslie Knope is my personal source of inspiration.
6: The only time I've been fired from a job was at Tropical Smoothie Cafe when I asked for more hours so I could pay my deductible following an accident.
7: My birthday is in exactly one week; I'm scared to enter my mid-twenties.
8: Over the weekend, my friends and I dumped an entire gallon of dish soap into the fountain of this bougie neighborhood because we're still children on the inside.
9: I live about 15 minutes from at least three beaches and it's pretty nice.
10: My other love is knitting, but I have arthritis. Recent flare-ups have made knitting difficult.

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