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Clara ..

Clara . So, Catelyn and Ser Rodril are on their way back to Winterfell, and she suggest they could stay in an inn she has visited before. I like her memories of Masha Heddle, and I can't imagine what kind of smila that woman had.

. Catelyn looks so different she is not recognized by Lord Jason Mallister, who last saw her 14 years ago. I don't know if it is mention, but I have the feeling she hasn't changed that much over the years. But this man don't know who she is, and she described herself at the beggining of the chapter as ragged and wild. Which must be so odd to her, since she cares so much about her looks.

. Her father has been sick for two years now. She thinks she "was loath to tax him now". Also, she has the option to choose where to go, to her father at Riverrun or her sister Lysa, in the Eyrie, who might tell her something more to bring the Lannisters down. She believes she has to go to Winterfell, and I think she is right.

. This inn is full of bannermen to her father. How convenient, maybe she wouldn't have arrested Tyrion if she didn't have their support.

. She doesn't want a war to happen at all. *SPOILERS FOR LATER CHAPTERS IN A GAME OF THRONES*(view spoiler)

. They talked to this singer named Marillion, and I can't exactly say why, but I don't really like him.

. I smiled when Marillion tell her him and her brother are basically best friends.

. It was pretty bold of her to make the decision of asking her father's bannermen to arrest Tyrion. It was a rush choice to make, she didn't know he was going to stay in the inn, but I understand why she did it. She would have regret it later if she'd let him go I think.

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I'm sorry about not posting over the weekend.. Friday was my 30th birthday, so I was pretty busy... :)

1. Sounds like Cat used to like running out in the rain, enjoying nature, as a kid. :) A positive light on her there. Had a good childhood. The rain in the North, even in the summer, sounded dreary and dangerous.

2. Catelyn hadn't gone through the Riverlands on their way to King's Landing, so she's only now enjoying the nostalgia.

3. Wonder what souleaf is... sounds like chewing tobacco. Apparently it makes your mouth look all bloody. Nasty!

4. I'd forgotten all about the Mallisters. They rule Seagard, northern end of the Riverlands, and have an indigo banner with a silver eagle for a sigil. They would recognize Catelyn if they saw her clearly, except... he doesn't recognize her; it's been so long since Lord Jason Mallister had seen her, not since her wedding, and she is probably all muddy and looks like a commoner at first glance.

5. Cat is smart; they would never suspect Lady Stark to be in teh mud, tired, on the Kingsroad looking for an inn with only one guard to protect her. And she's right, Masha Heddle didn't recognize her; treated her like any peasant. Love this: "There were no smiles and no mention of sweet cakes." :)

6. The glass was milky and full of bubbles... eww. Definitely screams medieval times!

7. The crossroads inn is where the Riverroad meets the Kingsroad; a busy inn, then. The eastern road takes you up to the Bloody Gate in the Vale, where her sister is. She is conflicted -- at a real crossroads, for her!

8. I want to know more about the Blackwoods and Brackens, ever enemies! *SPOILER FOR DANCE WITH DRAGONS* (view spoiler)

9. Lord Frey is like the Lannisters in that he waited till after the war to come to the aid, questioningly on whose side he really was on... the winning side, of course! That does not show valor.

10. The Brackens have a red stallion sigil.

11. "Singers loved nothing half so well as the sound of their own voices." Ha! What about Rhaegar?

12. So the Starks disapprove of gambling too.

13. Poor Ser Rodrik; he is very vexed by this singer! lol

14. I find it interesting how singers in the medieval world knew each other so well... and LOL at Ser Rodrik's opinion of boy singers!

15. Marillion is annoying, and a boastful little liar. He amuses Cat, though.

16. Strange how just after Marillion mentions the Starks loving no song but the howling of wolves does Tyrion and his companions, and Yoren of the Night's Watch, burst in!

17. I love how Tyrion says, "Nothing would be more likely to ruin my supper" when Marillion pleads to sing him of his father's victory at King's Landing, lol. Unfortunately, this draws his attention to Catelyn. It's so sad, too, because right now Tyrion has all respect for Cat. He suspects nothing that's about to happen.

18. I think it's so clever what Cat does by asking each House if they're still loyal to Riverrun, pitting them all against Tyrion. Tyrion is smart, but she has him confused, totally caught off guard. This is one of these rare occasions in the series.

19. I wonder why the Brackens give each other uncertain looks...and are hesitant to reply.

20. I love the last sentence of this chapter, too: "She did not know what was more satisfying: the sound of a dozen swords drawn as one or the look on Tyrion Lannister's face."

Clara Happy birthday! I hope you had a nice day :) And don't worry about it! We all have things to do and we fall behind a lot of chapters, and there is no much happening in the books.

She is really smart, and I really haven't heard a lot of people talking about it. But not a lot of people like her.

Ser Rodrik made me laugh a lot in this chapter.

About your point 20, I think at this point she is convinced Tyrion sent that man to kill her son. But it's so sad from Tyrion's point of view. Like, I imagine the situation and I bet I would have a similar face to the one Tyrion was making.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Thank you! It wasn't all that exciting, lol, but I am glad to be another year older all the same. All of last year I was dreading turning 30 but now that it passed I'm actually happy about it. A chance to start over, I feel, to make the next decade of my life better than the last. :)

I don't quite understand why people hate Catelyn either. I'm a huge Jon Snow fan, but I don't hate Cat for hating him. I understand her feelings on the matter. He never did anything to personally upset her, so it's not really about him; it's about Ned, and his unwillingness to talk about it. He is a reminder of that, that is all. And she could have been a real monster to him, like call the guards or smack him around, but she doesn't. And if people hate Cat because she kidnaps Tyrion then that is silly since she is only going off of what knowledge she has been given, which is coming from Littlefinger, which she should take with a grain of salt. She is a human being who makes mistakes sometimes, but her heart is in the right place, I feel. *SPECULATION ON JON SNOW'S PARENTAGE* (view spoiler)

Clara You know, I think we all have this fear of passing another decade, but then it's not so bad. It happened to me when I turned 20, I think I even cried. SO dramatic lol. But I believe is just the first number changes and it's a huge deal at first. I'm glad you feel like that! I hope this one will be better than the last two :)

I believe it's because a lot of people like Jon, and if anyone does something bad to him, is a hateful character immediately. Of course it's not like that with every single person that has read the books, but I feel it happens a lot, at least most of the people I talked to feels like that. I have seen this happening with the Starks in general. But I do think like you said in your speculation about Jon's parents. But I believe she is a pretty good character, and really, really human. I am liking her more this second time.

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