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Please post your adverts here. Include experience, preferred genres, how available you are, etc. Please post your payment (if any) in detail. Include details about how you edit and anything that might help you clients.


Please do not post here. Look at the provided adverts. Once you find an editor who interests you, simply private message them or post at the thread they provided (if any) or contact them through the means provided. From there working out the rest should be simple.

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Jarvis  | 227 comments Mod
I am Gehna. And I am an experienced editor. I have experience with School Magazine and Enewsletters. I am the editor of my school magazine for 2 years.
I also have writing experience, so I would love to give any help needed :)

I prefer poems, romance, food for thought kinda works with occasional non fic.

As of now, I am not asking for payment, but if you will request through my blog, the there is a small fee depending on the size of the work. But that is also very less (not more than five dollars as I know more of the people are usually students, I am also a student so I know there struggles :P :P)

I usually respond within 5 to 7 days but I inform the person if it will take longer than that.

If you want to know more, you can PM me or check out my folder in the group to contact me!!

And thanks if you read this whole big thing!!! :D

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Rick | 6 comments I am very interested in someone editing my work. I have a first draft that is ready: The Day the King came By

Interested in editing it?

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Hallie (inkyhallie) Rick, please take a look at the first post. Once you find an editor who interests you, simply private message them or post at the thread they provided (if any) or contact them through the means provided. Only editors can post here.

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Rick | 6 comments My sincerest apologies. I write, but reading details is questionable. :-)

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Laura Barone (laurahicks) | 2 comments My name is Laura, and I am the founder of Taking Shape Press. We are editors and proofreaders with a great track record of finding even the smallest grammatical and punctuation errors in manuscripts. I always stay true to the writer's voice while working passionately to ensure their work has the best flow possible. I have a deep devotion to books and writers and am honored to be a part of the book making process!

I'd love to connect with more authors and put Masters in Publishing and English to use in order to help writers recognize their dreams of publishing their work. To begin the New Year, I've decided the best way to do that is with a great deal!! I'd like to edit the first 10,000 words of your manuscript for free! Whatever kind of editing or proofing you're looking for, it's free!

Please visit my website, takingshape.org to learn more about Taking Shape Press and what we have to offer!

Thank you,

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Sonnet Fitzgerald (sonnetfitzgerald) | 6 comments I'm Sonnet, and I edit full-length fiction (or novels.) I have had the honor of working with everything from first-time indie authors to best-selling series, and I am a professional member of the EFA and EAE. I offer developmental editing, copy editing, manuscript evaluations, translation cleanup into AmE, and publishing help. If you need something I don't offer, I am happy to refer you to one of my colleagues.

Prices vary widely depending on the length of the manuscript and what it needs, but as a ballpark I charge about $20/hour. Samples are free and payment plans are available.

Typically I book out about two months in advance, so keep that in mind if you're on a deadline!

I also check in at Goodreads most days, and I love meeting new people. If you need anything: information about the editing process, ideas for marketing, advice on craft or publishing, whatever; I am glad to help. Just drop me a message here or via my website.

Talk to you soon.


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ArielleLynn Having just graduated with my Bachelor degree in English with a creative writing emphasis, I'm available to provide small editorial work free of charge. If you've a section of your piece 2,000 words or less, I'm more than willing to take a look at it.

To expand my portfolio and get my personal editing business up and running, I'm looking at just a few full length short stories / novels at no cost. All I ask in return is a review of my services rendered.

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Haley Sulich (haleysulich) | 2 comments I'm currently seeking to help both indie and established authors improve their manuscripts' world building, characterization, descriptions, plot, pacing, structure, and other "big picture" elements. Many people tend to think of grammar when they hear the term "editing," but if your characters aren't memorable or your story's world isn't believable, readers may end up putting your book down regardless of how polished your grammar is. I've helped authors discover their story's full potential, and I would love to help you do so too.

(Side note: I edit fiction of horror, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy. The pricing for my services is cheaper than many content editors in order to offer affordable editing for authors who have less than $1,500 to spend).



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Amy Martin | 2 comments If you're an author in need of a manuscript critique, I'd love to help. Not only have I written and published my own books, but I also hold a Ph.D. in English Studies and have over twenty years’ experience in higher education as a teacher and advisor. I am ready to use my experience to help you with your writing and editing needs.


Examples of issues I might address in a manuscript critique:

Plot holes or scenes that don’t make sense
Realistic or believable characters and/or situations
Repeated errors in grammar/spelling/punctuation/usage (While proofreading is another type of editing and not part of manuscript critique, we can discuss proofreading your manuscript for a separate fee.)

I will offer feedback in these areas and suggestions on how to improve in a comprehensive report. I’ll also let you know what you’re doing well in your writing so you can keep on doing it!


I’m well-read in most genres, but I prefer:

Young Adult (I’m a YA writer myself)
New Adult

I also offer the following additional services:

book blurbs (both writing of original blurbs and editing of existing ones)
resume/cover letter assistance
assistance with college application essays and graduate/professional school statements of purpose

I'd love to help you with your writing and editing needs. Please visit my website for more information about my experience and rates.


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Catherine Milos | 1 comments Hello Writers/Authors,

I offer professional writing services with over ten years of experience in multiple sectors including:

~Coaching (manuscript, general writing, industry and marketing) ( package price negotiated)
~Editing, proofreading, copy editing, Beta-Reading(free) ( package price negotiated)
~Freelance writing projects (Business writing. resumes, web content, academic writing, ghost writing, Fiction, collaboration, and more) (TBD)

I prefer Adult Fiction (except erotica or horror) Paranormal, Fantasy, Crime, Sci-Fi but enjoy editing MG, YA, and all adult genres.

For more information DM me, email me agent[at ]catherinemilos(dot) com or check out my website http://alchemy.catherinemilos.com

Check out recent feedback from Goodreads member and Author Alex here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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