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message 1: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) | 66 comments Mod
Introduce yourself and tell us about who you are, where you're from and what brought you here!

As your group leader, I'll start:

Name's Michaela. I'm pushing 30 years of age but I ain't there quite yet...I identity as a weirdo who's dabbled in Goth, Punk, Rockabilly, Mori-Kei and a variety of pagan traditions. I'm nestled snugly in the queer community as a demi-girl. I have a pretty well-rounded wealth of knowledge when it comes to alternative life styles. I started this group because there didn't seem to be any well structured groups for alternative folks to hang out in and share their I hope this works out for some of you!

message 2: by Rumeur (new)

Rumeur | 16 comments Hi Michaela! My name is Rumeur & I'm from the boring state of PA!! Wacky weather, uptight politicians & generalized boring state!
Ummmm I'm older than you! I've reached the hill & coming down fast in age
I was always the girl in school who dyed my hair different colors with jello!! Way before funky colored hair was the "in thing" I was known as the punk rocker. I had my goth stage as well but when I found out trying to dye your hair another color after you dyed it black needed to be grown out---I let it grow out & my hair never knows what color it wants to be yet!
I like mostly alternative music but I grew up in 70's & 80's so old school rock is still on my playlist
I got here to this group from your invitation & thank you very much
I look forward to meeting others both younger &....I don't know if there's any older lol. I can be the granny punker here because age is just a # not how I feel or act!

message 3: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) | 66 comments Mod
Welcome! Glad to have you. :)

message 4: by Camille (new)

Camille Dent (thecamillion) | 6 comments Hello, everyone! Looks like a delightful crowd so far ^.^ My name is Camille, and I am currently studying in Mississippi to be a teacher! I will turn 20 this year, but I love my birthday for reasons other than self-celebration. I was born on the Day of the Dead (Nov 2)! I love foreign, religious, and gothic culture, so I pride myself in being born on a day that incorporates all of that. I love literature, video games, culture, makeup, fashion, and crafting! Can't wait to get to know the rest of you better!

message 5: by Wren (last edited Sep 08, 2015 06:47PM) (new)

Wren  (wrenreaders) Hi, I'm Wren (my legal name is Julia but I am going to change it to Wren) I am Canadian! I am also pansexual and genderfluid, and I don't care what pronouns you use (he, she, they). I am also eclectic wiccan with agnostic tendencies, I am a cat ( and general animal ) lover, and I love gothic, punk, and alternative styles of music, clothes, etc. I love to read (duh) and I am a fan of horror movies.
Human rights is one of my passions. So is writing. I hope to become a published author someday!
I've had a lot of bad experiences but I've survived! If you ever need to talk, message me and I'll try to help you through your hard times.

message 6: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) | 66 comments Mod

message 7: by Alice (new)

Alice Woods | 1 comments Hey I'm Alice! I'm from Utah, raised Mormon but has just began my path as a witch.
I'm into alternative, emo, punk, post-hardcore music, and also kpop.
I also like the lolita Japanese street fashion, along with goth. So I am slowly becoming a gothic lolita.
I love to read, sew, design clothes, play video games, and enjoy nature. Also I am a huge animal lover!
I suffer from lots of physical and mental issues that have made me kinda shut out from the world.
I don't even want to talk about my sexuality. Mostly because I don't know or want to admit to myself what I am.
My life has been one hell after another but I am trying to fix all that.
Anyways, nice to meet you all! :)

message 8: by Rumeur (new)

Rumeur | 16 comments Hi Alice, Wren & Camille! Sorry I'm late in saying my hello's

message 9: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) | 66 comments Mod
Welcome Alice, nice to have you!

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