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Star Jessalyn (stayawesomegotham) | 45 comments Mod
You know what to do :)

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Brian | 14 comments Hello, my name is Brian. Today I am going to talk about the book Sherlock written by Richard MacAndrew. This book talks about the famous detective named Sherlock Holmes. He solves crime mysteries to find out who was the killer. He is a smart person who works hard. Although he is a hard worker, his detective work can effect his health as he sometimes over works. He has a brother named Mycroft Holmes who works for the government and a friend named Watson who writes about the crime mysteries he solved.

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Star Jessalyn (stayawesomegotham) | 45 comments Mod
Hello! Today, I'm going to talk about Robinson Crusoe from the book Robinson Crusoe which was retold by some person named Nicholas.
In this book, we follow Crusoe who has always had a misfortune of causing shipwrecks but even then, still wanted to sail the seven seas (like okay what? I'm surprised that nobody asked him to walk the plank. And also, someone get him a doctor, he has a too serious case of wanderlust) On one of his last voyages, his seemingly endless plight began, which is him being marooned on an island.

First of all, I have issues with this book.
1. How in the world can somebody last thirty years in basically solitary confinement? Really, though. Humans are like llamas. We don't have any friends, we get stressed, go crazy and die.
2. How is there no sickness out to get him? He kept on eating goat for thirty years. Even the inspiration for this book came from a man who actually lasted for 4 years! That's almost 1/8 of how long the story portrayed it.
3. How is a ship even able to endure through a storm like that? In all seriousness. It lasted for twelve days and then it just crumbled. How is that even possible?
And I have more but I don't want to ramble on.
Now for the actual important part, the character analysis.

Firstly, I'm going to talk about Robinson's physical appearance.
He's European and although I don't have any grudges held against any Westerns but I hate the overused book trait that involves Westerns being the main character so Friday was definitely a saving grace for the story.

We get the privilege to see Crusoe in his early years at the beginning of the book and I'll tell you he was a very aesthetically pleasing man who could make the ladies swoon. He had the blond hair that's commonly seen (obviously -.-) and he dressed like a sailor who always gets drunk and starts mutinies and although he was a handsome man, could never get a lady to stay one night with him, yet he neverendingly continues trying as though as he was a platypus who always wanted to fly (and without gadgets like Perry)

In his later years, he grew this weird beard that I swear just made him look like a hobo who apparently teleported to an "exotic" island. At this point, he had brown hair and a shaggy beard so he started to look like Sean Bean's lost brother whose face got run over by a truck but in the end decided to get plastic surgery, which confirms the modern saying that goes "The handsome jocks will only become uglier." Sorry Crusoe.

Crusoe was stubborn. Why? Because he basically defied his parents' wishes. Sometimes, we do things like eat too much or steal expired cookies which results in the consequences and warns us not to do them again. Most of us learn from our mistakes, as the saying goes "A burnt child dreads the fire." However, for people like Crusoe, you don't. Even if he had almost shipwrecked on an island, he still didn't learn from it and continued on sailing until his plight came.

Crusoe was also kind, at times. Why do I say this? Because during the time he spent on the island, he managed to save a cannibal and befriend him, however, he only saved the prisoners the second time around, was because he was European. Okay what? Race doesn't matter here. He did manage to save one other prisoner from another race but the fact that he decided to take action was based solely on a European being caught as the prisoner? That's just over the top. You can do acts of kindness without any strings attached, you do not need to follow the saying "There's no such thing as free lunch"

Crusoe was also very whiny, and hypocritical. He kept on whining about how he wanted a friend but when a person actually came to his island, he was frightened and just hid. Literally 1/5 of the book was just him whining for a friend. He also wanted to escape with Spanish men, but supposedly you made a promise to them, won't you follow it? I understand that this was an emergency, but couldn't he wait until the Spanish men get back? Before going?

Although these were flaws, there were also some good points about him. Crusoe was hard-working and always tried to figure a way out. He was open-minded, in ways where he could find solutions in order to survive. He was also witty as he could make decisions that most of the time, turned out well. He also had some character development but in the end, I still didn't think that you can call Crusoe inspirational, only a good role model when in a survival situation.
Even if this book had simple grammar, even if it's not a murder mystery, I still liked it better than Man Hunt as this book taught you maybe a thing or two about survival situations from Crusoe's mistake. The aesthetically pleasing map and pictures helped the reader engage a bit more than usual when reading required reading books. In the end, I'll give this book a 2.8 (rounded off to 3 stars) over 5 stars.

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Yasmin Nur Helisa | 19 comments Hello. I am going to talk about the main character in the book "Bret Farrar by Josephine Tey" I won't give much descriptions on Bret Farrar because I don't want to spoil the story. I want everybody here to be caught with Bret Farrar's mystery as the main character.
For me Bret Farrar is a good actor. Why? He easily learned to imitate somebody's behaviour who was exactly looked like him. He was also ambitious, maybe because he didn't experience to have a good life and to have a family. He was like enticed with richness and his passion for horses and a chance to own ranch forced him to become like an imposter. The rest is for you to find out how he was able to manage his actions. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery. That's all for week 4. Thank you. Oh, by the way, I will rate this book 4/5. Happy reading everyone!

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Chu Wei | 17 comments Hello, so this is my 3rd goodreads post and it is a character analysis, my book is the Berlin Express Berlin Express Level 4 Intermediate by Michael Austen . Do you know where Berlin is in? In England? In Finland? None of those Berlin is a city in Germany! If you got it correct I clap for you but if you get it wrong, I can only say that your general knowledge is not that good.

The main character in this book is not a German but from Japan, Hiro is the name. Not the Hiro from Big Hero 6 but from BERLIN EXPRESS! Before I talk about this book I need to say that this is my 3rd streak in getting a book about romance or breaking up. This is my life. T_T Hiro just broke up with his girlfriend Akikio.

Hiro is a determinate guy and saved people like in all books.


Just kidding, Hiro is brave, strong and a highly intelligent person. Read this book to know more about him.

SECRETbooksHUNTER | 12 comments Yo, wassup this is Stanley. I am making a book recommendation about this book called: 'The Dead Of Jericho'! This book is about a woman who suicide! A chief inspector was drinking a pint of beer instead of saving her!

The main character of this book is Chief Inspector Morse and is a very clever and brave man, that is why he is a detective! And that is also the reason why I like him!(not gay) Chief inspector Morse loves solving problems like the one the woman is having!

I recommend this book for people who likes mystery about someone's death! This is a very nice book and I also hope you enjoy my recommendation!

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Christiana Clara | 18 comments This week, my book's title is The Fruicake Special and other stories. It is a very nice story. The book consists of 5 different stories. So, I am going to talk one of my favourite character in this book. My favourite character is Anna. She is a chemist for making perfumes, she is very funny and simple not fancy. She is also single in the first part of the story but then she was taken by somebody.
I think that all for the character analysis! Bye

message 8: by Christiana (new)

Christiana Clara | 18 comments *fruitcake

message 9: by Nich.B (new)

Nich.B | 7 comments hello i am nich.b and i am talking about tasty tales it is a nice book and all about food. it has 5 story in one small book and i like it so i rate it 5/5

message 10: by Cyrilla (new)

Cyrilla Arletta | 16 comments Hello class, my name is Arletta and today i am going to discuss about the book High Life, Low Life by Alan Battersby. This book is about a private investigator name Nat Marley who is kind of like a detective , so one day something happened which changed his world. The problem in this book will never happen if there are no supporting characters. One of the most important supporting character in this book is Mrs. Whittaker. Mrs. Whittaker is an old lady whose husband , Tom Whittaker has died. Since, Mrs. Whittaker is already old she made a deal that when she died her money would be given to Nat Marley. Mrs. Whittaker is a very energetic lady with a lonely life since her husband passed away early . She also rarely socialize as she rarely went out, out of her house. Nat Marley, afraid to be in the middle of a family war asked help from Charlie Whittaker, one of the son of Mrs. Whittaker, but before they could even discuss about their problem Mrs. Whittaker suddenly died. Everyone thought that it was a heart attack but it was actuall not . She was murdered by someone clos to her. This lead Nat Marley to a whole new of problem, finding out who the murderer is . I believe that this story will never happen without Mrs. Whittaker since if there was no Mrs. Whittaker there will be no death and if there was no death the story would not have happened. Thank You everyone for your attention. I would rate this book four over five .

message 11: by Star (new)

Star Jessalyn (stayawesomegotham) | 45 comments Mod
Nich.B wrote: "hello i am nich.b and i am talking about tasty tales it is a nice book and all about food. it has 5 story in one small book and i like it so i rate it 5/5"
For the love of Aphrodite! Please talk about a character!

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SEBASTIAN TANNADY | 15 comments Hi guys it's SEBASTIAN TANNADY (BABA) your friendly out of the planet SNA student
I will be talking about my awesome,brutal,fatal,interesting and inappropriate book
Called MAN HUNT by Richard Macandrew it's brilliant but this book is rated R
I mean clearly this book is like 25% mortal combat.

So now let me get straight to the point so I will be talking about my favorite
character and don't judge me okay, I pick the killer as he is the most interesting
character of the book. So it's like his writing a diary to the reader I like this book because if the killer is speaking his words in the book are bent but when the narrator
Is talking his word are straight . ( also if you wonder to read the book there is a word called sex in it)

~ he kills his victim in a different way every time (stabbing,strangling,hitting with some type of hard item plenty of times etc)

~ he is psychotic in every way

~Unique , interesting , mind bobbling and weird way of ending a killing

~ his very descriptive in how he is going to kill his victims

~ serial killer

~ kills victim with element of surprise


So I'm done writing about this book and I rate the book

message 13: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 8 comments my character is trevor, he is from the book two worlds. he is a passionate person. even if it's hard for him, he tries not to get upset. he travel around the world for a living. he is very kind

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Grace Indrawila | 18 comments The character I'm going to talk about is Aku-nna (same like Joelynn).
When her parents go to different places, she and her brother misses them so much.
Aku-nna is a very nice and kind girl, she is also smart.
She's not really an inspiration for me.

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User | 19 comments hello everyone! the book i read was "But Was It Murder?" i am going to talk about the detective in the story, who uncovered the secret that lay behind the death of Alex. the detective was a really caring and hardworking person as he did not give up in solving the case despite the difficulties. he's a very intelligent man as well because he could go through difficult problems.

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