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Through a Glass Darkly (Tamworth Saga #2)
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Amber White | 4 comments This book takes place in England in I believe the 1800s. It is about a girl who lives with her grandmother on a big piece of property out in the country. When she is in London with her grandmother she meets a man that is at least 10 years older than her and she goes to his house unexpectedly without a chaperone or his knowledge. This leads to them getting married, however, the man gets a piece of property that is a part of her dowry that he has coveted for some time. After a little while the newly married couple goes to France and the girl comes to discover that her husband has had a long standing relationship with a man and she leaves France and goes home to her grandmothers house heartbroken. After some time she sees her husband again and realizes that she loves him and can not live without him. Not long after he falls ill and dies. The property that he acquired he had been building an extravagant house on and she has to sell off piece by piece in order to avoid losing the whole thing.

The second book is written 10 years later but picks up right where the first book left off. The girl goes to America for some time and is still extremely heartbroken. When she returns to England she eventually falls in love with a man who I believe is a spy for France.

The third book is written again 10 years later but precedes the first two and is about the girls grandmother.

I believe that the author is a woman.

Thank you for any help that anyone can give me!

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Amber, please add genre and plot details to your header, as detailed in this post:


Many members skip over threads unless they see something in the header that makes them think they can solve that particular book.

Hillary | 274 comments Through a Glass Darkly is the one, followed by the sequel which is I think Now Face to Face and the one about the grandmother is Dark Angels. Through A Glass Darkly is FANTASTIC! the sequel I didn't get wrapped up enough in to finish, but Dark Angels is also a great read.

Amber White | 4 comments Thank you so much, I kept thinking that the authors name started with a K and Katherine kept popping up in my head!

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Amber, is Through a Glass Darkly by Karleen Koen your book?

Amber White | 4 comments Yes it is.

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