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Which witch or wizard from the old days would you want to learn more about?
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For me this question is simple. I would love for Rowling to write, Hogwarts: The Dumbledore Years. I know that she touched on some aspects of his early life in Book 7, but I think that a series delving deeper into his adventures when he was a student at Hogwarts would down right rock. So what do you think? Who's origin story would you like to see written?

I would really like some books or a TV show maybe, about the Marauders (James, Sirius, Remus and Peter)

For me, the first priority would be a story of the Marauders of course.
But I have always been curious about Mr. Ollivander's story. He is one character who has never failed to fascinate me throughout the series. Maybe it's my love for wandlore I guess. But still, I would love to know about this character in depth.

I'm torn between Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. They both sound like neat characters, not to mention a Hogwart's Founders series sounds fun!

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I would like to know a *lot* more about Snape, and about Draco. We know Harry can't stand either of them, but why should Harry's absurdly biased POV be the only one through which we see them ? Salazar Slytherin gets a lot of flak, so it would be good to know more about him and exactly why he thought as he did.

Besides Regulus, I'd also like to learn about Rowena Ravenclaw, Gellert Grinderwald and Mad-eye Moody. They are all such interesting characters.

I have ALWAYS wanted to know more about Peter Pettigrew. On Pottermore, I was completely shocked that more light was not shed on the Marauder we knew least about. What influenced him? What was his childhood like? We don't even know if he was pureblood or muggle born or anything! The little we know is just connected to the plot of book 3. I want story illustrating Peter's actions from his Hogwarts days to third book- (view spoiler) It would be really interesting.

On top of that, it would be great to see Hogwarts in James/Lily's days- we could watch the progress of characters we know turn out evil, see what the teachers were like, and also see what state the wizarding world was in. I mainly want to See Lupin and Sirius and on the other side Snape and Lucius and what their growing-up was like.

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I agree. I would really love to learn more about Dumbledore. But I am also interested in Minerva McGonagall. I just really liked her character and thought she was strict but obviously really loved being a professor and felt protective of the children. Oh yeah and Mad Eye Moody's story would be wild.

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I'm always a slut for Marauder's Era stuff. But I would also LOVE to see more about Dumbledore and Grindewald in their youth.

There probably isn't too much to learn but I kind of always felt it would be nice to learn a little more about Regulus Black and how he really felt about everything from when he was a kid to when he died. I always thought it would be more interesting seeing how someone like that could change their minds and what thought process they had during their life. Though I agree with Mad Eye and the Founders as well.

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