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Marly Youmans (marly_youmans) | 1 comments Please provide:
* Title: Maze of Blood
* Author name: Marly Youmans
* ISBN (or ASIN): ISBN-10: 0881465364
ISBN-13: 978-0881465365
* Publisher: Mercer University Press
* Publication date: September 2015 (now available)
* Format: hardcover
* Description:
Begin with what seems the end of things--how Conall Weaver lifts a gun to his head. And now dive backward into the labyrinthine worlds of home, where Conall is the center, into the maze of love, where Conall seeks and strives with his soul-mate, and into the maze of imagination, with its population of weapon-wielding heroes and local-color Texans...and then on, into the maze of childhood, where time seems illusion and all the threads and stories start. Red for the blood of frontiersmen and Indians, Conall thought, red for the blood of proven heroes and mother, the martyr of Cross Plains. Maze for the looping coils of a snake that ended in a rattle that shook out revolutionary warning: don t tread on me! Maze for veins of blood. Maze for family. In Conall Weaver, the mundane world and the wonders of the imagination collide and shoot out sparks. Inspired by the life of pulp writer Robert E. Howard, MAZE OF BLOOD explores the roots of story and the compulsions and conflicts of the heart in a Southern landscape.

Marly Youmans is a great writer. Her prose is immaculate. ----Laird Barron

Marly Youmans is a novelist and poet out of sync with the times but in tune with the ages. ----First Things

I cannot recommend an author more than Marly Youmans, whose fantastic prose is absolutely gorgeous and haunting. ----Seb Doubinsky

From the Back Cover
"Maze of Blood is a haunting tale, but one so beautifully crafted by Youmans, unraveling in short chapters like prose poems constructed from spare dialogue, the dusty Texas landscape, a sudden flash of vibrant nature, and the sweep of a starlight sky... A haunting tale of dark obsessions and transcendent creative fire, rendered brilliantly in Youmans' richly poetic prose." --Midori Snyder, award-winning author
* Page count: 224
* Link to cover on a NON-BOOKSELLER site:

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Z-squared | 8580 comments Added:

Please note that we are not allowed to include reviews in the book description field, so I removed those. Sorry!

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