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Charlie | 118 comments Here we are

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments MxM:
((this idea isn't fully planned out... yes it would turn into a relationship ship between the two at somepoint))

Guy 1 use to be a great kid, never getting himelf into trouble and always keeping good grades. That was until his dad strted to date again and found a really rich young lady and got a job that now gets them a ton of money. His dad no longer paid attention to him so he started to act out, dyed his, pierced his lip, drinking and what not.

Guy 2 is a man ((maybe about 21)) who has had a great life. Got married at 20 to an amazing girl and has a great job, earning a lot of money. A year later he got married his wife left him and now he doesnt really trust or care for anyone anymore. He became a closed of mysterious guy.

One night they both went to the club just to get there minds of things. Guy 1 had a fake id that let him get drinks and what not. He danced around with people like usual. Guy 2 just was there to chill. Guy 1 some how got drugged and some old guy started to take him away and guy 2 noticed. With out thinking he gets up and stops the man from taking him. Now guy 2 was stuck with an unconscious 18 year old. Does he take him back to his house or just leaving?

So anyone?
Hoping to be guy 1 and that you can post at least a paragraph

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Okay :) just wanted to repost the ides

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Charlie | 118 comments Alright! Any requests for my character? personality or other wise?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Only that he is a bit closed of and doesnt trust easily

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Charlie | 118 comments Alrightyroo will do!

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Charlie | 118 comments
Axle Culbertson
Nickname- Axe



Axe has always thought straight, but he honestly has no idea right now.

Axe is a well known male model, but he also is a photographer. He was scouted when he was 16 as a model and has three to five shoots a week.

Socio-economic Status:
Very well off. Axe was earning enough money modeling by 17 that he owned his own flat. He is well off enough to own two houses, a flat, six cars, a motorcycle, a boat as more.

The Past:
Axe grew up broke and alone most of the time, he was really artsy and loved photography and music. One day, a scout saw him smoking outside of the mall and offered him a job. He rose to fame quickly and is still at the top. He began to sleep around a lot and eventually he ended up in a fast pace relationship with fellow model, Nikalette. She was a gorgeous Russian model who he spend a year messing around with before she became pregnant. Axe married her promptly and they seemed to have a great life. About 7 month along in her pregnancy, Nikalette ended up in the hospital and the baby died. Axe never knew why until a couple of weeks ago and now he has completely shut down after confronting her. She had been doing coke the entire time, two years together and he had never known. When he went to confront her at work about it, she was having sex with her boss and another model in her bosses office. Ever since then, he hasn't done any more shoots, he mainly just drinks and works out.


Axe is tall and built, his muscles are obvious, but not too bulky. His skin is milky smooth, and his jaw bone is chiseled. His eyes are a haunting pale green.

Axel has always been somewhat quite, but now he is even more so. He doesn't like new people and he doesn't like social pleasures. He isn't cocky by any means, but he doesn't play games either. He is very protective of people and fairly volatile when someone hurts someone, though he is very patient when someone is hurting him.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments » Name « Andrew 'Andy' Fitzgerald

» Age« 18

» Gender « Male

» Sexuality« Homosexual

» Occupation «
Andrew currently doesnt have a job. His dad just usually gives him money whenever he asks for it. His dad is a CEO for a record company and his Step-mom is a major fashion designer so he doesnt exactly have to get a job quite yet.

» The Past «
As a child, Andrew was always in the spotlight when it came to his parents. That was until his mom had died of cancer. His dad started to igore him and often left him home with a horrible babysitter. Year after year Andrew started to act out, trying to catch hisdads attention. Then it became even worse when his dad started to date again. Everynight he would go out with this mysterious lady, leaving Andrew home alone. Eventually Andrew gave up by the time he reached highschool and his dad had married the lady. He started by doing small things like dying his haor and piercing his lip. Then it got to bigger things like drinking and fighting in school but yet his father still hasnt looked his way. So he figured he could do whatever he wanted now since his father never actually cared.

» Appearance«

You could say Andrew wasa bit small for his age and has farely pale skin but that was only because he stayed inside all day. He has black hair with dark bluish gray eyes.

» Personality «

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Sorry for some reason it wouldnt let me finish. My phone is acting up

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Personlity -

Andrew use to be closed off to people and shy but now he is way different. Every since his dad started to ignore him he began to be more social. Talking to people, acting out and not really caring what others think. On the inside though, deep down, he did care. All he really wants is a little attention. Even if it was just a tiny bit. He didnt like being ignore. Thats whyhe went to the clubs and bars, to get attention from other people.

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Charlie | 118 comments It's all good in the hood!

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Okay! Where should we start? At the club? And who should post first?

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Charlie | 118 comments I'll post first if you like, and at the club sounds fine.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Okay that works :)

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel sighed as he looked in the mirror, it wasn't like he looked bad or anything, he just didn't feel like there was a person there, like he wasn't in his body. All the more reason to go get plastered, he thought as he finished getting dressed and tossed his biker's jacket on. His mom had hated motorcycles. She had good reason though, if your husband dies riding one, it's reasonable not to like the things. He wasn't his mother, he loved the thing, but he did think on the anniversary of her death it might be better to just take the Porsche instead.

When he got to the bar, it was already packed, already late into the night life. The bartender nodded to him and he nodded back, sitting in his usual spot. The guy was pretty much the only person Axe had spoken to in the past two weeks, and they barely even talked once the bartender started to remember what Axe's order was. Axe settled in for a late night and started to drink in hopes of distraction.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments After Andrews father had left to go out with his wife, Andy immediately threw on a pair of black skinny jeans and a red flannel shirt. He grabbed his keys, his wallet and his phone before heading out the door. He was going out like he always did, except for tonight he didnt know when he was going to be home. Lately he would go out, have a few drinks and then drive around before going home. Tonight he wanted to party and dance because he had just found out that he was going to be a big brother. So he needed to do something to distract himself.

Once he reached the place he went inside and up to the bar. He has been there so often now that the guy doesnt even ask for ID anymore. He leaned against the bar and looked around the placeas he waited for his drink. He plenty of money so he could have plenty of drinks.

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Charlie | 118 comments The first girl that came up to Axel was okay, she didn't want to talk much, just to look at him weirdly, rub against him and leave her number, but the next five were ridiculous, they wouldn't shut up. Axel wasn't really into listening to them go on and on about their stupid boyfriends or ex-boyfriends and he especially didn't want their nasty underwear. He was thoroughly disgusted and decided to go in the bathroom for a bit, just to escape the crazies.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Once Andy had gotten his drink he paid the guy and chugged the whole beer he had gotten. He set the cup back down and asked for another. He paid the guy and told him to just leave there and he would be right back. With a smirk on his face he headed out to the dance floor to dance for a little bit. Just to get himself warmed up a bit.

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Charlie | 118 comments As Axel was coming back to the bar he noticed a drink sitting out in the open with no one around it. He thought it was weird, but maybe someone hadn't liked it. He drank a bit more and then after a while an older man came up to the bar and stood next to the drink. He was creepy and definitely didn't belong there. After spending some time standing near the drink the man left, leaving the drink on the bar, still completely full.

His curiosity eventually got the better of him and he asked the bartender who's drink it was. The bartender pointed to a kid, surprisingly. Not a kid kind of kid, but definitely not old enough to be in the bar. The guy looked like he was a teenager, probably still in high school. Axe thought nothing of it, he had done the same all the time when he was a kid.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew leaned over and whispered something into one of the guys ears that was on the dance floor. The guy laughed and Andy smiled brightly but then the guy turned away from him and walked away. He frowned and tried to get someone else to dance with but they all ignored him. He mumbled under his breath and walked back to the bar to where his drink was.

Without a second thought he picked the cup up and took a drink of it. He sat down and leaned his head on his hand as he drank the beer he had gotten. He glanced over at Axel and raised an eyebrow before hestood back up and headed towards the bathroom.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel watched as the kid made his way to the restroom. Something was bothering him, something in the pit of his stomach, but he tried to ignore it. Someone came up and asked to take a picture with him, so that gave him a good distraction for a while. They were a bachelorette party and completely wasted, so he didn't argue with them taking photographs.

The old man kept pacing near them, and it made Axel really uneasy. He wanted to tell the guy to piss off, but he also really didn't want to talk to anyone right now, so he simply turned around and focused on his drink. It seemed to work, as the old man dissapeared into the bathroom.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Once in the bathroom he went over to the sink and splashed cold water in his face. He was starting to feel kinda dizzy. Which was confusing because hehad only had two drinks. He took a step backwards and shook his head. He stumbled a bit and wiped his eyea. The next thing he knew some older guy was grabbing him by the arm and whispering things to him but he didnt understand the words.

The man had gently pulled him from the bathroom and Andrew tried to pull away buthe was too weak to do so. Then things clicked this guy must have drugged him some how. He went to push the guybut trippedand crashed i.to him. The man grabbed him a little harder and pulled him toqards the back of the bar.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel spotted the old man coming out of the bathroom with the kid from earlier. It took him a second to realize what was going on, but as soon as he figure it out, he ran over to where the man had the kid.

They were more alone than the rest of the bar as Axel reached them, "Hey! Let go of that kid, alright? Seriously, get the hell out of here!" He put one hand tightly around the boy's wrist and the other on the old man's neck, he didn't want to hurt an old dude, but he would if need be.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments The old guy immediately let go of Andrew, he held his hands up in the air before he made a run for it towards the back door. Obviously not wanting Axel to beat the crap out of him. Andrew on the other hand was dping to good. He looked down at the hand that now had a hold of him then up the guys face. He tilted his head for a second, confused. He closed his eyes and swayed a little bit before he stumbled and fell into the man. He opened his eyeafor a second then everything went black when he passed out.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel caught the boy instinctively, then picking him up in his arms. He took the kid to his car, thankful he had taken the porche and not his bike. He stopped for a second and tried to figure out what to do, the boy hadn't come in with anyone, so t+here was no one else to take care of him.

Sighing, Axel drove the boy to his home, as he couldn't just leave the boy to fend for himself. He carried him to the guest room and gently laid him on his side on the bed so that if the boy puked during the night, he wouldn't choke. Next, he slipped off his shoes, unbuttoned his shirt enough so that it wasn't tight on him, and threw a blanket over him. He debated going back to his room, but didn't want the kid to freak out when he woke up and think he had kidnapped him or something, so Axel laid down on the couch in the room and fell asleep.

(view spoiler)

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Once Andrew was set down on the bed and the blanket was over him, he stayed asleep. He slept pretty well to. Maybe it was the drug or maybe it was justwhere he was sleepig, but he was was out. At soepoint in the night he did move a little and grabbed another pillow, hugging it to himself. Other then that he was just fine.

At about nine o'clock was when Andrew started to wake up. He blinked a few times and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He looked around the room for a moment before he realised, this was not his room and this room was no where in his house. He looked down and made sure he still had all his clothes and aighed in relief.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel heard Andrew start to move, and he sat up from the couch, "Hey, I'm sorry, you must be really confused man." He stood and walked closer to the boy, "You were at the bar and some guy drugged you and tried to take you away."

He cleared his throat and rubbed his shoulder, sore from sleeping on the couch, "Anyhow, I pulled you from him and you sort of passed out, so I brought you home. You probably feel like shit right now, but I can go get you some asprin or something."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew watched Axel as he stood up and walked over to him. One of the first things that went through his head was how hot hethought the guy was. He listened to what he told him about last night. He remembered bits and pieces of what had happened the night before. He bit his lip and nodded, messing with his lip ring.

"Um thanks." He said and scratched his head. "I dont feel too bad. Just a killer headache I guess." He shrugged. "I can just get something on my way home." He stood up and swayed a litle bit, he steadied himself. "Nothing I cant fix." He gave him a small smirk and grabbedhis shoes off the geound.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel nodded, "Alright, man. Just, make sure you're okay to go." He fixed his hair haphazardly as he sat down on the end of the bed, "I can take you home, you know, since you don't have your car over here. We are kind of out away from the town, and cabs don't really come around here."

He was certainly worried about the kid, but that wasn't the entire reason he was trying to make sure he was alright. He couldn't quite place what it was that made him want to look after him, but it was the most he had spoken to anyone in weeks.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew froze for a moment when he said he was willing to take him home. He didnt say anything at first he just surprised he wasnt just licking him out. He was also stopped by the sudden attention he was getting. He pushed the thoughts to the back of his head and turned towards him.

"I..um.. yeah. That would nice. Id probably die or something if I had to walk that far." He said with a small smile. He bit his lip, messing with his lip ring. That was something he did when he got nervous and right now was the rare times he has been nervous lately.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel nodded, "Sounds like a plan, you hungry?" He felt weird offering to make breakfast for a guy, but he was already feeling awkward. He had never even thought of a guy in a romantic or sexual way, but he started noticing himself feeling for this kid. He felt wrong, at first, but the more he spoke to him, the more it felt alright.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew thought about it for a moment. "Yeah. A little bit. You dont have to make anything for me if you dont want to." He shrugged and glanced down at his feet and then back up at him. He ran a hand through his hair to get out of his face. He didnt know why he was feeling so shy all of a sudden. Usually he is talking and very outgoing with people.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel shook his head, "No no, it's not a problem. Why don't you go get a shower and I'll go ahead and make some food?" He smiled and turned to the door, going to the kitchen. He leaned on the counter and sighed heavily, unsure of how he ended up feeling this way for a guy.

Shaking his head and trying to shake off the idea of it, Axe pulled out the ingredients for crepes.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew smiled and watched him as he left the room. He set his shoes back down on the ground and walked over to the only other door in the room, which was the bathroom. He sighed with a smile and started up the shower. He stripped down and got into the shower. He relaxed under the warm water and let it fall down his face. He couldn't get his mind off the mysterious guy that was helping him out.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel made crepes and omelets. It took him a little bit of time and a bit of time, but not too long. He topped the crepes with strawberries and chocolate.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew finished up taking a shower and and put his clothes back on. He towel dried his hair a little bit. He put the towel the basket before he left the bathroom. He left the guy bedroom and tried to find the kitchen. It didnt take long, he just followed the smell. Once he reached the kitchen, he stood in the door way awkwardly. He watched him for a moment, biting his lip.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel smiled as he saw Andrew come around the corner, "Hey, come sit and eat." He plated the food and pulled out some whisky, pouring himself a drink. Sure, the act of pouring a drink this early in he morning might be seen as a bit of alcoholism, but Axel didn't really mind that.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew nodded and sat down in the chair. He watched him go a moment and raised an eyebrow at him. " drinking already?" He asked with a small laugh. "You must have it ruff." He said and looked down at his lap before looking back up at him again. He ran a Han through his wet hair, which made it stick up a little bit.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel chuckled "Not nearly earlier enough, I'd say." He took a sip and held the cup out, "Want some?" He looked over the boy, feeling a weird attraction towards the boy he hadn't felt towards a man before. His face was beautiful, which was weird for him to think.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Nah. The earliest Ill start drink in is 5." He told with a grin. He was starting to become a little more comfortable around him. "So why did you help anyways?" He asked. "Im pretty sure you were the only one in that bar that actually noticed me being pulled away by that creepy man." He shivered a little at the thought of what could have happened if the guy didnt intervine.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel paused for a second, not really sure of how to answer, " I don't... I don't know how I couldn't have." He took a bite of his eggs and motioned to Andrew, "Has no one ever approached you about modeling?" As he said it he realized it sounded like a come on.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Andrew began to eat the food that was placed before him. "I know a couple of people who wouldnt have helped me. Or even noticed me leaving." He shrugged as he mumbled the last part to himself. He glanced up at what he said next and his cheeks turned a light red. "Uh...um.. No. I wouldnt be a good model." He said and looked down at his plate as he continued to eat.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel coughed, "Oh God, Sorry, did that sound like a come on? No no, I'm a professional model and photographer." He was even starting to blush and he shook his head.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Yeah. Just a little bit." He said with an awkward laugh. He continued to eat the food. "Um. But either way. I wouldnt be a good model. At least i dont think I would be." He shurgged once again and glanced up at him then back down at his plate.

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Charlie | 118 comments Axel chuckled and shook his head, "Oh, come on, you'd be great, you know what? Wait right here, I'll be right back." He went and grabbed his Camera and smiled when he walked back in, snapping a few candid photographs.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "What are y-" He was cut off when he heard the camera taking pictures. He looked over at him and gave him a weird face before he laughed. "Ya know. You are weird." He said and stood after he finished his last bite. "What makes you so sure Id be a great model? " he asked him, placing his hands on his hips. "I dont even know your name."

message 47: by Charlie (new)

Charlie | 118 comments Axel smiled, taking the camera off his face for a moment, "My name is Cedric, and you are?" He clicked a few more photos before coming up next to her, "And you are a great model because your face is beautiful, objectively."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments ((Isnt his name axel?))

"Well its nice to finally know your name. Mine is Andrew, but a lot of people call me Andy." He said and fixed his messed up hair. He bit his lip and messed with his lip ring. " I dont know about that. But what ever you say Mr. Model and photographer."

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Charlie | 118 comments (( dang it, I am completely insane, also I need to go for a bit ))

Axel smiled, "Nice to meet you Andy." He set down the camera and finished the whisky.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments ((Lol thats okay cx ))

Andy smiled and watched him. "Are you done taking pictures of me now?" He asked him with his hands on his hips. Honestly he didn't want him to stop but at the same time he did. He didnt know how he felt about all the pictures being taken of him.

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