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because I like this idea.

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Name: Seraphine Procella
» Alias(es): Sera
*(Seraphine = fiery one, Procella = wind storm )

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual
» Relationship Status: Single

Age: 24
» Birthday: October 3, X762
» Place of Birth: Unknown
Zodiac Sign: Libra
» Birth Element: Air
» Birth Planet: Venus
» Birth Stone: Sapphire
» Favorite Color: purple
» Favorite Constellation: Orion
» Favorite Flower: Violet


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: light brown that down below her shoulders
Skin: white, slightly tanned
Eyes: blue
Body type: Athletic and muscular but still feminine and curvy
Pitch of voice: Smooth, kind of deep
Distinguishable markings: She has a decorative spade shaped tattoo around her guild mark and a rather large collection of scars, mostly concentrated on her arms and legs.

Personality: : Seraphine was once a kind hearted and almost naïve young wizard. Always helping out other and being kind to everyone she encountered. After being captured by a dark Guild at the age of 15, where she was forced into becoming a gladiator, Seraphine became a much more brutal and unforgiving person. Her time as a gladiator makes it difficult for her to trust others, even members of fairy Tail and her former friends
» Weakness(es): Her past abuse has deeply traumatized Seraphine, she often has flashbacks of these times which can cause her to black out.

Seraphine struggles to trust others and control her temper, causing her to lash out at her fellow guild mates.

Because of the experiments that the Bureau of Magical Development conducted on her Seraphine struggles to control her magic.

An injury to Seraphine's right leg often comes back to haunt her, her knee often gives out if she's not careful.

» Strength(s): that she can remove someone's magic while fighting; ability to give her allies additional magical energy; she is pretty laid back and will just go with things; remaining polite even when she wants to beat the crap out of someone; willingness to defend her friends.

» Flaw(s): She has very bad trust issues and can be very cruel.

Guild Rank: normal
Mark Location & Color: On her right forearm, black
Years in Guild: 14
Team: none

Type of Magic: Caster Magic
Magic: Wind Mage: wind/air magic
Phoenix Flame

History: (This is going to be a lone one but I’m only going to list the main events leading to the “present” time)

Early Life:
- Seraphine was born in a small village somewhere outside of Fiore, her father was a childhood friend with fairy Tail wizard Gildarts Clive, who took Seraphine to Fairy Tail after the mysterious deaths of her parents. Seraphine was then raised by the guild Master, Makarov alongside his grandson Laxus. Seraphine learned she could use magic at the age of 5 when she accidentally fell from a bridge, she used a blast of wind magic to save herself from serious injury and was taught how use Wind Make Magic by Master Makarov.

As a teenager Seraphine became a full-fledged “Wind Mage”. At the age of 15 Seraphine competed in the S-Class promotion trails but was beaten (savagely) by Laxus who was also competing. Seraphine was proud of Laxus for advancing but also upset with him for hurting her so badly in their fight. This event lead to Seraphine and Laxus (who had been friends since childhood) to drift apart.

A few months later Seraphine joined Laxus on a mission to a desert town to eradicate a group of monster. The two mages were outnumbered and during the fight Seraphine was severely injured. Laxus left Seraphine behind (unknowingly or on purpose?) which allowed her to be captured by “Slave drivers” who worked for a dark guild outside of Fiore.

Seraphine spent the next 5 years serving as a gladiator for the dark guild, where she suffered many injuries both physically and mentally. She was rescued by the Bureau of Magical Development where she The Bureau of Magical Development had conducted a series of (very) illegal experiments on Seraphine after discovering something “odd and ancient” about her magic. After 2 years of experiments the Bureau was forced to lock Seraphine away inside of a lacrima after one of their experiments failed.

For reasons unknown Seraphine managed to brake free from her lacrima prison after nearly 6 years of being sealed away. She fled to a nearby village where she lived for several months before being found by Gildarts, who was traveling through the town while on a mission.

Present (we’re almost done)
- Gildarts brings Seraphine back to fairy tail where she tries to recreate the life she had before, not knowing how much had changed since she disappeared. She struggled to fit back into the Guild after being abused for so long and spends most her time away on jobs (much like Gildarts be she’s normally only gone for a few weeks at a time)

Relations: none

Weapon(s): she can make any variety of weapons and other objects with her Wind make magic

Fighting Skill(s): She is a master of hand to hand combat and is well versed in MANY different form of martial arts.

Hobbies: When she's not working she likes to write and illustrate her own books.
» Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbAt3...

Other: The Phoenix flame and the “something odd and ancient” aspects of Seraphine’s magic comes from the Phoenix Soul that has been locked in her body (think Naruto). The phoenix soul has been passed down through her family line for almost a 800 years and was the reason that the Bureau of Magical Development experimented on her. The Phoenix was dormant in Seraphine until an experiment woke it up, giving Seraphine some of its powers, such as the Phoenix flame and an angelic Phoenix soul form.

The Phoenix soul seems to be benevolent but its awakening is what caused Seraphine’s control problems. Master Makarov gave Seraphine a power limiter in the form of a ring that she must wear at all times to keep her magic in check.

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Name: Natsume Tanvi Midori
» Alias(es):
*(Natsume= Summer; Tanvi = delicate girl; Midori = Green)

Sex: female:
» Sexual Orientation: heterosexual:
» Relationship Status: single:

:Age: 24 XX
» June 2:
» Hargeon Town:


kind of short and curvy:
A little high-pitched but kind and gentle:
She has an arrow shaped birthmark on her shoulder:

Personality: Very kind of sweet, Natsume is very soft spoken and tries to avoid conflict whenever possible. She loves to help and teach people. She can be very shy when around unfamiliar people or places. She doesn't like to be around large groups of people or very loud noises. She is very timid and hates to be yelled at, being shouted at by someone can bring her to tears quite easily.

» weaknessesNatsume cannot use her magic to heal herself and using it for to long are using too much of it at once can make her very weak or even cause her to lose consciousness. She doesn't handle stressful situations well and can suffer panic attacks if she's put into the wrong situation.

» Strengths Despite her meek personality and weaker body Natsume is very determined and when she is trying to help someone she will stop and nothing to help and heal them. She is very kind and honest to those around her.

» Flaw(s) : She may be to kind hearted for her own good. Her past relationships with her ex-boyfriend and her family has left her with an extremely low opinion of herself<./i>

Guild Rank: normal
Mark Location & Color: mint green on her left collar bone
Years in Guild: 1 year
Team: none

Type of Magic: Caster Magic
Magic: Healing Magic
» Description: Natsume can use her magic to heal almost any kind of injury or ailment.

History: Natsume born and raised in Hargeon town with her parents. When she was fifteen she learned she could use magic and wanted to become a wizard and help others. But when her parents found out she could use magic they forbade her from ever using it and wanted her to marry the son of a successful trading company in Crocus.

Natsume refused and started to learn how to use her magic, she got a job at the hospital and used her magic to help people. When her parents found out they sent her Crocus to live with her betrothed. Natsume lived with him until she was 19, her boyfriend hated people who could magic and was very abusive to Natsume, often beating her horribly. Sending her to the hospital on several occasions. Weeks before Natsume was suppose to marry she ran away. Getting on a train and hiding away until it reached Magnolia Town. From there she went to Fairy Tail and now works there as the Guilds Nurse.


» Justyn Midori - Mother
» Minkah Midori - Father
» Seth Teivel - Fiancee/ ex-boyfriend

Weapon(s): none

Fighting Skill(s): none

Hobbies: She likes to read or go for long walks when she was free time.

» Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbttZ...


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Name: Boreas Anemoi

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Birthday: January 15th

Place of Birth: unknown


Personality: Boreas generally has a cold personality, he does not socialize often he more or less only speaks when he absolutly has too. When in combat Boreas is extremly ruthless, once he was identified an enemy he will stop at nothing to bring an end to that enemy as quickly as possible. He dosn't care much about how others feel or what they think about him. He prefers to stay alone whenever possible.

Guild Rank: normal
Mark Location & Color: black with a dark blue outline
Years in Guild: 5
Team (name and members): none

Type of Magic: Caster
Magic: Graigos (lit. North Wind)
Gragios magic is more or less "Winter" magic. Boreas can summon a chilling winds with snow and ice storms.
North Wind: A rather simple attack that can be amplified to great extents. Boreas has a blast of wind emit from his hands, this wind is always freezing cold and can become colder and colder until snow and ice begin to form.
Snow Roller: Boreas uses his hands to create a snow ball that he pushed out and slowly turns into a gaint roll of snow that can be used to ram into or run over things.
Ice Boulders: Boreas needs to be near a body of water to use this spell, he uses his north wind to wash over water and uses the extreme cold to form countless boulders of solid ice he can launch in any direction as long as he has enough water to form the ice.
Thunder Snow: When Boreas concentrates all of his magic power into one spell creating a large storm over the area where he is present. Creating a giant snow storm with deadly drops in temperature with thunder and lighting. The lighting, in addition to possibly electrocuting someone also causes large spikes of razor sharp ice to jut out of the ground.
Thunder Snow uses all of Boreas' magic power, if he casts this spell he will be rendered completely helpless afterwards. In most cases he will lose consiousness.

Weaknesses: Fire and or sun will be able to counter many of his attacks.
Boreas has very few defensive capabilities, and isn't that good at close qaurter combat.
His wings are real and can become quite dibilitating if they are injured.

Weapons: none

Pets: Five horses
A Dappled grey horse named Calder

A dapple Buckskin: Sarsapa

A "Buttermilk" Buckskin named Kinu -

A Seal Bay named Zoran -

A Strawberry Roan Afra -

Family: unknown.

History: Boreas as orphaned at a young age and grew up mostly alone in the far North were it is almost always winter. His magic powers emerged at the age of 10, as a result of his winter like powers his skin is always cold. Cold weather dosn't bother him in the slighest, it dose not affect him at all. As he was growing up he would often use his magic to mess with people who would come near him. Throwing snow, or even going as far as creating avalanches when people were traveling up the mountains where he lived. As a result a request was put out to take him down, as the locals believed Boreas was an evil spirit. A Fairy Tail wizard took the job and found Boreas, eventually convincing the boy to come with to Magnolia. It took Boreas several weeks to get used to the warmer weather in Magnolia and after becoming a wizard, spends almost all of his time away on jobs. If he is not out on a job it is most likely becuase he was badly injured or sick.

Sexuality: Bisexual - aromantic

Crush: no one

Relationship Status: single

Other: When Boreas gained his magic powers he grew large black wings for unknown reasons. He cannot hide the wings and they are always present, they allow him to fly but he cannot hover in place and cannot fly for more than about 8 hours at a time.

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Name: Aron Hirohi

Gender: male

Age: 30

Birthday: March 22

Place of Birth: Crocus


Personality: (at least three sentences)

Guild Rank: normal

Mark Location & Color: yellow
Years in Guild: 2
Team (name and members): none

Type of Magic: Caster
Magic: Dream Master
A type of illusion magic that Aron can cast on people to force them into dreams. Most of the time when the spell is cast whoever Aron is casting his spell on will fall into a dream created by that persons own subconsious. WHoever is being effected cannot simply "wake up" from the dream, they must find the underlying reason for the dream and solve it.
Ex: A character has a dream where he/she feels like they need to escape from stomthing, to escape the dream they must figure out what it is they are escaping from, how to escape it, and then acutally escape it. When the character escapes what is chacing it, he/she will wake up.
If whatever is chaseing them catches them they are released from the dream but renedered unconisous anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours

He dosn't have any attacks other than his Dream Master spell
He dose not have any defensive spells
He can't cast his spell on large groups of people.

Weapons: Becuase Aron does not have any means of attacking people with his magic he usually wears a enchanted mail shirt that can deflect magic attacks by reducing 75% percent of that attacks power.
He also carries a series of throwing knives and simple hand gun.

Pets: none

Family: none known

History: (at least five sentences)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Crush: none

Relationship Status: single


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Name: Everett "Ken" Kenelm

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: April 25

Place of Birth: Magnolia Town


Personality: Everett is kind of a flirt and little bit of a slacker he really only works when he has to and he rarly goes on jobs that'll take longer than a few hours at a time. He loves kids and dogs but will never admit to wanting to start a family. When push comes to shove he will fight. He has some skills with a bow and arrows and once he puts his mind to somthing he will stop at nothing to get it.

Guild Rank: normal
Mark Location & Color: pale purple on his left breast over his heart.
Years in Guild: less then 1
Team (name and members): none

Type of Magic: Caster & Holder
Magic: Telempathy
Everett is a mute and communicates with others theough his telepathic powers, he can read other peoples minds, "speak" to them and show them images with his mind.
Holder Magic:
He keeps an enchanted bow with him most of the time that he uses as his only means of attack and defense.

His telepathic powers only have a range of about 2 meters or 9 feet.
If he uses his powers for to long he can knock himself out or even fall into a coma like state.
His magic has almost no offensive or defensive abilities.
Since he is mute and his powers have a realtivly short range he may be unable to communicate with people who would normally be able to shout at one another.
His bow can only fire twelve arrows every 10 minutes before the bow needs to recharge.

Weapons: An enchanted bow.

Pets: A dog he named Harley

Family: Mother & Father: deceased.
Sister: Unknown

History: Everett was born mute and has never been able to speak. He learned sign language as he was growing up and was generally a good kid. His parents died in a house fire when Everett was 8 he and his younger sister was placed into an orphanage, his sister was adopted out when Everett was 9 and he hasn't heard anything about her since. When Everett was 16 he left the orphanage to look for work around Magnolia. He learned that he could use magic at 17 when he suddenly started hearing voices in his head. He learned how to control his powers. Now at 18 he has recently joined Fairy Tail in the hopes of forging a better life for himself.

Sexuality: Straight.

Crush: no one

Relationship Status: single


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Name: Eirian Zornista
Gender: female
Age: 22
Birthday: December 18
Place of Birth: Crocus
Sexuality: aromantic/asexual


Personality: Always proper and respectful, Eirian is always serious and level headed when working, she rarely gives herself time for relaxation and has little interest with creating lasting friendships. Mostly because she's never had one.

Having been raised in a Convent composing entirely of women, Eirian has very little experience with boys and has no interest in romantic relationships. She is fiercely loyal to Fairy Tail even if she comes off as aloof to her Guild mates.

Guild Rank: Normal
Mark Location & Color: white on her right hand.
Years in Guild: 2
Team(name and members): none

Type of Magic: Holder

Magic: Stellar light magic: Light of Sirius

Sirius Light: using the pure light of the star Sirius, Eirian can use Sirius Light to vanquish evil beings from an area around her.

Sirius Impact: A massive offensive spell a large pillar of star light that destroys evil and dispels dark magic.

Canis Major: Eirian can summon a massive wolf like dog out of star light.

Adara Shield: A dome like shield made of star light, cannot be breached by any form of dark magic or curse

Weapons(if there are any):

Pets: none
Family: none

History: Eirian was born in Crocus, she was abandoned by her parents and raised in a local Convent in Crocus until the age of 18.

She moved to Magnolia some time after, working as a traveling Priestess who worked to "rid the world of demons". She was rescued by members of Fairy Tail after she was injured in battle. After healing from her wounds Eirian chose to join Fairy Tail.

She spends most of her time away on jobs, continuing her work as a monster slayer.

Crush: none
Relationship Status: single

Weaknesses(at least three):

Eirian has no magic ability of her own, all of her magic power comes from her weapon and several small lacrima she has wears as jewelry.

She is almost blind in her right eye.

Aside from Adara Shield, Eirian has no defensive capabilities that can stop magic.

Other: Eirian carries several lacrima on her person, one as pendant on her necklace, the others as decoration on her clothes, or as a bracelet on her left wrist. These lacrima help to power her cast spells and use magic. Even without her weapon she can cast spells as long as she has at least one lacrima on her person.

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Age: 24
~Height: 5'6"
~Weight: 150 lbs
~Eye color: Gold
~Hair color/style: Strawberry Blonde long and wavy

Personality: kind, forgiving and discreet, with a passive, non-confrontational nature. She hates conflict, especially unnecessary conflict.

History: Hestia moved to Fiore from a distant country to the east after running away from home. She eventually moved to Magnolia after spending a long time stowing away on trains until she reached here, she lived on the streets for a while before going to Fairy Tail after someone had told her she could become a wizard there.

Magic type: Caster

~Magic: Hearth's Flame, a warm orange and golden flame that has soothing effects. Hearth's flame dose not burn people who touch it, Hestia can use it to soothe pain and/or ease people to sleep. Her flames can purify putrid water and help crops grow.

Magic mark color and location: Amber colored on her left bicep.

Team: none
Team Name: none

Years in guild: 15

Other: Hestia has black tattoo's on her forearms:

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