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message 1: by Boba (new)

Boba | 1379 comments Name: Athair Fórsa
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: September 21 1992
Place of Birth: Bellum
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: description
Personality: Athair is a rather quiet individual who knows his power so sometimes he is rather pretentious. He has a good heart though and won't attack unless put into a situation he doesn't have another option. He however enjoys a good contest with a fellow member. He tends to practice his hand to hand more than sword combat being he knows being unarmed is something to prepare for.

Guild Rank:Normal
Mark Location & Color: Purple, right side of neck.
Years in Guild: under a year
Team(name and members): works alone at the moment

Type of Magic: Lost
Magic: Vector Manipulation (wiki, http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Ve...)
Weapons(if there are any): In picture

Pets: None
Family: Lost in a encounter with a dark guild
History: Most of it his history is a mystery as he doesn't talk much and he does things alone most of the time but what is known is mostly missions involving fighting monsters and dark guild sects while looking for the ones that killed his family.

Crush: N/A
Relationship Status: Single

Weaknesses(at least three): All in the wiki
Other: His eyes are quite odd and a rare form of his power genetically being obvious. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs32/i/200...

message 2: by Boba (new)

Boba | 1379 comments Name: -漫~*'¨¯¨'*·舞~ ηασкι нιтsυgαүα ~舞*'¨¯¨'*·~漫-

Gender: мαℓε


Birthday: ησvεмвεя 21

Place of Birth: вαℓsαм

нειgнт: 5'2
ωειgнт: 135

Personality: үσυ ωαηт εxcιтεмεηт ιη ℓιғε. ℓαcк σғ ωнιcн мαкεs үσυ вσяε∂ тσ ∂εαтн. вυт үσυ ρяεтεη∂ тσ вε vεяү ∂σcιℓε, ρυяε αη∂ gυιℓεℓεss. тнιs ιs נυsт α ғαçα∂ε αs үσυ αяε ησ sнү ғσσℓ. мσσ∂ sωιηgs αяε vεяү cσммση ιη үσυ. ιη ғαcт үσυ αяε υηρяε∂ιcтαвℓε ιη ηαтυяε. ιη яεαℓιтү үσυ αяε ғιεяү тεмρεяε∂ вυт үσυ sυρρяεss үσυя εмσтισηs. үσυ αяε εvεη qυιтε cση∂εмηαтσяү. αт тιмεs үσυ sнσω εмσтισηs, α ℓιттℓε вιт σғ ραssιση αη∂ sεηsυαℓιтү вυт αs α ωнσℓε үσυ αяε vεяү cαℓcυℓαтιvε ιη ηαтυяε. үσυ σηℓү αρρяσαcн ρεσρℓε ωнεη үσυ нαvε sσмε ωσяк σтнεяωιsε үσυ αяε αℓωαүs ∂εтαcнε∂ ғяσм тнε cяσω∂.

Guild Rank: ησямαℓ υηℓεss sυsαη αρρяσvεs s-яαηк
Mark Location & Color: вεнιη∂ яιgнт εαя gℓσωιηg вℓυε
Years in Guild: 5
Team (name and members): ωσякs αℓσηε мσsт тιмεs

Type of Magic:вσтн, нε υsεs cαsтεя мαgιc ωнιℓε нιs sωσя∂ нαs α sρεcιαℓ нσℓ∂εя мαgιc cαℓℓε∂ вαηкαι
Magic: кι∂σ/∂εмση αятs, нα∂ō ғσя ∂ιяεcт αттαcкs, αη∂ вαкυ∂ō ғσя вαттℓε sυρρσят

Weaknesses: 1. нε ιs яαтнεя cσℓ∂ sσ мσsт ғεαя нιм вεcαυsε тнεү ∂ση'т υη∂εяsтαη∂ нιм. 2. нε тнιηкs vεяү ℓσgιcαℓ sσ нε σғғεη∂s ρεσρℓε σғтεη, мαкιηg тεαмs ∂ιғғιcυℓт. 3. нε ∂σεsη'т нαvε ρяαcтιcε ғιgнтιηg ιη α тεαм

Weapon Unreleased:
descriptionBlade is the same color as his eyes as is the wrapping on the hilt
Weapon Released:
Bankai: When Aura is activated with the command "Shine, Aura!" it transforms into a blade of colored light. It synchronizes repetitive sounds to frequencies which can shatter an opponent's weapon.

Family: Grandmother(unnamed)

History: ηασкι нαs ℓιvε∂ нιs ℓιғε ℓαяgεℓү αℓσηε, σηℓү нαvιηg нιs gяαη∂мσтнεя αs ғαмιℓү. нιs ηαтυяε εαяηιηg нιм вειηg cσℓ∂ αs α cнιℓ∂ нσυgн ιт ωαs вεcαυsε ιηтεℓℓιgεηcε ωιsε нε ωαs ℓεαρs αη∂ вσυη∂s ραsт нιs cℓαssмαтεs. нε ωσякε∂ нαя∂ αη∂ εvεηтυαℓℓү ∂ιscσvεяε∂ нε нα∂ α υηιqυε түρε σғ мαgιc, ωнιcн нε ηαмε∂ кι∂σ, ωнιcн мα∂ε нιs sριяιтυαℓ εηεяgү ιηтσ ρнүsιcαℓ мαgιc, ωнεтεнεя σғғεηsιvε σя ∂εғεηsιvε ωαs υρ тσ нιм, тнσυgн нε cαη υsε нιs sρεℓℓs ωιтнσυт εηcαηтαтιση, тнεү αяε ωεαкεя. нε αℓsσ ωεηт σғғ ση нιs σωη αη∂ ғσυη∂ αη σ∂∂ sεт σғ sωσя∂s, σηεs тнαт αғтεя нε нα∂ тнεм ғσя α тιмε sтαятε∂ ωнιsρεяιηg тσ нιм, αsкιηg нιм тσ яεℓεαsε тнεм ғυℓℓү тнσυgн нε кηεω ησт нσω, тнεү тσℓ∂ нιм тσ sαү тнε cσммαη∂ "υηcσιℓ" αη∂ тнεү gяεω gαυηтℓεтs αℓσηg нιs αямs, gяσωιηg σя sняιηкιηg αт нιs тнσυgнт. нε sσση ғσυη∂ нε ωαηтε∂ α ρℓαcε тσ υsε нιs мαgιc тσ нεℓρ αη∂ sσ нε נσιηε∂ ғαιяү тαιℓ, вειηg ιη тнε gυιℓ∂ 5 үεαяs αη∂ ∂σιηg נσвs σғ vαяιε∂ sσятs. нε ωση∂εяs ιғ нε ωσυℓ∂ вε cℓαssιғιε∂ αs αη s-cℓαss вυт нε ωσυℓ∂ нαvε тσ тαкε тнε εxαм тσ кησω тнαт.

Sexuality: нεтεяσsεxυαℓ

Crush: ρεянαρs мιяα, ησт sυяε

Relationship Status: sιηgℓε

Other: His eyes look like this close http://image.shutterstock.com/display...

message 3: by Boba (new)

Boba | 1379 comments

Name:Ryu Hayabusa



Birthday:June 15

Place of Birth:Hargeon

Eyes:vibrant green colouration with a slight golden hue


Personality: As a ninja, Ryu ruthlessly kills his enemies without mercy, executing them in a very cold, technical and calculative fashion. His rigorous upbringing in tandem with the many hardships and tragedies he has suffered, has forced Ryu to harden his emotions and disciplined his skills to perfection. He is undaunted by the lives he must take in order to protect the balance within the world, knowing that balance of the world is more important.

Ryu knows life following the ninja path can be both cruel and short, especially for one of the Dragon Lineage. He has already felt first hand the brutality of this life; watching Kureha, his best friend murdered right in front of his own eyes, his clan massacred and he himself killed as he tries to save his village. Ryu endures these hardships with his unstoppable will, an indomitable spirit shown in his exploits as he overcomes every challenge and obstacle, surviving even the trauma of death to return and exact his vengeance.

Though Ryu cares little for his enemies' well being, he still respects them on a warrior basis, even having mutual respect with some adversaries such as Genshin. Outside of battle, Ryu is modest and refined, he is popular among the local residents in his village. Not only as a strong role model for ninja in training, but he is heralded for being kind and gentle, as he cares for the safety of every resident in his home.

Ryu has the demeanour and wisdom of a man far older than himself, an understanding of the world around him and the balance of power within it. He ignores the pursuit of power to the dismay of his uncle Murai, showing no signs of curiosity for the dark powers that dwelled within the Dark Dragon Blade. When given a choice, he chooses to destroy it rather than consume its immense dark powers. Ryu also refused to keep its divine counterpart the True Dragon Sword, knowing this weapon's existence upsets the delicate balance of the peaceful world.[1]

Overall, Ryu's exploits have given him an attitude far removed from most others as he understands things in more abstract and philosophical terms. He adopts a tranquil nature, free flowing most of the time, but unforgiving and crushing when roused.

Guild Rank: S-Class
Mark Location & Color: Same as his eyes, right inside forearm
Years in Guild:7 months
Team (name and members):

Type of Magic:Both Caster and Holder
Magic: Caster:Hyper Velocity burst "Flash Step" is a movement technique which allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow.[3] The focal point which determines the basis of this technique is speed.
Holder:Chameleon clothing: can make their coloration blend with the coloration of their surroundings to avoid optical perception.
Weaknesses: Extended use of speed boost makes his normal movement slowed
Chameleon effect does not cover body heat
Will not accept more power as it upsets the balance

Weapons: Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang:http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/n...

Shuriken: The iconic throwing star of the ninja, this weapon is mostly used by Ryu to quickly stun enemies leaving them open to more lethal attacks.

Incendiary Shuriken: These are kunai style shuriken with grenade like explosives attached to them. The pin on the grenades part is pulled and then it is thrown, after a certain time frame this shuriken explodes. It is effective on large slow enemies and bosses.

Windmill Shuriken: A large foldable shuriken that acts similar to a boomerang returning to its thrower, it is folded attached to a holder on the forearm when not in use. This unique weapon of the Hayabusa clan is passed down the generations within the clan. It makes the 3rd most appearances in the Ninja Gaiden series after the Shuriken and the Dragon Sword.

Smoke Bomb: Not so much a weapon but a distraction tool used by the ninja to throw off enemies. Enemies with high sensory perception are immune to smoke bombs.

Grappling Hook

Family:Jô Hayabusa (Father)
Murai (Maternal Uncle)

History: The son of Jô Hayabusa, Ryu was born into the Dragon Lineage legacy; as required, he would be trained from childhood to walk the path of a ninja, a way of life plagued with danger, pain and sorrow.

As a child Ryu learned many crucial survival skills under the guidance and watchful eye of Omitsu, the caretaker of the Hayabusa clan's children. Under Omitsu's care Ryu quickly befriended Kureha and the two became inseparable. Training intensified as he grew older, adapting to these difficulties, Ryu quickly excelled among his peers, becoming one of the clan's top students. His skill would earn him the right to bear the name Hayabusa as his own, mastering many ninja skills, to the delight of his father.

As Ryu grew into a strong young ninja, his best friend Kureha became a Shrine Maiden. Growing up, he befriended many other members of his clan, including the veteran who fought beside his father Genjiro, Kureha's younger sister Momiji , and his uncle from his mother's side Murai, who left the clan under unknown circumstances to establish his own rogue ninja clan. He joined a dark guild soon after the rogue clan killed all of his family and clan, including leaving him to bleed out which impressed the dark guild he found after roaming. He made a name for himself in the guild, being coldly efficient in killing the guilds enemies but when they began doing honorless things he wouldn't be a part of it and left, having to kill a few guildmates who said he have to die to leave. He went into Fairy tail as it had reputation for being a good place. They accepted him on the condition he would keep from killing which he does most of the time unless he feels balance demands him to do so.



Relationship Status:Single but would be hard to interest

Other: Ryu does not speak much, even to guildmates as most know he has plenty of blood on his hands.

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