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Dominic | 135 comments I'm currently reading it; so awesome! Kathy Reichs is amazing!

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter | 2595 comments Mod
Me too!! I'm on the Exposure (Book#4), its SO good. Kathy Reichs is such a good writer.

Dominic | 135 comments Danm! I haven't even gotten to reading Seizure! I love Kathy Reichs!

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter | 2595 comments Mod
I know!! I love her writing it's so good. And her "teenage perspective" couldn't be more right! At least for me. I think the exact same way... for most part. I love Tory and the gang. Hi (Hiram) is so funny!! Shelton is so awesome, love his hacking skills. Ben is cool too, but Tory is definitely my favorite! And Coop! Can't forget Copper, he's so amazing and cute!

Dominic | 135 comments I know right! I love Hiram! And Cooper is just adorable!

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter | 2595 comments Mod
What book are you on? Coop is so awesome, he is truly Tori's hero.

Dominic | 135 comments I'm on Seizure, I've only read the first one, but my sister is by Exposure :D And yes, Coop is awesome, I really loved him!

Dominic | 135 comments I'm actually friends with Kathy Reichs here on Goodreads!

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Cool!!! I friend almost all my favorite authors just so I can stalk them.... Hehehe

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