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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments 1. I like the tension between Maester Luwin and Catelyn when he gingerly asks for her attention on the finances, but all she has energy for is obsessing over Bran. There is no steward left to do these things for her; she must take responsibility, but she can't emotionally handle it right now, and it's been over a week. And I like how Robb takes over for her, being only 14. It is good practice for him, anyhow.

2. She is so wishy-washy with Ned leaving. Now she wants him to stay, for Bran. Her heart is in a tumult.

3. Also like how Robb reminds her that Rickon needs her, too. She can't neglect her other children, too. The poor boy is only 14, and it's a strength to admit he needs help running the castle, especially in this kind of world where men must be strong. It's her job to help him, after all. Ned told her to help him.

4. The howling is too much for her and she falls over. Probably because of her lack of sleep; it's hurting her head, and she's going delusional, it seems.

5. It's the library tower that's on fire. All those books...now gone up in flame. It's a good thing then that Tyrion took off with the rare volumes before he left!

6. Ironic, when all the rest of the castle has gone raucous over the fire, the direwolves have gone silent.

7. Amazing how bravely she fights the mystery man, like awakening protective mama bear.

8. Also love how Catelyn whispers, "thank you" to Bran's wolf for saving her son, and her. And how it licked clean away the blood on her hand. :) And then she laughs hysterically, lol.

9. Finally she sleeps, and it takes four days for her to resurface. Much needed sleep. And she feels "resolute, as if a great weight had lifted from her." She is ashamed of herself and promises she won't do it again. See here, she CAN adapt. I like Catelyn for this.

10. There's been talk Hodor's been acting queer of late. Interesting...

11. So it works out that Catelyn was madden with grief; it saved her son's life when she wouldn't leave his side. Everything happens for a reason!

12. Catelyn is not stupid. She figured out someone wanted Bran killed because he knows something; not because it would be a mercy. Note this isn't paranoia anymore, but a real threat to be dealt with. Already her mind is thinking clearly. She is a strong female character, in my opinion.

13. Forgot the blade was Valyrian steel, and dragonbone hilt. Wouldn't that shatter her finger bones, then?

14. Amazing how quickly she figures it out, about Jaime, that Bran was pushed.

15. Ser Rodrik is wise when he says: "Never draw your sword unless you mean to use it." Sounds like something Ned would say.

16. Robb is trying to be a man, but the master-at-arms makes him feel like a child, whereas his own mother is giving him a chance to prove he's grown up - by letting him choose where to put the guards and the right to wear armor and hold a sword. I like that about her. She doesn't want to make him look weak by being too much of an influence. I imagine most mothers would get in the way, especially for their first born sons!

17. "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell." There it is again; even Catelyn says it. It sounds noble, but could it mean more?

18. Interesting the use of color in the three men described: Ser Rodrik with his great white whiskers, Maester Luwin in his grey robes, and young Greyjoy, lean and dark and impetuous. *SPOILERS FOR LATER CHAPTERS AND BOOK 2 IN ASOIAF* (view spoiler)

19. Love also how Catelyn now realizes there's nothing else she can do for Bran but to do her duty to her family, which means leaving Winterfell.

Clara I do think this chapter really shows how a person full with grief can act. Her son is dying (at least unconscious), her husband is gone and she feels she got her wish. Also, you can really tell how much she loves Bran. I do think she would have stay all those nights awake for any of her children, but it makes me think that she has a special connection with Bran (remembering how badly she wanted him to stay).

I really like how bravely she fights, like you said. And how Robb is growing, he is doing a pretty good job I have to say.

And about your point 17, I do think it has a meaning. It is mention a lot in the books, so I bet it means something.

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