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Hands of Fate (Book of Kayal, #1)
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Book Chat > Would anyone by any chance be interested in reviewing a fantasy book?

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S. Nileson | 53 comments Pm me and I'll send a free copy your way!

I'd love to hear your impressions about the ideas of the book, it mainly explores isolation vs. collectivism and some other minor topics such as religious brain washing and gender prejudice... it's weird for a fantasy book, I know.

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S. Nileson | 53 comments I always have the problem of getting excited about writing new books while still working on an unfinished one. Not sure if this helps or not!

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C. Coleman (kiousfedra) | 18 comments I'd really appreciate it if those reading The Dragon Ring by C. Craig Coleman would leave a review on Amazon as well. Amazon won't even recognize a book for promotion until it gets 50 reviews. There were nearly 4,500 free Kindle downloads in a late January promotion, but only three readers posted reviews. Please support authors by reviewing their books especially when they have given it to you for free.
Thank you.
C. Craig Coleman

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