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A Few Unanswered Questions...

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Dylanmccubbin I have to read this book for summer reading, and I am stumped on a few questions. It is due in 2 weeks so I need answers ASAP. Any help is supported and appreciated.

1)Is Jasper a sociopath like his father? Why or why not?

2)What is the meaning behind Billy calling looking for a victim “prospecting”?

3)How do you think being raised by Gramma Dent affected Billy? What about Jasper?

4)Why does Jazz have to keep repeating “People are real. People Matter”? Do you think it helps or harms?

5)Why do you think G. William initially didn’t want to believe the murders were being committed by a serial killer?

6)What is the symbolism behind the high school play being “The Crucible”?

7)What do you think was the significance of the severed fingers?

8)Why was Jazz so concerned with keeping up appearances in regards to Gramma Dent?

9)Why do you think Howie has remained Jasper’s friend for so long?

Anything helps.

Kayti Raet Read the book and you'll find out.

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