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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Haight | 22 comments Forgive me if posting a preview link is bad karma - I know that you guys are well-versed in what Kickstarter projects get funded and I would really appreciate your insight on my crowdfunding effort for my sci-fi book series.
The Flotilla Kickstarter is designed to help me connect my book series with the larger reading/sci-fi community by funding some concept art and PR efforts when I release my book in November. Would you mind telling me whether this project, in its current form is supportable? Shareable?
I've done crowdfunding efforts in the past - I'm not always the best judge of what people will support so I would appreciate your feedback and thoughts about my work thus far - here is the preview link:
Thank you!
Best wishes,

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Haight | 22 comments Hi there!
I appreciate your feedback on my kickstarter from a few days ago. I've made some updates and improvements. Before I go live, would you mind giving it a pre-launch check?
Link is right here:
Thanks so much!
Best wishes, ~ScH

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