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Kaitlyn | 678 comments This is where I'll post the characters of people who've left the group. Then you can claim them!

Female: Daniella Dominus, Jessalyn Pridie, Florence McLeich, Meredith Amber Canberwell, Lacey Cassandra Ponselby, Marci Lythe

Male: Jack Elijah Thorne

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Kaitlyn | 678 comments Daniella Dominus

Pure Blood


5th year


5"6, pale skin and long, straight dark brown hair which is cut off in a straight line. She has blue eyes which sometimes appear grey depending on her mood. She has a silver snake pendant which she always wears as it was given to her by her mother for her 13th birthday. She is intelligent but not nerdy.

Daniella is classy, calm and generally a likeable person; but is snobby towards people she doesn't like. She has a large group of admirers but a small group of friends.

She excels at Potions and History of magic and is usually found in the library. Daniella is also good with a wand and would be a powerful apponent in a duel.

She has a huge fear of failing since she comes from a long and famous line of pure bloods.

Daniella has a brother, Edmund, who is 12, and her parents are Morgan and Frederick Dominus. She has a silver tabby cat called Talon who follows her everywhere.

Her wand is elm and dragon heartstring, 11 1/2 inches and flexible.

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Kaitlyn | 678 comments Name Jessalynn Pridie- Jess
Gender Female
Age 16
Year 6th
House Slytherin
Blood-status pure-blood

Appearance Jess is a Caucasian female. She is 4'11 and has shoulder length dirty blonde hair that she always wears loose. She has beautiful hazel eyes with golden flecks and a scar that you can barely se unless you are standing nose to nose to her on her left eye. She has a mostly slim figure but unfortunately she has some belly fat she hides with robes and cloaks. She bites her nails all the time which can give them an unhealthy look especially around the cuticles which can be pink and sometimes bloody. When she's not in her school wizard robes her favorite outfit is jeans a plain silver shirt black boots a black jacket and a black wolf pendant on a silver chain. She also wears an old family heirloom a black bracelet with a blue topaz in the center.

Personality Jess likes making friends but can sometimes finds it hard because it sometimes seems she doesn't fit in with her own house and a lot of people outside her house think all slytherins are evil people who don't deserve to go to school. Despite all that she still tries to make friends both in and outside her house. She can at times seem socially awkward but it's because of her lack of socialization at a young age. She studies hard which is another reason she finds it hard to make friends because it always seems that she is busy studying while other people are hanging out and meeting new people. Like most slytherins she is cunning she gets exactly what she wants when she wants. She uses her cunning to get the people she doesn't like in trouble without getting in trouble herself. Jess's favorite things are getting high grades, qudditch, getting people she doesn't like in trouble. Jess is an overachiever she feels the need to prove to everyone that she belongs in the school, to prove to the people who put her in the muggle orphanage that they were wrong. This can sometimes get out of hand especially when she fails, then she'll find somewhere private and then yell at herself and put herself down when no one is watching. She has a definitive soft spot for the younger students as they tend to remind her of her when she was their age.

History Jess was born on a cold winters night to a pure blood couple. She had everything a child could want clothes, toys, a broom it was the perfect life until the day her parents died. Jess's parents died in an appariation accident when they were going to a high society party when Jess was only six years old. Her parents greedy friends wanted the family fortune all to themselves and so to cover up their greediness they took away the heir to family fortune. Everyone thought she was a squib so they used that as an excuse to send her to a muggle orphanage. They said she would so much happier among the dirty rotten muggles then with the rest of the wizarding world. She was soon she adopted by a muggle couple..Her adoptive parents were nice for the most part until they found out she had magic two years later then her adoptive parents threw her on the streets because she was a freak. After three years of fending for herself on the streets she got her Hogwarts acceptance letter and found out that she came from a rich pure blood family. Jess blames her parents for leaving her and her parents friends for sending her to a muggle orphanage.


Jesse Pridie- Father- Deceased
Meredith Pridie- Mother- Deceased

Whatever you find relevant for your character

Jess has a black cat whose name is Ebony
Jess's wand is 12 3/4th inch laurel wood core pheonix feather rigid

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Kaitlyn | 678 comments Name: Jack Elijah Thorne

Age: 16

Year: 6th

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

House: Slytherin

Appearance: ((Find a face claim and write a description!))

Personality: If you could choose one word to describe Jack it would be arrogant. He thinks way to highly of himself and his powers forgetting that even he has weaknesses. He has a cocky I can do anything I want sort of attitude but if you really get to know him you'll find that he can actually be nice and sincere. Though he will probably still crack a lot of jokes at your expense. If you get to know him extremely well you'll find that he is extremely loyal and will die for the people he cares about

History: Jack grew up not knowing his mother. She died while giving birth to him and not even magic could save her. His father was devastated, he had lived his mother very much. Jacks father unfortunately blamed Jack and so he pretty much ignored Jack for most/all of his childhood years. Jack got his letter to hogwarts and was very happy because it meant he could actually talk to people.

((Sorry the history sucks I know ><))

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Kaitlyn | 678 comments Florence McLeich




4th year

5"8 and slim with pale skin and is quite pretty. she has blue eyes with dark eyelashes, an upturned nose, and a small scar on her left hand. Her hair is long, wavy, and auburn and she always wears it in a high ponytail.

Florence is good at nearly everything and is extremely smart even without studying, which she hardly ever does. For this reason she is admired and envied by many although they do not necessarily like her because she is snobbish and cold towards those she doesn't like (a lot of people). she cares a lot about her appearance. Florence is also popular and has a large group of friends. she can be mischievous at times and often charms other students for a laugh, although she rarely gets caught by the teachers. Being a redhead, she has a bit of a bad temper and will always come out tops in an argument as she always finds a witty comeback. She is a good quidditch player.

She likes Charms classes, visits to Diagon Alley, and playing quidditch.

Florence dislikes losing, people who can't take a joke, and nicknames.

Her strengths are wandwork and Charms especially. She is also a talented and convincing speaker.

Florence's weakness is that she has a lot of prejudices about people, most of which are not true.

During the holidays Florence has a job at Madam Malkin's. She likes to spend her money at Flourish and Blotts or buying new dress robes and quidditch supplies. Her prize possession is an expensive dark blue feathered quill with a crystal ink pot.

Her pet owl is called Benedict and she also has a horse which she uses for playing a variation of polo. She has a younger sister Felicity and her parents are Dominic and Lisanna McLeich.

Florence's family is relatively wealthy and they live in a large house in the country. It has been passed down four generations so it has many unexpected surprises hidden in strange places. The scar Florence has on her hand was from when her sister's owl scratched her. The McLeiches, an old wizarding family, have attended Hogwarts for four generations and before that they lived in Ireland.

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Kaitlyn | 678 comments Meredith Amber Canberwell

Age: 15

Year: 5th year

Blood status: Pureblood

House: Gryffindor

Appearance: Meredith has long and wavy strawberry blond hair which appears to have a rosy tint in the sunlight. She wears it either down, in a bun or two French plaits. Her skin is fairly pale and she is 5"7 and slim, but not skinny. Meredith's eyes are green and she has long dark eyelashes despite the light colour of her hair. Due to the difficult colour of her hair, she mainly wears the colours mint, white, pale grey and pale blue.

(this but with lighter hair and eyes- It's so hard to find the perfect representation!) http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing...

Personality: Meredith is a fun-loving girl whose emotions are always easy to read as she is not afraid to say and show what she thinks. Her bubbly and bright personality brings out the best in people. She is intelligent and sporty and sometimes plays practical jokes on people, but she never takes it too far. She is a loyal friend and is beautiful inside as well as out.

Like/strengths: She likes gymnastics even though her family looks down on this as a muggle activity, and she is extremely flexible. Meredith also enjoys playing Quidditch as a beater. She enjoys Potions and Herbology classes and excels at them. She also like walking around the Hogwarts grounds and is adept at wandwork.

Dislikes/weaknesses: Meredith dislike History of Magic classes, being lied to, and snobs. She has fear of dogs.

History: she is nicknamed Bubbles by her family, a pet name she is embarrassed by. Meredith practises gymnastics every day outside in Hogwarts where no one can see her and even though she is a friendly person she sometimes finds a secluded spot to listen to music alone.

Family: Meredith's parents are Morgana and Arthur Canberwell. Her sister Joanna is in her first year and looks likes a miniature version of her sister, but with brown eyes.

Other: Meredith's Amortentia smells like green apples and cinnamon. Her wand is made out of beech, has a unicorn hair core and is 10 1/2 inches and springy. She has a pet snowy owl named Alpha and her patronus is a horse.

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Kaitlyn | 678 comments Lacey Cassandra Ponselby

Age: 15

Year: 6th year

Blood status: Half-blood

House: Ravenclaw (the Sorting Hat considered Hufflepuff)

Appearance: Lacey is 5"7 and slim. She always wears dresses when she isn't in her Hogwarts uniform and she has a scar on her right forearm. See picture- http://i59.tinypic.com/2hfur02.png

Personality: Lacey is generally quite, and secretly a bit of a genius. She doesn't talk much about herself and her home life so nobody knows much about her except her friends. Once someone makes the effort to get to know her, though, she will be very open with them and is a great friend that will always be there for that person. Lacey is easy to be around and sweet. She is unexpectedly humorous, with a skill for sensing what others' emotions are. She is very tactful and has a lot of common sense.

Likes/strengths: Lacey is incredibly skilled at wandwork, one of the best in her year. Since she has a powerful wand it took a lot of practice for her to be able to work with it. Lacey likes to sit by herself in her favourite corner of the Library, and also enjoys visiting Hogsmeade, which is where she is usually found. She always has a small paper bag of lemon lizards in her pocket, her favourite sweet from Honeydukes. Lacey's favourite flower is a white rose, and she always has a fresh bunch of them beside her bed. She is great at chess and secretly enjoys romance novels.

Dislikes/weaknesses: Lacey is terrible at quidditch. She is afraid of her family dying and her not being able to save them, and she dislikes people who pretend to be something they're not.

History: The scar Lacey has on her arm was from when she was thirteen and fell off her broomstick playing quidditch. Since then she has never attempted to play the game again. She becomes incredibly shy around her crush (don't know who this might be yet) and somehow always ends up looking stupid and doing clumsy things when she is around him. Lacey has liked him since she was in third year but has never told anyone.

Family: Her parents are Douglas and Elizabeth Ponselby. She has an older sister Daisy who is nineteen and a younger sister Dayna who is twelve. Her mother is a muggle.

Other: Lacey has a pet owl called Toadbeak, named for his favourite food. See picture- http://www.forestry.gov.uk/images/eng... Her Amortentia smells like lemon lizards, freshly baked bread, paper, and roses.

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Kaitlyn | 678 comments Name: Marci M. Lythe
Age: 13
Year: 3
House: Ravenclaw
Appearance: Long red that hangs right down the middle of her back. Her hair is always in a neat braid. She has baby blue eyes, with freckles scattered all over her face. She has long and slender fingers and long legs. She is super skinny with milky skin. She stands about five foot two. While not in school robes she wears shorts over leggings, with a blue hoody.

Personality: Marci is a bit of an oddball. She doesn’t fit into any particular group, nor does she have any particular interests. Her mind is a colorful world, inspired by connections with friends and new knowledge. She loves reinventing and experimenting with both herself and new perspectives. This creates a sense of spontaneity, making Marci seem unpredictable, even to her close friends and loved ones. Despite all this, she is definitely an introvert, surprising her friends further when she steps out of the spotlight to be by herself to recharge. This is when she takes time to think. Rather than dwelling on the past or the future, Marci thinks about who she is constantly. She lives to find ways to push her passions. She also enjoys connecting with others, and has a certain irresistible charm. She always knows just the complement to soften a person that's getting ready to call her risks irresponsible or reckless. However, if a criticism does get through, it can end poorly. Marci can handle kindly phrased commentary, valuing it as another perspective to help push her in new directions. But if the comments are more biting and less mature, she loses her temper in spectacular fashion.

Strengths: Flexibility, charm, creativity.

Weaknesses: Lack of stability, recklessness, need for freedom.

History: Marci comes from a bit of a dysfunctional family. At age two, Marci's mother died after her younger brother was born, leaving her with just her father to raise her. After her mother passed her father married a witch named Courtney. Her dad and Courtney had two boys. Marci protects her younger half-brothers because family is family, and she feels a strong need to protect them. They prank each other once in awhile just for a little fun. Marci, is always the one who has to watch the younger two because her dad is always out searching for a job, and Courtney is hanging out with friends. They are a bit of a lower class family, her father having issues holding down a proper job for very long, and Courtney working at the Three Broomsticks. She kind of resents her father and Courtney, just a little though. She knows that they have made some mistakes and done thinks that they are not proud of, but she still loves them in the end. Her mother was a witch, that worked for the Ministry of Magic. This seems to have passed down to her daughter, who has always done above average in Divination. It is probable that she’ll strive to be a part of the Department of Mysteries. Throughout her career as a student at Hogwarts, she has been known to be a bit of a trouble maker, constantly seeking out secret passages and speaking with the more seedy ghosts. She also has shown a bit of talent in Care of Magical Creatures, a class which she thoroughly adores.

May C. Lythe ( Mom-Deceased)
Max M. Frim (Dad)
Courtney Z. Malesh (Step-mom)
Tristain N. Frim (Step-brother)
Ash L. Frim (Step-brother)

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