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Trinity | 803 comments Mod
Here's another opportunity for a read for review for us, A Beautiful Black. A big thank you to Luke West for allowing us to review it!

Anyone wanting to sign up just do so here and Mr. West will be in contact with you. Just remember reviews are due by the end on the month.

Meet Eric. He is a seventeen-year-old loner who finds joy in the colour black. 

In Eric's life, bullying and suicidal thoughts are washed down with a daily dose of over the counter medication. He doesn’t want to die, but can’t stand life at home with his overweight, abusive mother, and drunk and disorderly stepfather - who has a passion for applying bruises - for a moment longer. Thankfully his brother, Ethel, will be home in 16 days to rescue him from Grey Hills – the town with a population of around a thousand. He can’t wait to eat popcorn and view the car accident footage the two of them recorded to watch on replay each Friday night. 

Eric notices the unusual things in life; metal rods that help shape an umbrella, and a small stain on the bedroom carpet fibers just to name a couple. He doesn't like folding washing but does enjoy the random gold coin that appears mysteriously each morning. Eric knows his individualism doesn't exactly make him popular among the town’s people, but has never really understood their hatred towards him. That is until he is introduced to a unique character that may understand his unfortunate existence more than he does. 

A Beautiful Black is a dark, poetic, misunderstood story that will leave your heart fluttering and cheeks blushing into the early hours of the morning. A book for the different people in this world. A book for the people who don’t have the luxury of calling someone a friend. A book to change the way you look at the world and the people living in it. 

message 2: by Luke (new)

Luke West (obscureimagination) | 7 comments Hi everybody, thank you for welcoming me into this group. Would anybody like to review my new book for me? :)

Gills Muir | 36 comments I would like to read and review it please.

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
I would as well!

message 5: by Luke (new)

Luke West (obscureimagination) | 7 comments Thank you so much guys, this is really appreciated. If you leave your email below I can flick over a PDF. Alternatively if you sign up to my newsletter (, I can send you a copy direct from the kindle store, whichever is easier for you :D thanks so much again!!

Trinity | 803 comments Mod

message 7: by Luke (new)

Luke West (obscureimagination) | 7 comments Thanks! Will send that over

Gills Muir | 36 comments I signed up to the mailing list

Gills Muir | 36 comments I signed up to the mailing list

message 10: by Luke (new)

Luke West (obscureimagination) | 7 comments Thanks so much! Will get that to you asap :)

Gills Muir | 36 comments Hi Luke I haven't received the book yet. Should it just show up on my Kindle? Did I send you the correct e-mail extension it should be not


message 12: by Luke (new)

Luke West (obscureimagination) | 7 comments Hi Gills, sorry about this, I think I sent it to the one…I will be sure to send over the corrected file to your email address now. Thanks :D

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
I am finding the PDF difficult to keep up with. I am trying to get through it but I keep loosing my place and getting frustrated. May be a bit late on my review.

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
I finished the novel and posted a review. Thanks for the opportunity to read it. It was really interesting.

message 15: by Luke (new)

Luke West (obscureimagination) | 7 comments Thank you so much Trinity! I really appreciate your review and the assistance you have given me in this group. Means the world!

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
Not a problem. Happy to do it.

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