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what mental disorder do you think thomas was suffering from

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Monica Shoshanna It said in the book that he could have bipolar but I recon he had paranoid schizophrenia. also how comes thomas doesn't get better or resume a normal life eventually? most people with mental illness can recover.

Dramapuppy I believe bipolar disorder can cause paranoid delusions, or maybe it is just linked to schizophrenia? I don't know, but I do know that bipolar disorder can somehow lead to delusions.

Recovery all depends on the medical facility and also personal circumstances. The trauma with the elephants might have made it too hard for him to recover.

Are we sure he won't get better eventually? Sometimes medical journeys take time. Treatments for bipolar disorder kind of suck right now. We don't really understand it and sometimes the only thing you can do is a brain operation, which can be dangerous and lead to memory loss.

Monica Shoshanna Yeah that's true. Good answer. I kind of felt a bit sorry for Thomas. It wasn't really his fault he was ill plus it must be awful being cheated on and then have your child die. Plus all the trauma with the elephants must have been hard too.

Dramapuppy Thanks. I agree; Thomas's story was really sad. Although I didn't like him much to begin with.

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