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Post all Canon Character templates here. This is the basic Template:
Name (required)
Gender (required if we can't figure it out from name)
Personality (optional)
Likes & Dislikes (optional)
Rank (Required. Ex: Genin, chunin, Jonin, Hokage etc)
Appearance (optional)
History (Family, life etc optional)
Village (required)
Weapons (optional)
Chakra element/ Jutsu's (optional)
Fears/Weakness/Strengths (optional)
Other (optional)

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Okay XP Im going to bed now, so ill check her out tomorrow ok? Night!!

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"i never go back on my word. that is my nindo. my ninja way."
naruto uzumaki - 16 - genin - team 7

naruto has been determined to bring back his team mate saskue
since he left on account of vengeance for his brothers mutilation
of his clan. this drive has made naruto push himself to the limit
and often he excels in whatever he has put his mind to. you'll
never meet anyone more determined than naruto.

naruto was shunned as a child and because of this he felt a huge
sense of neglect from the villagers of the leaf. he was assigned
to team 7 where his crush sakura was his partner. his overall
relationship with other teammate, uchiha clan member Saskue was a
constant competition. as to wether or not it was healthy is unknown.

when naruto was young the fifth homage sealed away the nine tailed
fox within naruto in hope it would contain the beast and end the
destruction it caused. because of this he was shunned by the members of the leaf village. he doesn't want to rely on the the power of
the nine tails within him because he knows how dangerous it is and
how much pain it can inflict not only to himself but to others. he
doesn't want to hurt people.


naruto is often brash when it comes to situations
pertaining members of the leaf village. his sense of sensibility
sometimes extends itself into a drive to keep all of whom he cares
for safe.


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