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message 1: by Daniel (last edited Aug 11, 2015 07:57AM) (new)

Daniel Haight | 3 comments Forgive me if posting a preview link is bad karma - I know that you guys are well-versed in what Kickstarter projects get funded and I would really appreciate your insight on my crowdfunding effort for my sci-fi book series.
The Flotilla Kickstarter is designed to help me connect my book series with the larger reading/sci-fi community by funding some concept art and PR efforts when I release my book in November. Would you mind telling me whether this project, in its current form is supportable? Shareable?
I've done crowdfunding efforts in the past - I'm not always the best judge of what people will support so I would appreciate your feedback and thoughts about my work thus far - here is the preview link:
Thank you!
Best wishes,

Edit: Wrong link, sorry about that guys I was having some technical difficulties. Try this link

message 2: by Walter (new)

Walter Daniels (FBNGroup) | 1 comments Seems good, but Clarke and authors like him, were not my favorites. I didn't, and still don't care for his views of "Humanity." He wasn't quire a "message is everything" type, but could be. Rendezvous with Rama, is, to me, "The novel that wouldn't die." (Just like Jordan's "Wheel of Time.") It often seemed that people were an "oh, by the way,"

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