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Ruth | 20 comments Awesome :) got a type you wanna do?

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Um teen romance?

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Ruth | 20 comments Yeah sure :D summer or over school?

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Ooh summers more interesting

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Ruth | 20 comments Okay awesome :D should they already know each other, or should like one of them be new to the neighborhood? Also do you wanna be the girl or guy?

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One of them be new. And ill be girl

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Ruth | 20 comments Hey sorry I took a while. And okay that sounds good. Wanna make characters?

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Yeah both?

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Ruth | 20 comments Yeah I'll make mine in just a sec, I've just gotta fix lunch first lol

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First Name: Zoey

Middle Name: Ann

Last Name: Mason

Age: 15


History: Zoey grew up in a rich family. She was born in New York and has lived there her whole life. She has an older brother and a younger brother. Her dad is a producer and mom is a model. There barley there but they do lover her. She lived with here brothers and a nanny.

Hometown: New York, New York

Personality: Zoey is a vary girly girl. Can be vary bratty at times, but other times shes an angel. She will speak her mined. She loves fashion and she could care less bout what anyone else says. And hates being told no.

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Ruth | 20 comments Name: Joshua (Josh) Trevor
Age: Fifteen

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((Love it you set the seen?))

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Ruth | 20 comments ((Sure))

Josh was finally done helping his family haul boxes, and went outside before he could be grabbed to help unpack. He started to walk down the street, checking it out. This neighborhood definitely seemed a lot nicer than their last one.

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Zoey walked out of her frount door, on the phone with jer best friend. "Yeah Em.... okay..... yos ill see you later.... bue sweetheart." She said and hung up she was looking down at her phone when she ran into someone, (Josh) "oof." She said and looked up and saw him he was..... hot.

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((Your turn))

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Ruth | 20 comments ((Crap! I'm so sorry!))

"Woah," Josh said when someone ran into him. He hadn't been watching where he was going when he was walking. He took a step back. "You alright?" The girl was kind of cute.

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"Oh... um... huh?" She said not remembering how to speak.

((Sorry this didnt come up on my notes.))

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((You still there?))

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