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Sönïa Dhillion Sönïa Aug 09, 2015 05:51AM
Please help end the insanity Melina had post a thread on goodreads for the in search of a book with this descriptions ⤵

about 4 years ago (I don't know when it was published) I read a historical novel about a second chance romance. The heroine of the book was once a very spoiled brat who thought that was in love with the man her sister loved. She slept with the hero and then accused him of raping her to gain the attention of the other man but when her family found out she was disowned (all this I think happens in the book before the one I am searching). After years of hardship and realising her mistakes the heroine is a changed woman who lives and works as a nurse to a monastery during a war (she is helping the nuns but she might not be exactly a nurse). The hero is brought injured and he is temporarily blind or his eyes are covered due to his injury (I don't really remember). She realises who he is but doesn't tell him because she is ashamed of what she did. The hero slowly fall in love with the woman who nurses him without realising that it is the girl he hates. Something else I remember is that the heroine was pregnant with the hero's child when she got disowned without knowing, she gave birth under poor conditions and the child died. The hero is also a lord of some kind and good friend of her sister.That's all I remember, I hope there is someone who knows what I am talking about, I've been searching for this book for ages. Thanks for the help!

So look folks please help us everyone who has read the thread are interested in book and now there is a mad house of folk hopelessly looking for this book. I have read review on this book but no one is mentioning the twist clearly maybe fearing they don't want to spoil the book . But if no one states the twist we want find out if its the same book.

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Sönïa, Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros is not the book that you have described. Good luck in your continued search.

sry i don't know......but i would like to read it too

So the book was found a while ago. It's Love Comes Blindly by Marie Higgins.

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