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Ian | 3029 comments Mod
And to get you going on the Blogs front:

What do you recommend?
Feel free to post your own


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Ian | 3029 comments Mod
Hi, my name is David and I live in Barnstaple.
I have read the catcher in the Rye (for disaffected / alienated youth), and existentialist books The outsider by Camus and crime pasionnel by Satre. I know have started to try a different approach to spoiled identity by currently reading the joke by postmodernist Milan Kundera.
As I have a mental health problem Schizophrenia) I hope to write a book on my experiences. Here is a blog of my writings on the subject (experiential as opposed to phenomenological)

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Ian | 3029 comments Mod
One of the things I love about this network is the diversity of writers who we connect with. Among these are the bloggers who write so passionately about the books and topics that fascinate them.

Earlier in the week I was talking with Devon - based writer, Rebecca Craft about her brand new blog series, Meatless Britain, which explores what it means to be vegetarian in the UK in 2019 whilst also addressing the current global issues. It seeks to challenge the status quo that eating meat is ‘normal’, ‘necessary’ and ‘natural’ and draws upon the five arguments for vegetarianism from US lecturer Dr Stephens’ paper (1994).

Published on ‘The Little Veggie Kitchen’, new posts will be available on a Monday – tying in with the Twitter campaign #MeatlessMonday!

The Little Veggie Kitchen offers vegetarian and vegan recipes and reviews. It’s meatless made easy. You can find it here

I'd love to hear what you think of this blog (or other blogs you follow) and also for other bloggers to contact me

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