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message 1: by Huntress, Hell's Holster (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 347 comments Mod
Huntress, active 9/10 scale, with two previous modding experiences and I'm not sure whether you meant how many human/demons I have or whether I want to be a human/Demon mod but I have two of each and would like to be a Human Mod.

My ideas for the group include:
Including Angels as a resistance force
A Demon group activity invading the gates of heaven.
A Human coming of age ceremony to try and be blessed by angels.

I have more ideas coming but that's it for now.

message 2: by Scarlett, Satan's Soliciter (new)

Scarlett | 134 comments Mod
Sorry it took so long to get back. I was waiting to see if anybody else would apply, but it's seems not so congratulations you're now a mod!

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