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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. short story possibly by stephen king man finds out hes a character in a book. [s]

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message 1: by Kitty (new)

Kitty | 316 comments I am pretty sure I read this in one of Stephen King's collections of short stories in high school possibly around 1995 or 1996.

The main character is a detective who meets the guy who created him. then(view spoiler)

message 2: by Kit★ (new)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 138 comments I think it's "Umney's Last Case" from the Nightmares And Dreamscapes collection.

message 3: by Kitty (new)

Kitty | 316 comments So i went and dug up my copy of nightmares and dreamscape ill read the story you suggested and see. Inwill know by tomorrow for sure. Hopefully i remember to post here.

message 4: by Kitty (new)

Kitty | 316 comments yup thats it, i am moving this to solved.

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