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Lori (lorilovesbooks) | 350 comments

We are pleased to have New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author J.A. Redmerski with us for a Q&A. Best known for The Edge of Never, Killing Sarai, and Song of the Fireflies,. She will soon to be releasing The Moment of Letting Go. Leave your questions below.

Brandy Roberts This is so cool im such a huge fan I love how your stories have a lot of emotion and me as a reader i like when authors do that. my question is were do you get your inspiration to write such amazing characters and story lines ? :)

Shannon What has been the most amazing part of being an author?

Jessica Zelkovich | 120 comments When you begin writing a new books, are you one who plots out the storyline in advance or does it flow as your characters develop? Do you know the ending but perhaps not the middle? What about any lessons you want your reader or characters to learn along the way, do you already have those lined up?

Jessica Zelkovich | 120 comments What books are currently on your nightstand on the top of your TBR list?

Brenna (brennaleigh) | 62 comments When you wrote the Edge of Never, did you know right away that it would be a two book series? Or did it just evolve as you were writing?

Shameca Smith  (mecavulnerable) Do you ever look back on one of your books and think "wow, I should've changed that" or are you pretty set in stone with what you have? :)

LeAnn (leannelizabeth) Who has been your favorite character to write so far and why?

Jamie | 27 comments Are any of your characters based off people in your real life?

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Lillian | 2 comments What are you working on now?

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Lillian | 2 comments How long does it usually take you to write a book? Is one genre easier to write than the other?

Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments Hi , we are very excited to have you with us this week. I have 2 questions, firstly where did the catching a greyhound bus idea come from? Did you just see 1 and get inspiration or have you made long journeys on coaches like this yourself and that gave you the idea?

2ndly any chance you will be coming to any signings in the UK? I know there a few big ones in 2016 be great if you could come :)

Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments J.A. wrote: "Nicola wrote: "Hi , we are very excited to have you with us this week. I have 2 questions, firstly where did the catching a greyhound bus idea come from? Did you just see 1 and get inspiration or h..."

Oh I will be reading it as soon as it's out. I added it to my TBR earlier :) Thank you for answering :)

Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments MEMBERS THERE IS A GIVEAWAY FOR J.A'S NEW BOOK HERE

Michelle | 73 comments Do you outline your stories when you write or do you tend to let it guide you as you go?

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Amélie Victoria Quinn (noctvrnal) | 1 comments Will the next In the Company of Killers book be Fredrik's? I'm already suffering from Fredrik withdrawal. What do you think about the Norik ship? Have you seen this tumblr dedicated to the series? The edits are great. Much love darling xoxo

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Lisa Markson | 28 comments Do you spend alot of time in the beginning researching and plotting out each chapter

Anita (bibliophileanita) | 2 comments Can you reveal anything about the next In the Company of Killers book?

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Jabberwocky  (thisjabberwockyeatsbooks) | 167 comments I have a few questions: How do you turn an idea into a book? And what's your favorite characteristics in a Hero?

(: <3

Erika | 157 comments Who is your favorite character you've written and what can we expect next?

Dianne CG (dcg3987) | 6 comments Hi Ms. Redmerski.
Just wondering if you love to travel?
Do you have unpublish novel? And I want to ask what inspire you for this quote, "Heart always wins out over the mind. The heart, although reckless and suicidal and a masochist all on its own, always gets its way.” Its my favorite! Just wondering if it is based on personal experience. T
TEoN is my favorite book of yours. I almost tear up my book and stopped reading because of Andrew's condition.
Thank you for the wonderful book <3

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Sharon Richardson | 28 comments Thank you for a great new release can't wait to read it

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Tiffany Mastro (tipper85) | 34 comments hi! I'm just wonder who is your favorite author?

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Taylor | 8 comments I always want to know if you had to choose a character from any of your books to spend the day with, who would it be, why, and what would you do?
Thank you!

Jessica | 45 comments Is there a subject matter that you really want to write that you haven't yet? If so, can you share what it is?

Evelyn Ramos-hernandez | 2 comments How does your heart not break while writing?

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JMV (dboys) | 968 comments When did you know you wanted to be a writer and what was your first published book? Or story?

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Delia (starsunraveling) | 6 comments What inspired you to start writing?

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Nay Denise (naydenise) | 4 comments I absolutely love Andrew. You wrote his backstory so well and I fell in love with him. He is such an amazing book boyfriend. What are your top 5 book boyfriends?

Betül (gemiinii) | 135 comments If you could co-write a book with any author who would it be and why?

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Stella Maria (stellamariax3) | 19 comments Could you relate closely with any of the characters in The Moment of Letting Go... if so, which one and why?

Ashley (ashielizz) What was the definitive moment that made you decide to become an author?

April (canehdianchick) | 4 comments What has been your most surreal moment as an author?

Sky's Readings (skysreadings) | 23 comments When you start a new book,the male or the female character comes to you?

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Lexi | 30 comments What are some authors that have inspired you?

*And I just want to say that The Edge of Never series is so good! One of my favorites :)

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Tina V | 113 comments I love your work! The Edge of Never is still one of my top favorites! What is your favorite genre and/or book?

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Melissa Jones (melissajones) | 50 comments Hi. I have all your books on my TBR but sadly haven't read one yet. So my question is...which of your books would you recommend to be read first for a new reader of your work?

Moon  (chanpreet) | 59 comments Where do you find the inspiration for your stories?

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Lesley Book Lover  (lesleyds) | 41 comments I have just finished reading Black wolf, what an amazing series this was. Any idea when book six will be out, and how many books will be in the series altogether? I know my question isn't about The edge of never, but I plan on reading all your books now.

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