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This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For | 949 comments What is the official policy on books that have been published under different authors at different times because it was originally published under a pseudonym? For example, Isaac Asimov originally published the Lucky Starr books under the name of Paul French, Stephen King has the various books published under Richard Bachman, etc.

Generally it seems like they should be gathered under the true name of the author; in some cases in GoodReads I've seen both names listed as authors, although the order is inconsistent (sometimes the original name is first, sometimes the real name).

An official policy on this might be useful for consistency.

message 2: by Saturnina (new)

Saturnina | 12 comments I'm not sure there is any good way to do this at the moment. We're all waiting for the pseudonym feature... See the recent discussion about it.

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