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Do you think Bella will get turned into a vampire?

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Holly Do you think Bella will be turned into a vampire and go with Edward or do you think she will stay human and go with Jacob?

Christine Of course! To be immortal and live through eternity with your soul mate? vs. mortality with someone that you care deeply for and depend on?

Leslie There has to be a way for Bella and Edward to be together. I've been shot down a few times by my response...but I think there is something about that 3rd wife story that will allow Edward to become human and stay with Bella. Yes, I know it's improbable, but wishful thinking!

If not, I think Bella will find a way to become a vampire in order to stay with Edward.

Lisa Yeah, the third wife thing and the fact that her brain isn't wired the same as everyone elses, and that blood makes her ill. I'll bet we find out that someone in her family tree is somehow some type of mythical creature. I got burned because I sometimes (shame) read the last page of a book (it's an anxiety thing). Well, Stephenie Meyers got me there, because she switches the first person narrator (first time). So, of course, I'm reading the whole book thinking that Bella is going to turn in to a werewolf. Kind of an interesting perspective to have actually.

Leslie Interesting...what other kinds of mythical creatures could she be? Maybe she's a descendent of a unicorn! (just kidding).

Lisa Well, the Mercy Thompson book I'm reading right now (along with rereading for the third time - Twilight - got to get desensitized)has werewolves, vampires, and spirit walkers - shape shifters who take on animal shapes. This one is a coyote in Tri-Cities, but I've read quite a few of those types of shape shifter characters in Charles DeLint's work.
Now that I am picking apart the first book, I'm beginning to get a bit creeped out by Edward's domineering tendencies. And what was the deal at the baseball game where he couldn't get away fast enough while carrying her? I would have figured his super strength wouldn't have been compromised by the mere 110 pounds.

Denae Christine I think she'll be turned into a vampire and have the "power" of not thirsting for human blood. She thinks differently, right? So, esp since it's bothered her so much, she won't even have that problem! That's my theory. I also think it would be neat if she were still clumsy. Fast and strong perhaps, but clumsy. Ha. Then Edward could still have to save her.

Marian I hope so, but the author is Morman so who knows!

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Leslie I'm dying to hear what reactions appear at the above statement. I made a similar statement in a previous discussion and received some very interesting comments and e-mails that were very upsetting.

I feel a little vindicated that Marian made this comment. Truly, there were some very disturbing e-mails in my in box at Goodreads. Like Marian, I had been led to believe (by actual Mormons) that a Mormon author wouldn't have a character become a vampire.

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Jodie I really don't want Bella to become a vampire. But more than that I REALLY don't want her to go Jacob. Luckily that option is out cuz he decided to stay in his spirit-wolf form, right? First of all, she gets sick at the sight of blood. That was SO a hint that Stephanie dropped. Secondly, remember how Aro was like "o i'm so interested to see how Bella turns out"? well, since Bella's weird talent thingy right now is that she is safe inside her mind, if she becomes a vampire, won't that mean that she's not effected at all by Edward? That would really screw us up now wouldn't it. So I think Stephanie's got some plan to make Edward human. Btw does anyone know: it breaking dawn the last of the books?

also guyz, if ur gonna talk about a religion, please spell it right: Mormon. no 'A'. also, i think we know by now that Stephanie's opinion of vampires is not exactly typical. I honestly doubt that a religion that she is already technically "violating" by writing a book about "monsters" is going to stop her from changing Bella into a vampire if that's how she wants her plot to go. That being said, Steph please don't change Bella! look I even made an Edward smiley!! check it:


see he's got his graduation tassle, and his fangs! sicknasty huh

Vettech2124 To answer just one of your questions, Jodie, Breaking Dawn is the last and that's why I'm gonna get the book on hold ASAP! Just in case, if you were wondering how I know this and I'm not just guessing, there was an interview w/ S.M. and she "Breaking Dawn will put the final red bow on Bella's story"!

Can't wait!

One question, though. Why is it that you don't want Bella to become a vampire?

Denae Christine A lot of people like how clumsy she is. It's easier to relate to. Others like the fact that Edward has to save her and that it's an effort for him not to kill her. Yet, how else would SM do it? Bella has to become a vampire! You know, lived happily ever after. Forever. Together. That's how it'll probably end, unless they both die like R&J, which I don't want.

Jodie I think Bella being a vampire will ruin her personality. The whole reason that she's so unique is that she's so human, and all those little traits: her heartbeat speeding up when Edward touches her, blushing, etc. Also, she faints at the sight of blood. I just don't think its going to happen that way. I'm betting on SM having some brilliant plan up her sleeve

April I just wanted to make a comment about the morman thing. But I don't mean to offend! Stephenie Meyer's has made comments about this in interviews she's done. She said people ask her what's a nice mormon girl like you doing writing about vampires? Good question huh!! Well she said she didn't even think about that when she started writing. It's just a story she dreamt about one night.

And I had a thought, what about all the people she already turned into vampires? If being a mormon really played into her books, would she even have written about vampires in the first place?

I know some mormons feel very strongly that she would never turn Bella into a vampire because it goes against her religion. Well Bella is fictional and according to the books, doesn't even have a religion, besides Edward. The only thing mormon about this whole thing is the author. Not her story, and certainly not her characters.

One more thing, in other interviews about Breaking Dawn. Stephenie already said that Bella does become a vampire in the last book.

Amanda duh...i hope so...but hope is all i have at this point...mabey if i keep my fingers crossed......!

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Crystal Collier Denae has an interesting theory in her first comment. I never thought about that. Good one. It would be funny if she was still clumsy! Hilarious! I can't decide who Bella should go with. Each time I think about how it would be to go with Jacob, I want her to go with him. And each time I think about Edward and how it would be with him, I want her to go with him. It's frustrating! i just want a desicion to be made.

P.S Race yall to the book!!!

Denae Christine I guess I just can't imagine Edward becoming human; that just doesn't seem like something SM would do.
My hopes are that Jacob will imprint. If he's going to be traveling around, he might see "the one" and Bella with Edward won't really bother him anymore. Wouldn't it be funny if he imprinted on a vampire?
Staying young has its advantages, but getting old and wise, just settling down together sounds pretty nice, after fifty years or so. SM'll probably surprise us anyway.

PS I think the HOST (by SM, coming soon) looks creepy.

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Tiffany yeaaa bella should since edward, whom she loves, is a vampire, and spending forever and ever with him is possibly what she wants since she is pretty much over jacob, rite? and being a vampire might help bella defend herself from any other wicked in the future. since it is her humanliness that the vampires and werewolves want to devour, once she becomes one of them, they wont want the drink her as much. :]

Denae Christine The werewolves don't want to devour Bella, Tiffany. Actually, Edward's like the only one who wants to "eat" her, I think. The werewolves just don't want her to become a vampire, and the Volturi won't let her stay human.
I agree with you, though.

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Emily Greenup Denae makes a good comment on the Volturi not wanting to let her stay human, but what about Edward's idea to hide her? It is a very strong possibility that the Volturi will never find out either way about what Bella decides to do. So I personally think that the only dilemma in this is whether she will go through with the wedding and have Edward change her, or if she backs out and has Carlisle do it.

kimmie What would be the point, all the build up be for, if she didn't turn? It would be pointless and ruin the story for most people.

Bakeshow Here's my theory- nothing shocking since some people have already said some of it. I think the wedding will take place rather early in the book. Bella made her dicision about who she wanted so to spend more time on that would be beating a dead horse. We got the point- it was a tough decision, but she made it and once she makes a decision, she is committed. So they will get married, Edward will change her and I think the bulk of the book will be about her adjustment to Vampire life, the Vulturi wanting her for her "powers," and her (yes, I think It will play a big part) her natural aversion to blood. I think Jacob will imprint because so many people love him that he needs a happy ending of his own.

My friend said she thinks that Charlie will marry Harry's widow and will therefore be in on the whole magical world and Bella will still be able to be a part of his life... not sure how I feel about that though...

Jodie I like that Heather! Ya i always imagined Breaking Dawn's first chapter being the wedding. But I think that besides her adjusting and the Volturi being a pain, Stephanie will surprise us. I think there will be a new twist, because otherwise the series would go flat I think.

Alright now I'm really worried. I think I've said this, but I'm really confused. So the way I read Eclipse's epilogue is that Jacob disappeared into his wolf form. Like how the first werewolf just decided to lose his humanness and give himself over to his wolf spirit. But so far nobody has said anything that agrees with that, so I'm very confused. If somebody could reply and set me straight that would be great.

Ya that would be the picturesque ending; Charlie marrying Sue and Bella getting to "keep" him... But I think a big part of this series is Bella learning that she can't have everyone. She has to make the choice between people, and Charlie just isn't really meant to be a part of this world. I think she might visit (although if she's suddenly gorgeous...?), but other than that, Charlie will be a thing of the past =(

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Bakeshow I don't think that Jacob has completely moved on to just his wolf form. He said that he doesn't feel human emotion as badly when he's a wolf so to escape the pain of the wedding invitation he ran away as a wolf. Sam tells him to come home soon- and he will. Remember Sam told the other guys to phase back so that Jake could be alone in his head. He'll be by himself a while just to figure himself out and work out his, well.. I guess grief, but he'll be back. SM wouldn't leave us hanging like that.

And I'm totally up for a surprise! I just think that the vampire-ness will be a main theme. I don't think the whole story will revolve around it. I wonder what Bella's personal torture will be- if she's "immune" to blood- you're right, there has to be something else that drives her crazy. hmmm...?

Vettech2124 OK, I personally think something will happen that ends up delaying Bella from becoming a vampire, 'cause there is always something, and she'll end up staying human! But she'll still be able to have Edward. And even though I want Bella to become a vampire with all my heart, I know that if she doesn't it will all work out!!!!

Emily Greenup Ok so this could be a totally random comment, but what if Bella has a special power of her own, like being a werewolf or vampire, that she doesn't know about already. What if it makes it so she can't become a vampire, but she does get to live forever and stay with Edward? Maybe something like that will explain the whole none of their powers work on her thing.

Mariah honestly i think bella will become a vampire but i can't help but secretly hope that she doesn't. my reasoning being that edward would never forgive himself for 1. causing pain to bella and 2. damning her soul. so i secretly hope that there is a way (even though i know its not likely) for him to become human again. because i do want them to be toether.

Fallenangel All of you are pretty much right.
I'm a little late in this topic but I think it would seem the very most akward if I were an old lady and it seemed as if I was dating a "fresh, whipped Edward"
Everytime they talk about it in the books, one question pops up in my mind, "Why is Edward being so protective. He gives her everything she wants, maybe more than she needs. And the one thing she actually asks him for. He can't give"
Why would Bella want to live her life knowing she can't take care of herself.
She keeps getting dragged into trouble..he wouldn't have to take care of her every second of the day if she were a vampire. They could just spend every second of the day together, because they just want to.

Bella will indeed be turned into a vampire because when she gets pregnant, she has a half vampire. While she is giving birth the 1/2 vampire is stronger and they have to turn Bella into a vampire.

Lindsey I think she should go with edward. But it is sad to leave your best friend.

Lydia I think Bella will be turned into a vampire by Edward himself. Right know I am on the 3rd book(Eclipse)so I am not really sure!

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Nakiyah she turn into a vampire by her baby in breaking dawn i saw the movie and at the end she does turn into a vampire

Allie you should warn about spoilers before you post that!

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Nakiyah okk fine i waz jst telling the ppl

Samantha The Escapist Nakiyah wrote: "okk fine i waz jst telling the ppl"

But they didn't say "please tell us" they said "do you think" which is guesswork. If I were you I'd edit the spoilers out of your other post in case someone is reading them now and reads it. (though that's not very likely)

Caitlin first, she does *not* get turned into a vampire by her baby. Read the book.
second, why is it that everyone has problems with mormons? I'm really getting sick of it in the world right now, and I don't even really believe the religion anymore (I was baptized a mormon, and for the record, mormon's believe in *God*. they are *Christians*!) So sick of it.

Leonor Caitlin, I think people have problems with that just because it's different. There's people who have problems with people with different colour, gender, sex orientation, religion,...It's not what you would consider "normal" (what's normal by the way?).
I don't understand religion, but I respect it. I'm not gay, but I respect who is. I don't understand polygamy, but I get that there's people who feel good in a polygamous relationship.
We are all different and we need to accept each other.

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I don't care if someone is a mormon. It doesn't make a difference. Its there religion it doesn't change if they are a good person or not. My friend is a mormon and I respect it.

Jenny Yes, please know that there are people who are just reading these books now and do not know the whole story...even from movies. There will always be someone new reading them.

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Habz .....

Kristina Shepard well considering i saw breaking dawn i would say yes she gets turned into a vampire

Liliana Venegas She loves both of them. But she loves Edward as a mate. So I would say she would go with Edward.

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Rula sorry to burst your bubbles - but i am reading book four at the moment and i don't want to spoil this but... she will become a vampire in book four.

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Cat Seriously Rula! That's rude!

Caitlin Honestly, I'm surprised there's still people who don't know that (who care, anyway). I mean, by this point I expected everyone who cares about the series to have read the book or seen the latest movie. So I don't think spoilers matter.

Caitlin Especially since this thread was posted in 2008!

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Bai Caitlin wrote: "Especially since this thread was posted in 2008!"


Charlie Lisa wrote: "Yeah, the third wife thing and the fact that her brain isn't wired the same as everyone elses, and that blood makes her ill. I'll bet we find out that someone in her family tree is somehow some ty..."

I do that too sometimes, can't help it, just a habit! I've read Breaking Dawn but I won't say incase it ruins the story!

Jenny I'm sorry- spoilers do matter even about Twilight....especially when you can tell that someone one this thread actually doesn;t know the ending. Do you realize there are people who have just come onto the books or are maybe just old enough to first read the books now. I first read them many years after they came out and I actually did not know what happened....lucky no one told me the ending before I was done.

Caitlin Jenny wrote: "I'm sorry- spoilers do matter even about Twilight....especially when you can tell that someone one this thread actually doesn;t know the ending. Do you realize there are people who have just come ..."

I'm sure by now they know the ending. Like I said, this thread is from 2008

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