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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments ((Hi:) ))

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments (( hi))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments ((How do we start))

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments (( don't know guess we just start at the beginning))

Enzo groaned remembering the prophecy usually he would have figured out every possible detail about the riddle by now, but the empty holes in the plan were impossible." You have any idea where we go first? Which mountain?" Enzo asked the daughter of Poseidon.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'Im as confused as you are,Infact I thought you would have cracked the riddle by now.'she said.She had been lost in thought about this prophecy that she probably looked like she'd just woken up,with her hair all messed up.'i don't even understand this prophecy,I mean a bit of it but what do we have to do?'

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments "" Well there's one part that says find that God with eyes of hate, that would ussually mean Ares but he doesn't have eyes, also could be hermes but that's more anger then hate, our best chance is to find Ares my dad and get started their. Hermes and Ares are ' friends' after all". He said friend in a way that would imply a grain or two of salt." Also the part death and fire, refers to Ares but seperate could refer to both Hephaestus and Hades". Enzo groaned again in thought rubbing his head.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'I'm pretty sure it's aries and Hermes,and Yep you're right,let's start with aries.let me just see the prophecy again.

After,war,death and fire
Revellers beware the racers ire
Feel the heat of a 1000 suns
Only one has a choice to run

Find the path through the mountains core
Find the trail of a legend yore
Find the God with eyes of hate
Race with him and meet your fate

Owe a heart,lose a friend
What you've lost in the end,
Does it matter more a life
F you're dead,and all is strife

So technically we'll need to race with aries??
And we'll lose a friend?'

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments " It's pronounced Ares, by the way and no more like a race against hermes, we need to keep in mind the gods titles here". Enzo said waiting for the other girl.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'You're right.Race against Hermes,hmmmm'she said deep in thought.'this is gonna be hard.'she stopped.'this line,lose a friend,is making me uneasy'

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments " Well doesn't mater much to me the way it says it it pretty much says anyone losses a friend could have been a waitress we meet at a dinner losing a friend". Enzo said taking his sword out ." Wait a moment, I forgot something, we need to go back to my cabin".

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'Maybe,and why?'she asked getting up.

message 12: by Azure (new)

Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments " Stuff". Enzo said walking back towards his cabin.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'Oh Ok'she said and followed him.'wait'she stopped.'should I be armed before entering the aries cabin?'

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Em walked up beside them." It's Ares, you keep saying the zodiac." She stated. Em was dressed for the quest. She had her watch shield on and her flashlight sword with her. She wore her hair in a fishtail and had a bag of clothes and invade of emergency items. She wore her camp shirt and underarmor shorts with Nike running shoes." Morning. Ready to go?"

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments ((I'm so sorry bout the ares thing))

'Morning'selene said with a smile,her hand on the door as she was about to leave.

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments (( yeah kinda insulting))

" no im going on my own". Enzo said waving his hand from the thought, it wasn't so much the fact that they would be in danger inside the cabin it's more the fact that they probably wouldn't survive the exterior mines.

Enzo left for about 10 minutes.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'Wow'selene slumped on her bed.'so I can't even go to the ares cabin now.'She started reading the prophecy again.
'Hmm sounds depressing'she lay down on her bed and before she knew it fell asleep.she was exhausted from worrying about the prophecy thing and she hadnt really caught on her sleep.

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments Enzo came back and threw and item at Em and Selene." Put these on". He said taking off his cabin shirt and putting on a white piece of cotton like fabric." Specifically made by me and the Hephaestus kids, it can protect us from almost anything just don't get it wet".

He didn't want to explain that it was still a prototype and could strangle us if it got wet.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments Selene was awoken by enzo's sudden speaking.
'What are these?'she said eyeing them but then hesitantly put them on.'comfy,but couldn't it be coloured?'

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'Oh and I'm supposed to go in the water with my clothes so why shouldn't it get wet?'she asked.

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments " Please use whatever Poseidon magic you have to keep them dry, and well it's arachne webbing we from the Hermes ,Hephaestus and Ares cabin went on an expedition for some materials for armour and weapons, i offered the spider webbing". Enzo said putting his other shirt ontop of it throwing his arms over his head ." Trust me it's lighter and harder than steel when you use the proper amount".

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'Ueah sure,i'll try to keep it dry.And cool you went on expedition for clothes'she said.'so where do we get started?'

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments " Either Olympus or anywhere Ares or hermes might be, sadly I think I know Ares better then Hermes". He said remembering the times he got a stinging head ache whenever Ares got into his or any of his children's head.

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments 'Thats great so olympus it is.'she said suddenly remembering the times poseidon had to communicate with them.there would be an ocean in her head and dad standing there talking.'well to olympus we go'she said smiling sadly.'i dont know why but i miss my family so much'

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments (( let's go or we wait for Amelia?))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments ((Let's go!))

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Em listened the whole time." Thanks for the amour." She put it in her bag and followed them.

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments (( go!! And I'm pretty sure SAMs not here anymore...))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments ((I'm here!!!))

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Azure (azureblazing) | 211 comments (( so let's go))

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Sia (slayqueen) | 2959 comments ((Okie dokie))

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