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message 1: by Freya, Dragon Rider (new)

Freya (flamecat) | 1752 comments Mod
Hi Everyone,

I have created a poll to see how the group likes to poll for the BotMs. Some like to see the results so they can change their vote if the book they have voted for doesn't look to be winning, and some prefer the surprise of finding out the result at the end of the voting period.

As there were different views I promised a poll to see what the majority think and go with the majority vote, so please let me know what you think :)

How do you like your polls?

message 2: by Paul, A wanderer in unknown realms (new)

Paul | 3521 comments Mod
I know a few of the big hitting self published writers end up as main stream publishing anyway, look at Andy Weir(we did the AMrtian as a group Read last year), Hugh Howey and Michael Sullivan so it does tend to pan out in the long wrong. The problem with a lot of self published works is the availability, some are only available as ebooks (quite a few of us are still traditionalists or completely only available form Amazon.
The other issue is in adding too many additional BOTM categories. It splits the readers out too much , and there is nothing worse than BOTM's with no one reading them.In general I try to read at least one of the BOTM but I definitely wouldn't get to three each month.
But I do agree with your point. There are quality works out there and some will go the way of The Martian and Wool and its great to see these before they are huge.
A possible compromise would be , rather than a monthly read, an occasional themed month or a quarterly self published / Indy published read.
In general a lot of the self published nominations have been writers themselves or their friends chancing their arm, pretty much goes on all over Goodreads so a bit of monitoring and guidelines will be needed.
Myself and the other Mods will have a think on it and see if a plan can be reached.

message 3: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
There really aren't that many self-pubbed works that have been nominated, so I'm not sure where that's coming from. But Paul has listed the reasons above - availability, we don't want too many BotM categories, plus I really don't want the group to become full of authors just joining to promote their own works and contributing nothing else.

Don't forget, you're welcome to start a discussion on ANY book (including self-published) at any time, as long as it's not your own work. You can also start a Buddy Read for something too :)

message 4: by Lancer, Warden of the Slums (new)

Lancer (elancer) | 1666 comments Mod
I'm not a moderator but Paul has kinda hit it on the head.

message 5: by Paul, A wanderer in unknown realms (new)

Paul | 3521 comments Mod
I think the general thrust of things is there are quite a few groups on goodreads that cater for self published books or a mix. We as a group decided we were going to stick with traditionally published books for reads , as part of minimising promoting and advertising by authors, ensuring quality and availability, and keeping interest in our reads high.
Our group has run quite smoothly with this approach. Different groups have different approaches and this the one that fit here.
By design this is a smaller group to many on goodreads , so less well known works won't work as the uptake would be small as well. Popular books capture interest and get the chats going.

message 6: by Roger, Knight Radiant (new)

Roger | 1984 comments Mod
Ian wrote: "Hi,
Just had a look at the botm and a lot of us have asked for books to be told that they are self published - and banned. This doesn't make any sense at all.
Do we need to make a new category for ..."

Ian, you are making a big deal about something that is so very minor. Like Rinn said, if you want to do a buddy read for a self-published book please do, they are in no way banned from the group. You say that there are a lot of people asking about them and that's not true either, we have hundreds of members in this group and just a few posts on this subject so, it's not as big of a deal as you are making it out to be. Like Paul said there are tons and tons of self published books and for every one that turns out to be really good there are hundreds that are not good, also we have a fairly international group and something that might be easy for one person to won't be easy for another (this is true or normal works too but at least they are easier to get). As you can see with Rinn and Paul's comments the moderators have discussed this and are happy with the current rules of the group.

message 7: by Cupcakes & Machetes, Hybrid Creature (new)

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 857 comments Mod
I had wondered about the self publishing awhile back but never bothered to ask. I think those are all very valid reasons to avoid doing them as BotM.
I'm a part of another group that does allow authors to promote their works, however it gets annoying quickly. They often post more than anyone else and always about themselves.
Not to mention that they then add you as a friend and attempt to push the book from there as well.

message 8: by Paul, A wanderer in unknown realms (new)

Paul | 3521 comments Mod
I'm a firm believer that a writer should join a reading group as a reader. We have a number of members who write but get involved in conversations on books so well.
But other writers see goodreads as a marketing tool , ignore the existing dynamics and then get peed off when they are called out for it.

message 9: by Lancer, Warden of the Slums (new)

Lancer (elancer) | 1666 comments Mod
Yoy have a way with words Paul :) I totally agree. There is a Big difference between and author promoting a book because they didn't realize the rules against it then becoming an active member and never mentioning it again ad opposed to the person who will shamelessly promote themselves knowing full well they shouldn't and not getting involved in any threads outside of self promotion. I have seen both since joining and feel there is a big difference.

message 10: by Freya, Dragon Rider (new)

Freya (flamecat) | 1752 comments Mod
This has been well-discussed both in this thread and separately by the mods so doesn't really need my two cents adding - good points raised and good options/suggestions in place :)

message 11: by Paul, A wanderer in unknown realms (new)

Paul | 3521 comments Mod
Judging by the general discussion on this and the following silence I'm assuming the general consensus is to keep going as we are with the current guidelines as they are. I've gotten the impression most members prefer it this way.

message 12: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
Yup, I think so too.

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