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Disturbing in many ways - Part 03
Dee Dee Aug 07, 2015 10:17PM

And GALLY! Gally… what the heck… okay… fair enough… he’s an arse-hat for most of the series and we appropriately feel some revulsion towards the character...

But then we meet him again in the third book…and he EMPHASIZES on “screw the cure” – and “protect the immune and those who haven’t caught it yet”.
Just… wait a bit… we’re supposed to be all good with that?

LET me… just… put this in real-world perspective… let’s say that cancer is now instantly at the terminal stage no more stage one-two-three-four… just you got it, you’re stage four and you’re probably going to live about a year if you get chemo… or heck… AIDS rampaged out of control… mutated… what not… it’s RAPIDLY killing everyone we know and don’t know… but hey… you, my friend are immune! Your best friend is too! But… dangit… your favourite cousin isn’t… and neither is that sports team you’re a part of… or… your parents… or… your siblings… hm.

A dude appears and says “you have a choice. With your assistance… we can make a cure… possibly in time to provide it to ALL OF HUMANITY… which includes your family. The other choice is … well, we’ll just quarantine and protect you, ‘cuz you’re immune and find a REAL GOOD protection for those not infected yet… but we’re not gonna look for a cure – nope, no more funding to find out how we can stop it or reverse the effects … we’ll just hope that once those suckers who have it already DIE… that it’ll just NEVER crop up again… Whaddya say?”

Personally… I kinda go with the non-dick answer of “Yeah… let’s research for a cure”

Explanation of Irksome thing #2:
I think that’s pretty explanatory… the “hero” (doubtful… in my mind) Thomas… the sweet-but-wussy Chuck, beautiful-Snow White-like girl Teresa… all white.

The ONE main character who isn't? Minho... my beef about how he's portrayed is below...

Explanation of Irksome thing #3:
Okay… my beef about the ethnic portion. Let’s look at Minho. Minho is the one ethnic character who has taken a focused role since the beginning… and he’s just this angry dumb Asian. Right. Uhm. What? Also… he’s supposed to be one of the “good guys” – but even *I* wanted to reach through the book and smack him more than once.

He’s not likeable. At all.

Like… he’s STUPID angry. He’s ALWAYS angry. He tackles people and punches people for ANY reason. He is purposely belligerent, disagreeable and offensive at ALL times – then decides it’s everyone else’s fault for making him so angry that he has to just pummel the crap out of them. What… the heck?

I thought these particular Teens were selected for being INTELLIGENT… the brightest of the bright… but he’s just this angry piece of meat who takes every opportunity to be as belligerent (euphemistically called ‘defiant’) and violent as possible.

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Geez. My fav character Newt was DEAD. Thanx to Thomas. I think Thomas was acting a little CHILDISH in the death cure. Newt was killed by Thomas. Thomas, can't you just do something. Teresa sacrifice herself for Thomas and he went with Brenda at the last part. The first book I have to admit Thomas good. 2nd book Ur friends helped U all the way, now 3rd book Ur bein childish. Wth. Okay now Minho, he wasn't really funny but direct person. But srsly, Minho no way have no expression that his best friend Newt died and has no reaction or hate at Thomas. That sounds a little stupid.
I have nothing to say for Frypan. Jorge is useful for the 2nd book but the 3rd book he seems... just like an extra.(most of the parts)
Nothing to say for Hans. Gally... Okay him. He is kinda ok in the book but the movie. He is wierd in the movie. The 3rd book he suddenly showed up. How the heck did he escape the Glade??
There is so many question unanswered. The Killer Order wasn't answering every question as expected, and WICKED IS GOOD? That will remain unanswered or answered depending on Dashner.

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