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Colony (Terran Chronicles #3)
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James Jackson (JAJackson) | 17 comments There are two versions of this eBook on Goodreads. One under my Author page, and one under another James Jackson who was born in the UK in 1962

Title: Colony
Author Name: James Jackson
Publisher: James Jackson
Publication Date: Dec 18th 2013
Format: eBook
Humanity’s first spacecraft, the Terran, finally returns home. The crew is stunned to discover that while their trek lasted for less than a year, three years has passed on Earth. Gamin technologies have begun making their way into everyday life, which in turn has changed the world’s political landscape.
Fearing the Terran lost, a coalition of nations has pooled their resources into building a new spacecraft at the alien construction dock. They also constructed a massive space-station, one to replace the International Space Station which was destroyed by the Gamin.
Meanwhile, other nations have not been lax in their integration of alien technologies. China turns their economic might to the study the alien technology, and to further their own plans for space exploration. Other countries, fearing being left behind, join one side or the other, and combine their resources into the escalating space race. But who will launch their spaceship first?
The Terran has survived its first foray into space, the crew returning home has made new friends, and discovered fresh dangers. The Terran’s return ignites the world, their survival, and discoveries sparks renewed efforts into humanity’s expansion into space.
While the coalition continues to steadily construct their colony ship, China shocks everyone when their spacecraft launches first. In a surprise move, China disavows the ship, and declares it’s crew enemies of the state. This ship causes considerable havoc, then leaves Earth’s orbit, heading into the vast expanse of space.
Page Count: 275

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Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments Moved Kindle edition to your profile. Merged a duplicate ebook with ASIN populated in ISBN-13 field. Added a paperback edition with details taken from Amazon.

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James Jackson (JAJackson) | 17 comments Damn you are good - I greatly appreciate your efforts. Thank You.

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