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message 1: by Madison (new)

Madison Murphy (madisonmurphyfiction) | 4 comments I'm not sure where this quote came from on my profile, but it reveals a major plot point in my story and needs to be removed:

"I knew you two worked together,” Dylan said, talking to Jasper, “But I didn’t realize you two were friends. I guess you’re the man who’s had her in tears.” “What is going on?” I demanded. “Why don’t you tell her, Dylan,” Jasper said with a nasty tone. “Admit it for once.” Dylan looked like he wanted to kill Jasper. Finally, he unclenched his jaw and hissed, “This miserable wreck of a human being is my brother."


message 2: by Alma Q (new)

Alma Q (staticatku) | 555 comments I belive it was added by a user. also, if it is a real quote and within th GR guidelines, i doubt we should remove it - many popular quotes contain spoilers and there is no way to prevent users from re-adding them, so policing all quotes would be a ton of work for no good reason. sorry!

message 3: by Madison (new)

Madison Murphy (madisonmurphyfiction) | 4 comments I understand that, but if people read this quote prior to reading the books, they literally will not want to continue reading... Can we at least try to remove this one quote, or can I disable the entire quotes section on for my profile?

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