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Kyreena Hay So, by the end of this series, I am left confused about Yelena's powers, because the beginning of the series doesn't seem to be in sync with her powers by the end.

1. What the hell happened to her humming? Whenever she used magic early on, she hummed. But, after she learns of her powers, there's no humming at all. Where'd it go? Why did she do it in the first place?

2. By the end, we learn that Yelena is limited to making people do things, by manipulating their souls essentially, and absolutely cannot do anything like move things, or light fires. But that's not how her powers worked when she was younger!

In the beginning, she puts out a torch that was being brandished in front of her face. Yelena also recounts a time she fell off a window ledge, and managed to cushion her fall with her powers. She also manages to freeze the two guards in place, who were trying to kill her.

Like I said. WTF? Does that mean she actually DOES have full mage powers? Or has Maria Snyder messed up?

Dhfan4life Not sure but the author does have a Q&A section on her profile. So you could possibly ask her about that. But I do agree with you there did seem to be a strange flow to Yelena's powers. Maybe things get more elaborated on in her later books in Shadow Study and other ones.

Dhfan4life But what about when she was seeing the ghost of someone's son from the first book? Not sure if that was a guilty conscious thing or other. But I always wondered what was up with that.

Becky That is part of her souldfinder powers. She helps Reyand move on. He disappears because she unconsciously banishes him to the fire world. It says at the end of Fire Study that Yelena helps ghosts move on to either the sky or fire world.

As for catching herself, if Mogkan was there she could have used his magic to catch herself, or possibly Reyand was also a magician in which case the same still applies.

Megabear The book is retarded.

Desi Megabear wrote: "The book is retarded."

Super valuable input.

Lucia Lazorova Hello, I am still reading the second book, can the writer create an interesting story without repetitive constant raping/torturing and there is plenty of it, but when it comes to Valek and Yelena, there are bland sex scenes. Where is Valek from the Poison Study? Ha was charming, interesting and it seems that it's not the same person anymore.

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