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Jesse (JesseTheReader) (jessethereader) | 210 comments Mod
AND WE'VE COMPLETED THE BOOK! HOORAY! What did you guys think of this book? What was your favorite moment? Was there anything that you didn't like about it? What did you rate this one goodreads? LET US KNOW! See you at the live show on polandbananasBOOKS channel on August 29th at 7 PM EST!

message 2: by Courtney (new)

Courtney | 14 comments I really enjoyed it! I especially loved the way that Audrey and Linus's relationship developed as Audrey progressed in her own recovery. It was lovely and absolutely hilarious.

message 3: by Teddy Bear (new)

Teddy Bear Books | 8 comments I read this book before I got the message it was the August book of the month and LOVED it. So great! One of my favorite books in 2015 so far.

message 4: by Grace Meredith (new)

Grace Meredith (koreantrash) Oh I agree so much! I love Sophie's Shopaholic series, and she took quite a different tack for this, but I loved seeing another side of her personality and writing style. Her characters were really funny, as usual. :)

message 5: by Quinn (new)

Quinn (qrsanderson) | 3 comments It was great! It was a nice little chick flick read and I'm glad everything worked out in the end. Audrey and Linus were so cute, and I loved how all of the characters developed. Audrey got better, Linus helped her, Frank got away from video games, and their mom was more accepting. It was a awesome read!

message 6: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Blanch (hopelessbookaddict) I really adored it. I loved that it wasn't an obvious mental illness book (as in, there were other plot points as well), and I loved the characters. Such a fun, quick read. It was 4.5 stars for me :D

message 7: by Audrey (new)

Audrey  (thebookprincess19) | 1 comments I loved this book so much! I thought it ended perfectly with Audrey and Linus making up and the whole LOC tournament ;)

message 8: by Malaika (new)

Malaika (theunbecomingofbooks) | 7 comments I loved this book, it made me laugh so many times. I really liked how everything kept developing at a proper pace and wasn't just rushed into. I found Frank and especially the younger brother's (whose name I am forgetting) character hilarious. I am definitely going to being checking out Sophie's other books since I haven't read any of the others yet. 5/5

message 9: by Cristi-Lael (new)

Cristi-Lael I really enjoyed this book. My only real complaint was how convenient it was that Audrey could all of a sudden deal with her problems once she found a boy who liked her.

message 10: by Jia (new)

Jia This is such a fun book to read but at the same time I learned a lot about SAD, which is actually very common and a lot of people suffer that mental illness silently everyday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sophie Kinsella. I laughed a lot when I read this book.

message 11: by Austin (new)

Austin Webberly | 8 comments I loved it. I loved the ending and the characters and the everything. The mom went through so much development and I really loved how she ended up being okay with LOC.

message 12: by Aline (new)

Aline (thousanduniverses) I loved it. Audreys illness was well described and I liked how the characters developed through the plot.

message 13: by del (new)

del (delaneyslibrary) I loved it! I really loved the mother's character development throughout the book, as well as Frank's. Audrey and Linus' relationship also made me happy. I enjoyed that he helped her get better, but he wasn't the SOLE reason. Overall an amazing read!

message 14: by Mia (new)

Mia | 1 comments Never have I ever read such a relatable book. Finding Audrey has helped me and as well taught me many things dealing with social anxiety. Linus and Audrey's relationship is adorable. It was fun relating and understanding so much to someone who also has social anxiety. The characters were very funny and charismatic:) i'm glad I picked this book up! I couldn't stop laughing! I definitely recommend if you're looking for a comical easy and light read.

message 15: by Star (new)

Star Jessalyn (stayawesomegotham) | 1 comments I can relate to Audrey a lot and I loved it! I'm so glad that my teacher allowed me to read my own book this week for required reading! I feel the same way as she does whenever I have a panic attack (which consists of me wanting to cry, run away and stop breathing, I just had one today) I especially enjoyed the humor in the book and how sweet Linus was towards Audrey throughout her recovery.

message 16: by Paula - (new)

Paula - This is a quick and easy contemporary read.
I did like this book, even though some things didn't ring true. And some characters felt very stereotypical.
Things are explained very imaginatively and that makes them very visual & tangible.
I enjoyed Sophie's writing and this made me want to read more of her books.

Brogums ❤ (brogums) | 1 comments I really enjoyed this book so much! I'm glad I gave it a chance and read it, no regrets haha! :) It was so funny and had me laughing out loud at some parts, mainly due the mother's antics, but also of course of Audrey's sense of humor. (Whenever I did laugh out loud my mom would look over at me confused and would ask, "What's so funny?" haha XP). I really liked seeing the progression of Audrey getting better and the way her budding relationship with Linus blossomed through all the ups and downs. I'm glad he pursued her and didn't give up on her, he was very understanding and the push in the right direction she needed. Although, with that being said, sometimes he scared me! Lol I thought sometimes he was pushing her too far too soon and I thought it might cause her to downslide. But it all worked out in the end. :) I finished reading this book in two sittings (less than 24 hours combined) and I would've been able to finish it in one sitting if I had started reading it earlier on the first day. This was a really fun, cute, and fast summer read! XD

message 18: by marlene ☕︎ (new)

marlene ☕︎ (tangerinemarlene) This book was amazing. Rated five stars. Love how through all the madness that went on with the family, in the end they all came together and apologized to Linus and everyone came together to play the game with Frank. I actually really enjoyed how Sophie Kinsella ended the book, i liked how it was just Audrey in front of the camera basically confessing what she's learned and how her journey is a rollercoaster and realizing that everyone's journey/life whatever may be is also a rollercoaster. She isn't alone. The book was a fast read, and it was amazing!! Gosh i can't stop saying that word because it is, AMAZING. AMAZING. And .. AMAZING! This was my first Sophie Kinsella book, and i cannot wait to read more books that have been written by her!

message 19: by Carson (new)

Carson | 11 comments Did I miss something? Is there a new board or something where Booksplosion takes place? Because I thought this month was Passenger by Alexandra Bracken but I see no activity on here at all? I was really enjoying this group :/

message 20: by Lotte (new)

Lotte (lllotte) Yeah, I'm confused as well!

message 21: by Rice (new)

Rice me too

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Ava | 4 comments Sam here!

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Ava | 4 comments Sam here!

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Ava | 4 comments Sam here!

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Ava | 4 comments Sam here!

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