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These are rules in case you are to maintain your folder. These rules are simple but vital so please follow them.

1) Neatness.

> Once again I remind you that cluttering your folder with unnecessary threads will not help you or anyone else.

2) Making Folders.

> Please request for a folder and do not make your own unless you are a moderator. Moderators will make your folder for you; you are allowed to make threads in your folder. Moderators are also allowed to oversee in case anyone disrespects the rules.

3) Privacy.

Please mention if you want others to comment, and do not comment when they tell you not to. A rule that is mentioned repeatedly but must be followed.

4) Organization.

Even though moderators will oversee you must take responsibility for your folder. You must make sure to follow these and the ground rules, and organize them neatly.

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Rick | 6 comments Got it!

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