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This is a detailed collection of our group rules that you are required to read.

1) Respect.

> Please keep in mind everyone has their own opinions. You are entitled to yours, and they are entitled to theirs. Respect that, and they will do the same.

2) Neatness.

> I cannot emphasis enough on the seriousness of this. You must take responsibility if you are to create your folder: do not make unnecessary threads that will only clutter your folder.

3) Privacy.

> If the owner of the folder/thread says you are not allowed to comment then you are not allowed to comment. Respect their wishes and privacy.

4) Plagiarism.

> Creativity is a wonderful thing that is in all of us; you just have to find it, and copying others will not help at all. That said, please don't copy other's works because they trust you enough not to. Don't violate that trust.

5) Honesty...
...is indeed the best policy. Give and accept honest opinions.

message 2: by Rick (last edited Dec 01, 2015 06:15AM) (new)

Rick | 6 comments I personally welcome all critiques of any of my writing. I have thick skin, and I can take it on the chin! Be honest, be brutal if need be. I can only become a better writer by readers who are honest. I trust my family, but family sometimes are not honest, because they do not want to hurt my feelings. Everything I write is good, great, beautiful and they would not change a thing. We all know that's not the truth. Tell me the truth, make suggestions or tell me to rethink it.

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