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message 1: by Yaron (new)

Yaron Glazer | 7 comments Has anyone come across any enhanced ebooks in the sci-fi genre? I'm looking for stuff that really pushes boundaries format-wise and makes full use of the many interactive options that e-devices now offer. Thanks!

message 2: by Jevon (new)

Jevon Knights (jevonknights) | 40 comments Interesting question. I never considered ebooks to be anything more than paper on a glare-free screen.

Now that you mention it, it would make sense to make better use of the device.

message 3: by Yaron (new)

Yaron Glazer | 7 comments I've been working on something related for 5 years now. There was definitely nothing when I started, but I expected to see a lot of entries in this space by now

message 5: by Yaron (new)

Yaron Glazer | 7 comments Am I missing something? These just seem like standard books/ebooks to me. Where's the interactive element that takes advantage of new technology available with the iPad, etc.?

message 6: by Donna Sanders (new)

Donna Sanders | 13 comments Neal Shusterman's books have links throughout the books that enhance the story you are reading.

Mark Z Danielewski's book has amazing formatting.
I wish I could attach a screenshot.

message 7: by Yaron (new)

Yaron Glazer | 7 comments Interesting. Are the links internal or external?

I don't have Kobo so can't really check them out myself...

message 8: by Donna Sanders (new)

Donna Sanders | 13 comments I think they're also available for Kindle.

They are external links.

I think publishers aren't doing a very good job of promoting the enhanced ebooks. You pretty much stumble across them by chance.

message 9: by Yaron (new)

Yaron Glazer | 7 comments For sure. There's no obvious way to do it, because Amazon dominates the ebook market but is doing nothing to support non-traditional formats.

I'm just starting work on marketing my own title, but I'm sensing it will be hard to get traction. Goodreads doesn't help, either. You can't even do a giveaway...

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